A Chapter by Silver DeHalo

The sound echoed around the emptiness. Its tempo steady.




The blackness of the cage was overwhelming. The only movement was that of the finger tapping on the smooth surface of the confinement. The long thick curved nail rapped against the glassy surface of the floor in a steady rhythm.




A heavy sigh joined the sound echoing through the darkness. Restless movement sounded as the tapping stopped for a moment.

How long had he been here?

How long since the door was opened for him?

He had no idea. No way to tell how many days have passed, or years, centuries even.




The rapping of that nail continued.

Why does this keep happening to me?” whispered so silently through the pitch black he thought hadn't heard anything at all.

The tapping ceased as his ears became alert. Straining to hear that faint wisp of sound. For long moments, there was no sounds, making him believe he had indeed heard nothing, only his restless mind conjuring up things to keep him from going insane.... or he was already insane....

I don't understand why...” came the soft spoken words, fading away almost as soon as they appeared.

His ear twitched.

He had indeed heard the words this time!

Opening his eyes, he looked around for a moment. If there was a voice, then there was a door soon to be opened.

At first his eyes meet with nothing but darkness as normal. But he didn't stop looking, his sharp eyes cutting into the blanket of blackness until he heard a sob.

His head snapped in the direction it sounded from. Soon a light began to present itself. Dimly at first, soon it began to grow in strength as the sobs continued, the heart wrenching sounds echoing through the still air.

Gaining his feet, he moved towards the light. The misery behind the crying making his mouth water.

Finally... a way out.


Brody wiped away another tear from his face angrily.

He hated the feel of them on his face. He looked into the mirror once again. His reflection watched him back, looking as miserable as he felt. His shirts collar was ripped, revealing the pale skin of his collar bone. The bruise on his neck could be seen clearly.

A hand raised to cover the finger marks from view.

Cover them. That was all he could do. Cover the bruises, the marks, the cuts, cover the pain in his eyes so no one else could see.

No one else cared.

His small hand shook as he lowered it to his side. He racked his eyes over his reflection once again.

His black hair hung in his face, covering his face as normal, hiding his large blue eyes framed in long lashes. His skin was almost sickly pale, only broken by the occasional bruise.

He ran the sleeve of his black shirt under his running small nose.

That is all he ever wore, black.

Black jeans, shoes and shirts. His jackets, the bag he carried to school. He painted his nails black as well.

He looked different from all the other kids in his classes, maybe that is why it kept happening.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of yelling from outside his door. The loud voices screaming so hard that walls could not contain them. The deep red walls of his room suddenly began to close in on him. His body began to shake as he heard the voices getting louder and louder, the sounds of heavy foot falls coming to his door.

His wide blue eyes widened even more as his heart began to pound in his chest, his breathing picked up as fear coursed through him.

'No' he thought to himself 'Please, not tonight... Just go away'

But of of course his pleas went unheard, just as they always did as his door banged open. It slammed into the wall, making the windows in their casings shudder like the boy standing before the mirror of his open closet door.

Standing in the doorway was the much older and larger version of himself.

Cold blue eyes locked onto his torn shirt, the bruises on his neck, his swollen left cheek where he received a heavy blow.

"What happened to you?" asked the cold voice of the man in his door.

Looking down at his shoes he began to shake even more.

"Answer me!" yelled the man

Startled Brody jumped at the tone. He hated himself even more when a whimper sounded from his throat. He couldn't look up at him, couldn't bring himself to meet those cold eyes so much like his own.

Keeping his eyes on his shoes, he didn't see the man move towards him quickly.

The flash of white across his vision sent confusion through him. His body snapped backwards, he caught himself before he fell. The pain exploded through his head at that moment.

His eyes flew to the figure before him in case he wanted to send another punishing blow his way.

"What happened to you?" the man asked tightly, anger rolling through his gaze.

Holding his other cheek Brody trembled "I w-was a-attacked.. at s-school...." he managed

"Oh yeah?" the man asked, a evil smirk beginning to surface on his face.

Gulping he nodded his agreement. He wanted so badly to run. But he knew what would happen to him if he did.

He braced himself for what he knew was coming next. He couldn't repress the tears that began to fall from his eyes as a thought ran through his mind silently.

There has to be a way out....”


White teeth gleamed in the light as he grinned. Watching the huddled figure on the floor on the other side of the light. His frame shuddering with the force of its sobs.

He licked his lips, his purple tongue gliding over his dry lips. He pressed his hand to the cold smooth plan on the glass before him. The glass that held him in his prison. His body almost shook in delight as the suffering of the boy on the other side rushed over him.

His smile got even bigger. Yes, this was definitely it.

His way out.....


Brody's body shook even more as his eyes landed on the figure in his mirror. He had never seen anything like it before. Turning his head he looked behind him, wonder how this apparition appeared. Seeing nothing else, he turned back slowly, his pain forgotten as he realized, what he was seeing wasn't a trick of the moon light, nor his imagination. Shakily he got to his feet. He gritted his teeth as he fought with his legs to stay upright.

Wrapping his arms around his protesting ribs, he stumbled over to his closet door, stopping just before it, his eyes running over the glass, his mind registering what he was seeing.

There was nothing but a shape of a human like form,his room reflected behind it. Nothing else of the figure was defined, except yellow glowing eyes and white fanged teeth as it apparently smiled at him.

With his heart slamming in his chest, his body shaking even more he tried to speak, but nothing moved past his suddenly dried lips.

The figure tilted it head just slightly to the right, its bright glowing eyes never leaving his "I know of a way out Brody." came the voice again.

Hearing it say his name made his spine shiver as the hairs on his neck stood up. The lips never moved, that smile was present. His palms began to sweat, his body became cold, the burning pain of his bruises began to fade away.

"H-how d--did you k-know my name?" he asked slowly, his teeth chattering together.

The smile seemed to get even bigger "I've been watching you Brody. Only a little while now, but I have noticed you." it answered him, the smile never slipping.

Brody didn't know what to say. He tried to take even breaths, but his racing heart wouldn't slow. "W--why?"

The figure chuckled lightly "Because you called out for help."

Eyeing the mirror warily he hugged his arms around himself, trying to suppress his shaking. No one had heard him,or so he had thought. "H-help w-with wh-what...?"

The smile grew even more "Finding a way to escape. A way to get away from the pain, the humiliation, the despair, the misery."

Brody tried to hold the sob in his throat, but failed. This thing, this creature knew all about his pain. Had watched him. He was indeed humiliated, he was miserable and no one cared.

"I care" it said softly to him, the smile now fading from its face. Now nothing could be seen of it but the yellow eyes. "If you let me help you, you will never feel this way again. The pain will stop. You will never be harmed. It will all cease. I just need your help first"

Brody stood there in silence meeting those yellow orbs with his blue ones. He paid the tears that fell from his sore eyes no heed as they studied one another.

The offer was tempting. He wouldn't be alone in his hell, he would have at least one person that would care, one person that would be willing to help him. He stood there silently for a few moments contemplating. The shadow in his glass waited patiently, its yellow eyes holding its promise for him to see.

What did he have to lose?

"W-what d-do I n-need to do?"

© 2012 Silver DeHalo

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Added on September 25, 2012
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Silver DeHalo
Silver DeHalo

Essex, MD

I have been a writer for as long as I can remember. Though this is my first time sharing with anyone other then family and close friends. more..


A Chapter by Silver DeHalo


A Chapter by Silver DeHalo


A Chapter by Silver DeHalo