When There Is No More Room In Hell....

When There Is No More Room In Hell....

A Story by Silver DeHalo

A horror story with a surprising twist. My very first shot at horror.


When There's No More Room In Hell....

Ever seen the movie that has the saying  'When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the Earth' ?

Well if you haven't. Then you should. There is some truth to it.

Most times there is always a grain of truth to things said, be them movies or not. And of course, no one saw this coming. I mean, how could they? No one would have believed it anyway. I know I sure as hell didn't.

How am I talking to you?

How is this conversation even happening?

Oh wait!

It isn't.

It can't.

This must be how I am staying sane. How I am coping with what my eyes see. And I can't close the. I don't want to watch anymore, I want to close my eye but....


I just wish to curl in a small ball and cry myself to sleep. I want to cry. Why can't I cry?!

All I can do is watch as it happens, over and over again.

My God!!

Can someone make it stop!!

All I can do is beg for it to end. But no one can hear me. No one can answer. And I am left here, alone. Alone in this suffering.

How did this start?

When did it start?

It must have been a few days ago... or was it a few weeks ago?

I can't remember how long its been happening now.... I think I am just numb. I can't feel how long I've been trapped here. But I know how it started.

It was a sickness. A sickness that no one saw coming. One that seemed to be nothing more then a new strand of the swine flu. It was happening in Europe first. It was all over the news that day. I was making breakfast for my two children. Matthew, 13 and Samantha. 10.

Oh my God....

What happened to them? Where are they? Oh that's right. They are gone. I wonder if they are trapped too. Trapped like me.

But that's how it started. By the time it had come to America, there were these weird publicized news talking about the sickness and how it had mutated into something horrible. I paid it no mind. I mean, who really pays attention to all the crap they show on television anyway? Samantha had seemed worried. She said that she wanted to get a shot so she wouldn't get sick. But I assured her that what was seen on TV wasn't always real. But she had insisted.

I guess now looking back on that, perhaps I should have listened.

Matthew came down to eat. He grabbed something to eat as I placed the plates down and then smiled and said he would be back late that day and went running off. Samantha went after him. My husband Keith came in then as the kids went out the back door. He said he wasn't feeling well. That he thought perhaps he should go see the doctor. I nod as I tell him that he should go back to bed and I would call the doctor for him and make an appointment.

He nods and goes upstairs.

Now this where my life changed. This where everything went wrong.

Keith stumbled down the stairs after only thirty minuets. He ambled into the living room as I was cleaning. I was in the window when I heard him behind me. I turned slightly to look at him 'Go back to bed Keith." I turned around again 'The appointment is at two so....'

I never finished my words. Keith lunged at me and bit me on the shoulder. I screamed as his jaws locked on me. His arms wrapped around me tightly and he bit down harder. I couldn't get him to let go, no matter how hard I tried. Finally I was able to get away, I'm not sure how, but I managed. But not for long. He came after me with this crazed look on his face. His mouth open and making these animalistic sounds. My blood covering his front.

My arm ached as I tried to avoid him, but I tripped over one of the stools at the island in the kitchen. Keith didn't hesitate. He dropped on me and began to bite and claw me. I tried to fight back, but he was so strong. His growls were as loud as my screams. I cried and screamed, my blood leaking onto the floor in rivers. Then there was nothing. I couldn't hear anything, I couldn't feel anything. Coldness crept in, making everything so cold.

Its still cold here.

So cold that I still feel it, its the only thing I can still feel.

No that's not true.

I can feel a need. A very hard driving need.

I woke up after what seemed like an eternity. My body felt cold, empty. I tried to blink to clear my mind. But I didn't. Suddenly I was getting to my feet. The pain was gone. All of my feeling was gone. What happened? I tried looking down, but I couldn't. I was confused. I mean, my body... My body would not listen to me.

I began to walk, or I tried to. My steps were slow and uneven. My body limped along. But I wasn't in control. I could do nothing to stop myself. Keith was still there. He was bloody still. He didn't seem to notice me. His eyes were glazed over and this moaning kept coming from him. I thought he was trying to speak to me. So I answered him.

But, my words were nothing more then a moan, or an long grunt. I kept trying. I kept trying with all my might. But nothing. I was confused.

I'm not sure how long we walked around the downstairs before we heard the back door open and slam shut.

"Mom!!! Dad!!!" I heard from the kitchen. It was Matthew. He sounded like he was in a panic. I heard Samantha crying.

Keith turned towards the sound and began going that way. And my body... My body followed him.


No Keith stop, their our children.!!

But once again, nothing came out.

I had to stop him, I had to stop myself!

I tried, oh God I tried. But I couldn't control what happened next.

Keith had gotten to Matthew first, lunging at him when he emerged from the kitchen in search of us. Matthew screamed as his father wrapped his arms around him and bit into his neck.

The blood...

The blood was everywhere in moments. He struggled and fought to get free. But Keith had him too well. And I...

I couldn't stop myself... I couldn't...

I heard Samantha scream and my head snapped her way.

Oh God Run!!!

I tried to scream at her. I did try.

My body reacted and ran her way.


Samantha evaded me at first, slipping under my reach. She ran across the kitchen towards the back door, but was cut off by Keith. She screamed and ducked past him and ran through the dinning room. She slammed the swing door into his face and bolted for the front door instead. She would have made it, except...

Except Matthew grabbed her ankle as she tried to run by him. She screamed as he pulled her to the floor, his body twisting her way, nails digging into her flesh as he crawled in top of her. Keith lunged over towards them and dropped down on her. I could hear her screams. I could smell her blood. That need, that horrible need pushed me to join in.

I wept as we tore skin off, I cried when Keith bit into her face, snapping her cheek bone. I whimpered as I dug my hand into her small throat, cutting off her screams. I watched in horror as the light began to fade from her eyes. I could hear Matthew and Keith moans as they began to rip her chest open, not yet satisfied. And I screamed when I brought her torn out throat in my hands to my mouth.

The feeling, the feeling I got from the taste...

The feeling of her warm blood in my mouth...

The way my body craved it...

Oh God... I can't go on. I can't replay that!

So... that's what happen to my children.

That what's became of them....


This was a nightmare, wasn't it?

I'll wake up any moment and find myself safe and warm in my bed with Keith snuggled next to me. I'll get out of bed and walk down the hall and find Matthew in his bed asleep. His dark hair all messed and his clothing thrown about on the floor.

And Samantha, she will be sleeping in her bed too. In her still pink room, cuddled with her childhood teddy bear 'Clover'

Yes, that what will happen. I just need to wake up. I just have to find the door leading out this dream. This horrible dream.

*looks around in the darkness*

But... where is the door?

Why can't I find it?!

Why does it never show?!

Why must this dream continue?!

Why am I trapped here?!

Will there be no respite?!

Will there be...



And then it happens again and again.

People running.

People screaming

People fighting for their lives as my hands tear into them. Their blood!! Their Hearts! Their lives all being snuffed out by my savagery. And then I am off to the next hunt. On to the next human that comes across my path.

Over and over again.


Make it stop!! I can't go on this way!!

I have to stop!

A child there, a old woman here...

No ones safe. No one can out run me.

Body slamming against doors when the scent of living flesh catches my sense of smell.

*laughs hysterically*

That's right!!

I am dead!!

How can I be alive after all that?!

How could I live with myself after what I have done?

I must be dead... that would explain a lot wouldn't it?


There is no salvation!!

No redemption!!

No God!!

No Savoir!!

How can there be?!

"Lord forgive me, for I have sinned...."


*laughter dies*

But... if that were true... and there was no God.... then that would mean that I am stuck.

Even if I were to be released, there would be nothing.

No one to greet me

No one to take me n their arms with happiness

No one too sooth away all the hurt.....

*sobs uncontrollably*

Please.. .let me out.... please...

I can't take it....

No more please...

NO MORE....................!!!

*falls into silence*

© 2012 Silver DeHalo

Author's Note

Silver DeHalo
This is my very first time ever writing something like this. I am surprised with how much attention this short story has gained on my other site. Please let me know what you think. Please and Thank You!

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Featured Review

Wow for this to be your first piece this was a damned good piece...I think you described the situation perfectly and I could see all this playing in my head while I read it

I also like the style that you used, I don't know if their is a word for it but with the few words then ... It gave it a more realer feel

But amazing for your first piece...I'm interested to see work that you've worked on for a while now

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


Wow for this to be your first piece this was a damned good piece...I think you described the situation perfectly and I could see all this playing in my head while I read it

I also like the style that you used, I don't know if their is a word for it but with the few words then ... It gave it a more realer feel

But amazing for your first piece...I'm interested to see work that you've worked on for a while now

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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Silver DeHalo
Silver DeHalo

Essex, MD

I have been a writer for as long as I can remember. Though this is my first time sharing with anyone other then family and close friends. more..


A Chapter by Silver DeHalo


A Chapter by Silver DeHalo


A Chapter by Silver DeHalo