Requiem of The Veil Walkers: The Beginnings

Requiem of The Veil Walkers: The Beginnings

A Story by Silver DeHalo


Requiem of The Veil Walkers : The Beginnings

This story is part of the work not only from myself but other authors as well.

KpMerriweather an awesome writer with a great imagination.

Artemis Nightshade an budding writer with so much potential

Mpspenguin an author I have come to admire.

We all came together through a project with Psychotic Thrillers when she hosted a paragraph story which ended up being called

"You Don't Need To Know What Happened That Day"

Which included other writers such as

Ian Dawn, this guy is so talented

XWovenXSorrowX another good writer.

That story is on Booksie to read.

The second round was hosted by Mpspenguin and that is where the Veil Walkers were born.

Now we each have our stories in the works for this creation we all helped to make. So you might see different stories with the same characters, that may or may not follow the same story line.

So go, check these people out and be prepared to be amazed.



The wind blew her dark hair out away from her face and shoulders. The rain pounded on the world outside. The open arches of the tower of the old church allowed rain to get in. Her hands were wet from resting on the stone seal. Her eyes moved over the sky. The heavy clouds boiled over the dark horizon. The night was so black that it was almost impossible to see.

Gwendalyn let her green gaze fall to the ground below her. She could just make out the road before the old abandoned stone church. It was deserted at this time of night. No one in their right minds would walk that stretch road, especially on a night like this.

The church was surrounded by woods on three sides. A lone and winding road lead to it. A small drive leading to the front of the church and parking lots on the right and the left side of the building. And since it had been closed down for at least four years, it was a great gathering place for the enemy.

“Mom” came a soft voice from just behind her.

Gwendalyn turned her head, her eyes landing on the youth stepping up next to her. She studied his features. Green eyes like her own. Hair so pale blond it appeared white. He had a face that would make others stop and stare at him openly. With arched brows, bright eyes that tilted up at the ends lightly like her own. Thick lashes, straight nose and full lips. His jawline was perfectly angled, his cheek bones high and his skin was smooth a flawless. He was taller then she and leaned muscled. He had gown into a fine young man.

Now sixteen, he was ready for his first task to follow in his mothers footsteps. His mark had finally appeared. Tonight would be his first summoning.

She gave him a growing smile. She was so proud of him. He had been training with her since his early childhood. She had taken great pride in him when he learned how to control his abilities. It never took him long to learn a new spell, or master it. His mind was sharp and focused. His reflexes almost as good as her own.


It wasn't even a human name. Then again, he wasn't completely human either. He and the rest of the family didn't know that. He and his twin sister had a different father, though they believed her husband was their dad.

Azreair stepped up next to his mother. “When are they suppose to get here?” he asked looking out to the road below them.

She shrugged her shoulders. “I was told sometime after midnight. At least that is what the source told the council.”

Gwendalyn let her eyes rest on her sons profile. Her heart began to race at the thought of what was to happen this night. Was he too young to be there? What if something went wrong and he got hurt? She took a steadying breath. That was why she was with him. Nothing would go wrong. This was just another routine seek and kill. He would be fine. No enemies above level two, he could do this.

She gave him a smile. “Are you ready then? You remember what to do right?”

Azreair turned his head and looked at her, his green eyes shining as he smiled as well. “I'm ready” he said his voice steady but excited.

Gwendalyn chuckled and nodded and motioned him a few steps back from her. She took a deep breath and then exhaled slowly, letting the essence of living energy of the night surround her and then seep into her body, it mixed with her living core, filling her body. Stretching through all of her muscles, nerves, completely merging with every living cell. The feeling was exhilarating, her senses were heightened beyond what any human could possibly imagine. She opened her eyes and watched the tendrils of the essence flow around her. The thin pale greenish ribbons dancing around her and into her skin.

She took another breath and let it out slowly with one word escaping her lips softly “Azreius”

Just behind her, a swirl of dark mist appeared. It began to grow with every turn of the mist, until it formed a large circle in the space behind her. Soon a figure stepped out of the swirling mist. His tall and broad figure cloaked in pitch black. His white hair fell in waves down his back to his waist. The strand getting caught in the wind as he walked from his made gateway and up to the one who summoned him.

Azreair watched in awe as his mother summoned her partner. He had never seen the actual summoning take place. She had taught him how to gather the energy, and how to call his partner when he desired. But since his mark had just appeared, he was unable to call anything or anyone. Until tonight.

He was eager to try, the fact that the man standing before him looked so much like him didn't register to Azreair as he looked him over. His green eyes met the eyes of the fiends standing there before him. He gulped a bit as the black eyes with silver pupils the shape of a sun studied him calmly.

Azreair nodded to himself. Now it was his turn.

He closed his eyes and did as his mother taught him. Immediately he could feel the flow of essence through him, filling him up, the power was almost overwhelming. He stayed in calm and in control as he was taught, so that he wouldn't lose control.

One his next intake of breath he held it, letting the energy gathered in his body flow out of him. He opened his senses more , letting them flow along with the essence until he felt something touch the very edge of his awareness. It felt similar to a hand reaching out and groping for something, the feeling grew stronger as he accepted it and reached out as well, moving along the new presence. He could feel another form, though he could see nothing. He could hear another heart beat echoing through his ears. He could hear the breath it took along with his own. This was it. This was what he had trained all his life to find. He felt joy expand through him. He had found his partner.

“My name” a voice whispered to him. It was calm and deep. “Say it”

Suddenly, there it was in a flash. He could see it etched into the back of his eye lids. He took a deep breath and slowly released it, saying the name as he did. “Langes”

Once again a portal opened, similar to the one before it. Out stepped another fiend. This one was tall and almost lanky. He had green hair down to his shoulders. His pale skin was smooth, a handsome face and red eyes with blue pupils in the shape of octagon.

Azreair felt an hand land gently on his shoulder from behind. He smiled and turned around. He came face to face with his partner for the first time.

They watched each other for a only a few moments before Azreius hand tightened on Gwendalyns shoulder. She turned her head to look at him, her green eyes meeting his serious ones. He nodded towards the archway.

Gwendalyn took a step closer and looked down to the road. Driving up to the church was a black van. The headlights cut off as it got closer to the front door. It stopped , the doors opened. She and the others watched as the passengers piled out of the van and headed towards the church doors. There were four of them. Two humans, and their summoned fiends.

Gwendalyn nodded to herself when she saw them. Just like the report said. Two low level summoners and their fiends. This should be easy.

She looked to her son who was standing beside her, his fiend holding onto his shoulder. She let the site of him sooth her. His fiend was strong. Just as powerful as Azreius. They would do good together.

Azreius climbed out of the arch way. Standing on the edge of the sill he crouched down and held out his hand to Gwendalyn. “Ready?” he asked quietly, his voice sending excitement down Gwendalyn's back.

She nodded and then looked at her son who was now taking a very good long look at Azreius. “Come down from the inside, just in case they try and run. Meet us in the main halls.” she took Azreius' hand .

Azreair nodded as he watched his mother get lifted by her partner and into his arms. He stepped closer to the archway when Azreius dropped off the tower and disappeared into the night. He then watched as Azreius soared through the air on black wings that looked like mist and feathers.

He looked back at his partner and smiled a bit “Do you have wings too?” he asked looking him over noticing no wings on his back.

Langes smiled some and nodded to him. “I do. But I do not need them at the moment.”

Azreair nods and goes towards the hatchway that he and his mother had climbed earlier in the night. “Maybe another time then” he says as he started his way down.


Gwendalyn enjoyed the wind in her face and the rain through her hair as she and Azreius sailed on the currents. He slowly descended to the ground. Once their feet touched the ground he released his wings, they burst into fragments of feather and mist. The feathers fading before they even touched the ground.

She walked towards the doors. They were cracked open. The dim light inside hardly reached the door way. She pulled on the handle and opened the door wide. The air from outside rushed in around them, making the four inside look their way.

Gwendalyn smiled at their faces as she and Azreius walked in further. Suddenly the four broke out of their trance and began to gather essence to do battle with the new comers, while their fiends decided to forget spells and attack them directly.

Azreius quickly moved before Gwendalyn to face the two fiends. The first one to reach him, he took a strong hold of his neck and used him to block his friends attack. Their bodies collided and the one not in his grasp stumbled backwards.

Azreius then slammed a large fist into the one he was holding face. Instantly he heard a cracking sound and the thing screamed in pain. Its small horned head snapped back with the impact. Its long claws dug into his arm.

The other fiend was upright once again and vanished. He appeared behind Azreius only to receive a elbow to his eye. He cried out and fell back onto his back from the impact. He felt pressure on his small wing and looked up to see Gwendalyn looking down at him with a smirk, her foot placed on the leathery membrane. .

“NaTha'ios” she whispered as she held out her hand towards him.

His eyes widen just as the whitish yellow light gathered in her palm and then rushed outwards and struck him in the chest. He screamed at the pain as the light burned through his body, eating up his flesh like hungry acid. His screams echoed off the walls as Azreius snapped the neck of the fiend in his hands. Then he tossed the broken body on top of his burning friend. Its body getting eaten as well.

The two humans had watched this all without moving from their place.

Gwendalyn chuckled to herself. They were so stupid. She looked at Azreius and then nodded towards the two men. He turned towards them and a smile spread across his face slowly.

“Our orders were clear.” she said as she watched the two men break and run.

Azreius gave off a low chuckle and went after them both.

Gwendalyn then noticed something she should have from the moment she stepped inside. She looked towards the door way behind the alter area. She frowned a bit. Her son should have joined them by now. She started her way to the door she and he had used to gain access to the tower. Azreius joined her just as she reached the open door way.

She stepped through the door and looked down the hall way. No sign of her son. She walked down the short hall towards the stairs. Azreius stiffened behind her and took a hold of her arm.

“No Gwen. Let me go first.” he whispered.

Gwendalyn snapped her head around and looked at him with wide eyes. Could there have been someone there other then the two they had been told about?

She didn't give him a chance to push ahead of her and ran up the stairs. What she saw on the next landing froze her blood.

A creature was crouching over something lying on the floor at its feet. Blood splattered all over the walls, running into the creaks of the old wooden floor. The snarls and crunching from the creature was all she could hear. She took another step closer and her throat tightened. Her pounding heart exploded in pain when her eyes fell to what was lying there.

The creature turned its head and looked at her. Flesh hanging form it jaws. Blood ran down it face and over the front of its body. Its red eyes with blue pupils glared at her. It slowly got to its feet, it head reaching the tall ceiling. Langes was transformed into a new fiend. His lanky form now gone, replaced with a muscled hulk of a creature, large horns coming from the crown of his head. Large teeth jutting out his mouth. His now large hands ended in long curved claws, with jagged edges on the back side going towards the knuckles. His once pale smooth skin turned gray , stretched over bulging muscles and pulsing veins. His shoulders were massive. His neck was now very wide and corded with muscles as well.

But what it had hanging from his right claws is what kept Gwendalyn's attention.


Or what was left of him. The only reason she knew it was him was because his face was still in tact. His right chest, shoulder and arm, and face was all that was left of him. His green eyes were glazed over with death.

Gwendalyn looked from her sons corpse to the eyes of the creature responsible for his death. She didn't even feel Azreius' presence next to her, his hand resting on her shoulder. She didn't feel anything as she began to draw the essence around her. She drew in more then she ever had, pushing it into Azreius. This thing had taken her son. So she would take its head.

**** **** ****

Gwendalyn looked out the window beside her. She held the blanket around her legs. The monitor next to her beeped steadily, sometimes unsteadily. Her chest ached. Her lungs greedily pulling any oxygen from the tubes up her nose. Her faded green eyes watched the storm out the window. The gray light of the day filled her room, making the once white walls look even more dull.

The bed was warm at least. Yet she couldn't stop the shaking. The warm clothing she wore didn't seem to help either. She focused on her reflection on the glass. An old woman, with faded eyes and white hair looked back at her.

That was the woman she was now.

The days when she enjoyed her youth and inhuman strength was gone, along with the love of her life. When he had passed on, she had lost everything. She began to finally age at a normal human pace. Her body, that she had taken for granted had began to fail her. Until now... now she knew she was going to die soon.

The door to her room slowly opened. Thinking that it was one of the nurses she didn't bother to look . But when she heard a unfamiliar voice , she turned slowly to meet the green eyes, much like her own.


Miznadra looked at her with a flat look to her eyes. Her arms crossed over her chest. She didn't look like she wanted to be there. Gwendalyn knew she didn't. Their relationship had died the day she returned home to tell her daughter that her twin brother was gone.

“I came because they said that you wouldn't last long.” Mizandra said grudgingly. Her green eyes fell to her side as another figure squeezed in next to her. Gwendalyn looked as well. Her faded green eyes lighting up when she saw the small girl standing next to her daughter.

Dark brown hair and hazel eyes leaning more towards green, stared back at her. She was almost too beautiful too look at, just like her mother, just like her grandfather.

Gwendalyn smiled slowly at her. This was the first time she had gotten to see her grandchild in person. She had received pictures, thanks to her son in law. But to see her now was more then she could have wished for. Ignoring Miznadra, she motioned the girl over to her bed. With wide eyes the girl walked closer. Gwendalyn reached out carefully, her hand shaking with the effort.

The young girl took a hold of her hand firmly. And Gwendalyn had to hold back a gasp. She could feel the power in the girl. She could feel the Essence sealed away in the girls body.

Gwendalyn smiled even more as she placed her other hand over their clasped ones. “What is your name young one?” she asked fondly. She knew her name, again, thanks to her son in law. But she wanted to hear her tell her. “My name is Gwendalyn.”

The girl smiled sweetly at her, her smile lighting up the room. “My name is Eurydice”

**** **** ****

This is just a warm up for the actual story that will be coming in a few months.

The other authors that I worked with will also be putting out their own stories of the Veil Walkers

I'm so excied about this

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my future plans.

Thaks for reading!!


© 2012 Silver DeHalo

Author's Note

Silver DeHalo
The people I mentioned are on a site called If you have never been there, I suggest you take a look. There are some amazing writers there, and I am happy to be there with them. On my profile there is a link directly to my page there. You will find a list of people who have fanned me, or I have fanned. Also links to some of the best stories I have found. Thanks for the reads.

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A Chapter by Silver DeHalo


A Chapter by Silver DeHalo


A Chapter by Silver DeHalo