A Poem by The Raven King

I live in America
Where hoodies are death shrouds 
And toy guns clatter
In the blood spatter
And boys don’t reach
Or they get shot
And spend their whole lives
not reaching a lot

In this great nation 
This seat of democracy
This land of the free and brave
you get choked for selling smokes
if your great granny was a slave
Even a judge gets spit on and slapped
When you’re black in America your power is sapped

In America you can leave black bodies in the street
as long as they're horizontal not marching on their feet
When police come around you’ll find us unnerved
You may get protected but we get served
In America there are no rule books to live by
in our homes on the sidewalk in our cars we die
And when we climb as far as we can
We still fall and we fall but we never never land

PhDs don’t deflect bullets 
Medical Degrees won’t make them not pull it
Trigger fingers move faster than fan blades 
And these cops are on the wrong side 
so they can’t cool it
Scared of their own reflection
The boogie black man out to get ya!
Like a horror movie 
But the horror is ours
and the horror won’t stop til the horror is yours
And just like the movie the black man dies first
Before the opening credits are done the black man dies worse

Waiting on a change
Waiting on a savior
Waiting with your hands up 
Waiting with bullets in your back
Waiting to feel your legs 
Waiting to stop choking on your blood
Waiting for justice
Waiting for dignity 
Waiting for respect
Waiting for love
Waiting for equality
Waiting for outrage
This is what we are waiting for

What are you 
Waiting for?

© 2014 The Raven King

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Added on October 10, 2014
Last Updated on October 10, 2014


The Raven King
The Raven King


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A Poem by The Raven King