A Poem by The Raven King

I was born inside a box
In a world devoid of clocks
With one key but seven locks
Believe me

Everything I've ever seen
Said I was ugly and obscene
All my people cruel and mean
Believe me

Come from nothing come from trash
Be thankful you escaped the lash
Jump too high and you will crash
Now see me


Great men are white and so is Jesus
They can never ever be us
This is how the world now sees us 
Believe me

Now that one of ours is head
They all proclaim racism's dead
So why is my shirt turning red
Now see me

The past erased with fear and pain
Creating loss and faking gain
History does not begin in chains 
You’re sleeping


So many others where I lay
Thought I’d never see the day
Thought I just might get away
Now see me

Smooth and dark from head to feet 
My blood pours out on city streets
They can kill but not defeat
Now see me

I can see now I can soar
I can see what came before 
We can become so much more
Believe me

We came from mighty kings and queens 
Millennia ago with rigid wings
With kingdoms great as anything
Believe me

Our parents of so long ago 
Left their stories on the stone
In hopes we’d never be alone
Believe me

And not so very long ago
We codified the earthly flow
Stepped to the ledge so we could know
Believe me


When history is taught and made 
By those who wish for yours to fade
The world is hollow and afraid
Believe me

How can so many be so blind
How can they refute what they find
Turn their backs leave us behind
You’re sleeping

This nightmare will never end
Until you make your brother friend
And greatness will ascend again 
Believe me


Learn to look upon your skin
Love yourself and love your kin
Know that stories never end
Now see me

Know the greatness of your worth
Know your past has weight and girth
Know your mark on mother earth
Believe me

You can’t unsee what you have seen
So see and you’ll know what I mean
So see and you’ll know what you mean 
You’re soaring


© 2014 The Raven King

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Truthfully spoken lines bending gently by softly suffering gushes of words spit out in a simply brilliant image.

With love,


Posted 7 Months Ago

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Added on October 10, 2014
Last Updated on October 10, 2014


The Raven King
The Raven King


"Call me vain and proud, the greatest sinner ever to walk God's earth, but Satan's boy I could never be. I haven't the humility." -Urbain Grandier, The Devils of Loudon I am older than I look by a.. more..