The Bank Job

The Bank Job

A Story by Alex S. Foley

When Elizabeth Leana heads off to her job at the bank in the morning she has no clue she will rob her bank before lunch.


Elizabeth Leana kissed her husband and son goodbye and hurried out to her car. She trusted her husband to get their son off to school on time like usual as she hurried to her job. She was just pulling into the bank’s parking lot when her phone buzzed. It was a picture message from her son which was weird, so she opened it. The picture was of her son wearing a blindfold and sitting in front of some graffiti-covered wall. A text message followed.


We have your son, do what we say and you will see him tonight. Don’t do as you are told and we will make sure the next time you see him is in a coffin. Don’t contact the police or tell anybody about this. Go into work like normal, but at exactly 10:45 a man in a red tassel cap will enter the bank. You will wait on this man and empty your drawer. You will sound no alarm or try to give him a dye packet or you will be picking out a coffin very soon. If you do as you are told at 11:30 you will receive another text telling where to pick your son up at.


Standing there holding the phone she had no idea what to do. If she did this, then she could be charged and sent to jail, if she didn’t her son would be dead. Sweating she entered the bank and began her morning procedures.



Concerned that she would need extra cash to make the kidnappers happy she overfilled her drawer before taking it from the vault. She knew when that was found out she would face jail time, but it was for her son.



The bank manager unlocked the doors and Mrs. Hudman came shuffling in. She came to the bank every Wednesday to take money out of her account. Leana smiled at the nice old lady as she came up to the counter. The old woman was nearly blind and stone deaf, which made dealing with her a chore.



Mrs. Hudman had been more difficult than usual Leana thought or was it she was just nervous and took it out on the old lady. Looking up she saw a young kid in a black leather jacket waiting. Waving him over she smiled the best she could as her stomach knotted worse.

“I need to cash this.” The kid slides a check across the counter at her.

“That isn’t a problem I just need your account number.”

“I don’t have an account, but this check is drawn on an account with this bank so just take it and give me the cash.”

“I’m sorry sir but if you don’t have an account with us, I can’t cash the check.”

“Why the hell not, it is from an account with this bank.”

“It is the rules.”

“F*****g b***h,” The kid spat out before turning and walking out.



Leana began to feel sick to her stomach. She could go to the manager right then, but if she did she risked her son. Sweating and feeling like she was ready to puke she looked at the line and saw nobody waiting. Her hands shook as she began to work on some accounts that needed checking.



She looked up when the bell on the door rang and nearly fainted as a man in a red tassel cap carrying a briefcase came in. Kellie the other teller on duty saw him and was about to wave him over.

“I can help you here sir!” She said just a little too loud.

The man was sweating and looking around. He walked up to the counter and leaned over it slightly.

“I’m doing as I was told so am I going to get my daughter back?”

“I don’t know, they have my son,” Leana replied as she pulled the money from the drawer and passed it to the man.

The man quickly stuffed the money into the briefcase as he glanced around. Once her drawer was empty, he closed the briefcase.

“I have to deliver this and then hopefully we will both get our kids back.”

“I hope so.”

He hunched his shoulders and hung his head as he headed for the door.



Leana waited for the text message. She was shaking every time the door opened, scared a customer would come to her. She had no money in her drawer and to admit that would raise too many questions.



Leana felt her stomach twist and she rushed to the bathroom as the bile began to rise in her throat. Dropping to her knees she began to throw up in the toilet. Once her stomach was empty, she stood on weak and shaking legs and made her way to the sink. Rinsing her mouth out she felt her phone vibrate.

Pulling the phone out she saw it was a text from her son’s phone and quickly opened it.


You did great and your son will probably be entering the bank by the time you read this. It was nice banking with you.


She dropped her phone and ran towards the front.

© 2022 Alex S. Foley

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Added on July 30, 2022
Last Updated on July 30, 2022
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