A Chapter by TheEverHungryOne

first chapter of the Hogwarts story

Chapter 1

"Oh my goshohmygoshohmygooosh!!! I can't believe we're actually going!!"  six girls couldn't help but squeal to each other as they sat together in a compartment abroad the Hogwarts Express. 
"Rachel! Do you understand what is happening!!!?? we are going to HOGWARTS! as the Hogwarts!" said Jaya bodily shaking Rachel till her brains felt properly scrambled.
"Y-yes, Jaya I am aware of this." she managed.
"Why aren't you that excited?!" demanded Jaya.
"I am! I am very excited!" Rachel insisted.
"Just think! A school full of ALL magical folk! It's going to be so weird!" said Yasmine in awe.
"It already is weird." commented Bethany gesturing at their compartment fully of trunks and owls.
"And think of all the good looking boys there will be!" gushed Rylie waving her arms, "I just-ugh- I can't!!!"
"Good looking british boys." agreed Bethany grinning.
"I know!!! I don't know how I will survive!" wailed Jaya in delight.
"It's too bad Dria and Aiden couldn't make it with us..." sighed Rachel.
"I know! It's sucks! But Dria got that sweet job/internship and Aiden's mom wouldn't let him go away for that long, the meaner." pouted Yasmine.
"It really does suck though!" said Jaya, "It won't quite be the same without them."
"We'll still have lots of fun though." smiled Rachel brightly.
"Oh there was never any doubt about that!" grinned Jaya.
"I am going to go meet people! save me some food from the trolly!" said Rylie springing up and dashing out of the compartment to go make friends. Which was really too bad considering a little after she left a tall blond boy about their age stopped at their compartment and tapped on the glass with a charming smile.
"...F**k guys what do we do? he'd cute!" whispered Jaya.
" the door?" suggested Bethany blandly.
"Okay, then you do it."
" thanks."
"Agh! where is Rylie when you need her?!"
"I'll get it." sighed Rachel stretching over the seats to nudge the compartment door open and smiling awkwardly, "Sorry for the wait, did you need something?"
"It's no problem. You girls must be the foreign students from America, yes? My name is Edmund Williams, I am the Head Boy at Hogwarts and if you girls need anything don't hesitate to ask me." smiled Edmund in a easy going manner. Quickly the girls introduced themselves as well and then struggled to make small talk with him.
"Um, so I was wondering... Hogwarts is split into houses, right? But they are split in students first year, right? so...uh-" began Rachel struggling to formulate the question she was trying to ask.
"Will you be split into houses? Yes. The Headmaster, Minerva Mcgonagall, has organized for you to be sorted privately before you enter the great hall where the main sorting will occur for the first years in front of the school." explained Edmund with a gentle smile.
"Oh yay!" sighed Yasmine happily in relief, having not really been looking forward to being sorted with a bunch of first years in front of the whole school.
"Do you girls know what houses you think you'll be in?" asked Edmund politely.
"Hmm... we've talked about it several times..." answered Yasmine, "Most of us could go easily between two; we think I'll either be in Griffendore or Hufflepuff, Rylie will either be in Griffendore or Slytherin... for Rachel it will be between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, Bethany will of course be a Slytherin-"
"Actually I imagine I'll probably be a Ravenclaw, but I won't mind being in Slytherin." commented Bethany dryly.
"I am a Slytherin." said Jaya, "So you should come join me."
"You could be a Ravenclaw too though, Jaya." put in Rachel.
"Yeah I wouldn't mind that either." shrugged Jaya, "Or more like, whatever house they put me in I'll be convinced they should have put me in a different one the next week."
"It is possible," conceded Rachel, "the only one of that I am pretty certain of what their house will be is Sarah; I am pretty sure she's a Hufflepuff through and through."
"Thanks Rachel." smiled Sarah back at her friend.
"Those are- uh- very different houses most of you are torn between." said Edmund with a strange look on his face.
"When push comes to pull I doubt that," commented Rachel, "Oh I am sure they are quite different and there are all sorts of inner cultural phenomenons within each house, but every one is a Hogwarts student first of all and that is a unifying factor in and of itself."
"they are one and the same. It is we who make them different.' right?" quoted Jaya playfully while the others grinned at the Avatar reference... one that was seemingly lost upon the Headboy. Jaya sighed inwardly 'european wizards' she thought to herself shaking her head at their loss.
"Well," said Edmund with a slightly strained smile, "That is a rather singular view, it seems Hogwarts has gained some philosophers."
"Uh..." said the girls looking at each other and thinking of their usual insane manner... "Philosophers" was not usually the first thing that came in mind in regards to their group, "Sure."
"Well, I will stop bothering you girls and let you enjoy your ride in peace." said Edmund with a polite nod and exiting.
"Well that was kinda..." began Rachel frowning at the door.
"Awkward as hell? I feel you." sighed Jaya.
"Not only that, there was something weird about his reaction the moment we started talking about houses." said Bethany also looking perturbed.
"Yeah, I noticed that too." said Rachel as the others nodded in agreement. All too soon Edmund and the troubling thoughts he brought with him were soon forgotten in lie of the excitement and nervousness that came with all the new things on the Hogwarts express. Soon Rylie came bouncing back in and they spent the rest of the ride happily being crazy in their compartment and getting lots of weird looks from passing Hogwarts students.
That was okay though, they were all pretty sure once people got to know them they'd be giving them even weirder looks.
Jaya sighed as she awkwardly stood at the edge of the Slytyherin table looking at her new house mates. She had hoped that at least one of her friends would get sorted into the same house as her. Glancing over at the other tables she could see Rylie chatting avidly with several students already and Yasmine crush some stranger in a bare hug at the Griffendor table, at the Hufflepuff table she could see Rachel trying to coax Sarah into tentative conversations with their neighbors, lastly she made eye contact with Bethany who was in the same situation as her. Her friend gave her a half shrug before plopping herself down at the nearest opening at the table and staring down anyone who gave her weird looks. Resigning herself, Jaya marched herself over to the only spot at the table where it wasn't incredibly crowded. Actually, now that she had settled herself she noticed that the main reason for this was a blond boy whom everyone seemed to be giving a wide girth. Everyone one was giving her rather scandalized looks for sitting there(including the boy himself) and she was sure she was missing some sort of story/reputation. But she really didn't want to just get up again and make a fool of herself by trying to move seats, so she decided to stay and see if there was any specific reason she should be wary of the boy sitting across from her.
"Alright settle down everyone! First years up here!" called a greying witch in a pointed hat that Jaya assumed was the headmistress. Jaya was extremely glad now that she had been sorted ahead of time as she watched a group of short first years fine up to sit on a stool and put on the wrinkled and slightly burned hat which sorted them into their respective houses after a brief song which was woefully out of tune(though Jaya supposed hats weren't really given voice lessons so it was slightly understandable... though the slightly flat voice still grated on her nerves).
Then the food came. Whatever plans Jaya had had about trying to convince she was not just an american glutton went right out the window as she laid eyes upon the glorious feast before her. Across the room she could see her friends excitingly piling their plate full of food, in particular Rachel whose fellow Hufflepuff's seemed slightly horrified by the food she was practically inhaling. Jaya didn't mind too much because all the food meant she didn't have to awkwardly sit and debate whether or not she wanted to socialize with the other Slytherin's just yet. The blond across from her seemed to want to say something to her, but he seemed to reconsider it and go back to ignoring everyone. He kinda pissed her off actually, Jaya decided, he was right there and yet so rude he couldn't even ask her name. Same goes for the rest of them. She decided she wished she had been put in Ravenclaw. 
"Before you go to bed I have a few announcements first," said Mcgonagall addressing the school again, "As you know, this year will be a little different from other years. As a result of the events last year we have decided to have all Hogwarts student's repeat a year so that no matter if you had been unable to attend Hogwarts last term because of your parentage or because of the disruption that occurred on campus everyone will have a chance this year to recover that information."
There was some murmuring around the hall.
"I had heard that it got bad here last year but I didn't realize it was that bad." commented Jaya without thinking to the blond boy across from her.
"Not that bad?" repeated the blond incredulously, "Where were you all of last year? under a rock?"
"Well sor-ry, I was just asking, no need to be so rude about it." said Jaya with irritation, she thought about telling him that actually she had been living in a desert and going to school in some old buildings on farmlands, but she somehow sensed that that was unlikely to endear her to the boy. Not that she cared what he thought. She had decided that he was a prat and she hated him. The blond narrowed his eyes at her and opened his mouth to retort but Mcgonagall had started speaking again.
"Also, considering that this term there are many students who... are no longer with us, for different reasons, we have decided to open Hogwarts to foreign students who wish to attend for a year. I expect all of you to make these students feel welcome." said Mcgonagall her eyes seeming to fix sternly on the Slytherin table for a moment.
Oh yes, they are doing a stellar job of that already, thought Jaya sarcastically.
"Wait, you really are foreign?" said the blond staring at her obviously having trouble suppressing his curiosity, "Where are you from?"
"America." said Jaya shortly, biting back a million snarky things she could say to him.
"Students dismissed." said Mcgonagall formally and Jaya cringed as there was a great scraping as everyone shoved back from the benches. As everyone started moving out of the hall Jaya realized that she had no idea where the Slytherin common room was or even if she needed to go find her trunk somewhere.
"Hey, could you tell me where the Slytherin common room is?" Jaya asked a passing Ravenclaw boy.
"Sorry, I don't help Snakes." sneered the boy before shaking her off. Jaya stood there gritting her teeth. Suddenly she was very glad she was in Slytherin and not Ravenclaw as they seemed like they were stuck up a******s. 
"Common room is this way American girl." drawled the blond boy from before at the doorway, "I am a prefect so I suppose I might as well show you the way."
"Thank you." said Jaya suddenly too tired to care anymore. She would hunt down her friends tomorrow and rant to her heart's content she decided.
"What's your name?" said the blond seeming to struggle in what seemed to be an attempt at manners.
"Jaya." she replied, "You?"
"You don't know who I am?" he said looking surprised.
"Should I?" asked Jaya raising her eyebrows.
"I am Draco Malfoy." he said still seeming certain she would have heard of him.
"Yeah, no, not ringing any bells." said Jaya shrugging, Draco Malfoy seemed like he wasn't sure whether to be annoyed or relieved that she didn't know who he was.
"Well, whatever, Welcome to Hogwarts Jaya." he said leading the way. Jaya's old excitement returned as she followed him.
'I am at Hogwarts!'

© 2014 TheEverHungryOne

Author's Note

I actually really like this story line, hopefully I'll be able to stick with it! Hope you guys liked!

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Posted 8 Years Ago

Ahh!! I love this so far!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

Oh Ho!! HANG IN THERE JA-JA!! i'm hoping she sort of mixes it up with Slytherine, smack all around a bit....i would enjoy doing that to Griffindor (probs spelled that wrong) kids:3

Posted 9 Years Ago

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phx, AZ

I LOVE FOOD! other then that I am a Renaissance girl (aka I have a lot of hobbies all of which I do intensely) and i am Dyslexic.... so if my writing gets confusing thats why. Oh and I go to a M.. more..


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