Versil Jungle

Versil Jungle

A Chapter by TheNerdyWolf

Kate and Adam finally arrive at Versil Jungle, where her friend Max lives. They uncover secrets about Versil Jungle and conquer some painful quests. Will they survive? Read more to find out.

Versil Jungle

Kate and Adam finally reaches Versil Jungle, where the Blue Tigers live.
"Wow,I still can't believe this is such a beautiful place." 
"Yeah... Hey Kate watch out!"
"Wait what?"
"Don't move. Look behind you."
"I just see a stream, what's the big deal?"
"Well, I've done research and it says the streams, between the regions, are blood streams."
"Blood streams?"
"Yeah, they slowly take blood from your body and makes you drowsy."
"Well, how do we get across?" 
"Maybe this gigantic bridge right here."
"Oh, I didn't see that. I was lost in my phone." 
"Well let's get moving!"
"Wait, what if the Blue Tigers try to attack us?"
"Maybe I can text my friend to lead us to where we want to go."
"Sounds great."
"Ugh, how do humans text with these fingers? A few minutes later, Kate sends the text.
Okay, I think I sent it. 
" Okay, let's wait on this bridge." 
"I'm sure he will be here soon."
Kate and Adam wait around looking in the stream and looking at the sky.

© 2014 TheNerdyWolf

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Added on December 8, 2014
Last Updated on December 18, 2014
Tags: Lunaria, Gallia, OurMythicalWorld, Kate, Adam, Max, Enchanted Oasis, Versil Jungle, Magic



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