Willing to Die! – The Winter Friendship Poem

Willing to Die! – The Winter Friendship Poem

A Poem by The Winter Poet

(This poem is dedicated to friendship which is far more than just a mere word! At least not to me!)


“Crying for the love of God,
         In a place completely abroad.
                       Kissed by the black rose of death,
                                Woke me up startled with regrets.”

Another Friend:

“The sky is sadness,
            How pale am I in wilderness?
                     This bed spells of madness,
                            How forsaken am I in soberness?”


I see the sunshine,
                But I don’t feel no warmth!
                            I see trees,
                 But I don’t see breeze!
         I see the snow,
                 But I don’t feel cold…
           I see children,
                     But don’t feel their bliss.
                 Suffocated from within,
                                Creeping me inside out!

Another Friend:

“Am I breathing better?
                  Or it’s just a tone!
                        Life’s indeed written with feathers,
                                       A call called hope is on the telephone.”


“I went crazy,
         Waking up dazy!
                In the middle of the night,
                           Gifted with a poetic light!”

“As the moon rises,
                   And the sunset.
             Let’s talk about our lives,
                         And see where it gets!”

Another Friend:

“Not sure where this life heads,
           Yet I could relish a little breath.
                  We’ll stick needles with black threads,
                        And if life gets tragic, we’ll sing to death!!
Author’s Note:

Life writes tales with a grey cloud,
Indeed! A friend can hear you aloud!
Life has a meaning and just be proud,
   I’ll be there for you and I’ll say it aloud!

© 2016 The Winter Poet

Author's Note

The Winter Poet
PS: All lines amazingly written by "Friend" is indeed by a very talented poet and of course a very special friend! And we call her Indu Hari! "Another Friend" is of course the one you would guess! :-)

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Added on June 7, 2016
Last Updated on June 7, 2016
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