Shame the Stars

Shame the Stars

A Poem by The_Last_Spartan

What do you mean I can't use the same rhyme twice?


The bombs are bursting in midair,

And our ideals are stranded there.

Amid the shrapnel and debris,

Of men and women fighting to be free.

The soldiers will forever carry on,

Singing their marching songs,

And praying to their gods,

Who are hiding among the stars.

They look down upon us with a certain distaste,

Because they know one bullet can decide the fate of our race.

Is this how far we’ve come?

Where war, bloodshed, and terror still won?

Is this the only way?

Where hundreds of us die every day?

Shame the stars!

And the so-called gods!

Because this war rages on,

And we are unsure if there even is a god anymore.

The universe is laughing at us!




Shame the stars!

They don’t have to deal with war!

They don’t see these horrors!

They don’t know what it’s like to have them die in your arms!

They can’t feel this pain,

They don’t know how helpless I felt,

When they dragged their bodies away!

They don’t know what it’s like to have your dreams crushed,

By a harsh reality caused by us!

Shame on the stars!

They just twinkle and burn!

How dare they look down upon us!

Shame the stars!

Shame the stars!

Shame on our flawed human race!

Who put us in this war in the first place!

Are you happy now that I’ve fallen from grace?

© 2014 The_Last_Spartan

Author's Note

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Added on February 17, 2014
Last Updated on February 17, 2014
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Rialto, CA

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