Goodbye, It's Okay-K-Aneli

Goodbye, It's Okay-K-Aneli

A Poem by Elvy-decoo

What it felt like to lose for the third time

I wish I could say I'm a make you miss me
Truth be told it's out of envy
I'm so mad you can move on
So fast, cause you seem so strong

Love is a losing game
And that's not all its fame
Our love was like a flame
Getting stronger, why put it out you were my dame
It's the most beautiful thing to experience
But not all that shines in its appearance

I miss you more than I can say
Midnight turns into day
I stay up
Looking at the stars imagining your curves
And how you gave me the swerves
Still thinking how could I have been dumped
Like my heart had just been jumped

I was so lucky when I got your message
And as I received your words it felt like a massage
Like a homage
Of a life you have to forage

I wish I could be your man
I wish I could hold onto you enough to hear you scream damn
I made you feel me without hands
And now it's like you want bands

I gotta be honest, you win
Rin din din
That's the bell
Cause it's over, I'm in hell
Can you tell?

I feel so heart broken
So taken, like a token
For granted but for your advantage

Love is what you told me
And that word now seems so empty
I thought we was something not to be messed with
That it was bliss, but you gave up on me and this love became a myth

So untrue
Next day you was with a guy, real brand new
So what's left to do?
Heartbroken and all what makes me madder is I still wait for you

Look at my phone hoping I get a message saying I fucked up
That it's all messed up, that it's half empty, I mean the cup

Can't believe I lost her
What am I supposed to do if I'm living under
I love her

She made me feel something I never felt before
And in her pictures it was scary cause her eyes were brighter
Mind you I'm outside looking at the stars
Watching everything that goes by, all the cars

I see her face even in the sky
I wonder if I'll see her again, maybe when I die
I'd lie if I didn't say I thought about ending this life
Maybe like a dagger or a knife

I just don't wanna experience this pain
Everywhere I look I see her face
I swear to god I'm a catch a case

I look at people and I put on a show
So these feelings they never know

I used to be her angry bear
And now she doesn't even care
I never thought it would end before it began
But damn I should of know all along
I didn't even do anything wrong
How can I move on?

What words can I tell myself
I feel as nonexistent as an elf
Maybe she's not meant to be mine

But It didn't even start
I imagined feeling her heart in my heart
Feeling my hands go through her hair
So she learns I care
Picking her up even at the air port
Taking her to the basketball court
I f*****g lost her

She's smiling right now
And I'm in bed crying, tears falling like stocks for the dow
What should I do now?

I miss her voice
Telling me things didn't matter, she thought she was just noise
But her voice was all I wanted to hear
I'll always hold her so dear

I never even had her in my arms
We ended like the storm that's supposed to come before the calm
The calm never came
We ended before things could go back to being the same

I wish I could make you love me
But I can't if you don't
You can't make your heart feel
Something that it won't

I was just a pawn
To play with in your phone
Until you could meet someone new

Picture this, it's pitch black what do you see?
Nothing just like when I'm looking for the love in your heart
The love you promised you told me you had
And in these final hours I'll lay down my own heart, feel that? The power the love I wish I could make you feel for me
Can't you see?
Look through the pitch black room again
Now you can see my light, my heart
It's red and meant for you
But you can't see it
You through it away
Just like midnight to the day

Passing by
Saying goodbye

Maybe one day you will read this
I won't show it to you but it's you I miss
I love you with all my heart baby girl
You are the center of my world

© 2016 Elvy-decoo

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Added on April 4, 2016
Last Updated on April 4, 2016
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Newark, NJ

I am a college student who writes poetry when I feel a certain way. My poems reflect an image of life and describe pure love for those who can understand them. more..

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