A Poem by Elvy-decoo

Ashes to dust

Last night I dreamed with you about the love we lost
How i tried to save it at all cost

But I got tired of chasing
Something seemed to be missing
But I feel in love with someone
Who I thought was the one

It's crazy we don't know what's in front of us
But looking back all we see is the dust
Seeing you run away, this was a bust

You know it's crazy to think about the stars
That shine so bright, sometimes I swear I see Mars through the reflection of all these cars
No ambient light
F**k no love in sight
I don't believe in anything but destiny
And I thought that's what you meant to me

I'll give you all you want
Even the things I can't
I think you're worth the trouble
Even if I had nothing id give you double

I was here from the get
Saying I love you I know you won't forget
I know you're gonna move on
That's ok I know what's going on
But I won't stop you
Won't stop being true
Won't give up

I'm here to stay
What can I say?
At the end of the day good guys finish last with nothing to trash
But feeling you can never bash
Disarm yourself
Your feelings are trouble in its self
Call me the guy with all the stealth

I'll protect the flow
Like a river on the go
Waterfalls sprinkle drops
Like tears dripping watering feelings like crops

Maybe we go back to the 19th century
Before this could become a memory
And everything ran up like a treasury
Maybe you just want to measure me
See if I can be seen
See if I mean
Or this is meant to be

But baby go, the lights green
And for you I'm like a fein
Biting my nails
Thinking damn that love I gotta hail
Or maybe hit you hard like some heavy a*s hale

Like the movie day after tommorrow
Or maybe day after today
I'll find you again and let go of my sorrow
I love you bae

Before anything else, right?
Sorry it ended, you lived far I was willing to take the flight..
It's ok f**k it
You wanted it over
I see you in Dover
I'll get lucky if I do, like if I find a four leaf clover

© 2016 Elvy-decoo

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The flow to this piece is very interesting but follows along well and lands hard at a very emotive place that is truly and utterly heart breaking. The diction and syntax express such deep longing and loss but the way you keep the pace alive gives this work another dimension beyond just the obvious and I find that very enthralling. Overall I think there's a lot more to this piece than meets the eye and I found it very well spoken. Great job!

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on April 19, 2016
Last Updated on April 19, 2016
Tags: Ashes, dust, love, petty, distance, flight, fein, like, babe, loving, amor, for, you, life, night, light, shine, girl, world, universe, mate, I, need, her, want



Newark, NJ

I am a college student who writes poetry when I feel a certain way. My poems reflect an image of life and describe pure love for those who can understand them. more..

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