The Key To Getting Your Life Back On Track

The Key To Getting Your Life Back On Track

A Story by TheJourneyman

Self-Help piece

Live your life like a mission, because the successful life is a series of accomplished missions (Ever play Grand Theft Auto? EVER see someone who COULDN'T play Grand Theft Auto ... they get stuck doing s**t that REALLY doesn't matter because the game is laid out so broadly and there's so many options of things you can do and they get stuck in one area, never completing any meaningful missions? Well that's exactly how life is. People get lost, because they have too many options of how to spend their time. They get STUCK in a vicious circle of analysis-paralysis, poor decision-making/time-management time-sucking distractions, and self-doubt about being able to do better or achieve their wants and desires. EVERYBODY wants to win the lottery, but many just don't play because they feel thy're not lucky enough to win. BUT the fact is it's IMPOSSIBLE to win if you DON'T play. In life playing the game successfully means using your limited time efficiently and wisely to complete meaningful, course-altering missions.) But first, you have to ask your self ," What is your mission?" Think about it long and hard, then answer it. Then make it happen by putting your own sweat-equity( hard, or steady, focused efforts) into your OWN life. If you don't do this you must be expecting or waiting on someone to give you something , to stumbled onto something or for something to fall out of the sky into your lap.You can do ANYTHING that anybody else can do, the only thing that can stop you is YOU. You have to figure out a way OVER, UNDER, AROUND ,and sometimes THROUGH obstacles that may block your path suddenly or from the outset. Your imagination and resourcefulness are your only limitations to over-coming obstacles.And don't forget this: There are 24 hours in a day, most of us sleep 8 of them away, which leaves 16 hours a day of time that we have to either squander away, OR UTILIZE TO FURTHER our goals and complete meaningful missions. If you use your 16 hours the same way everyday, DO NOT expect anything to change in your life. And you can give up moving to the next level. It has been said that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing OVER and OVER again, expecting DIFFERENT results. If you genuinely believe or agree with that definition: then use your time DIFFERENTLY tomorrow than you did yesterday and today. Spend your time productively, so you can step back and say "Look what I did." The successful life is a series of [meaningful] missions that you set for your self or that the requirements---for what you want or where you're tryna be---set for you. If you don't have any, get some missions to accomplish.And if you ain't doing s**t with your time, DO SOMETHING with it.


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Added on September 2, 2014
Last Updated on September 2, 2014
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