The Date is September 11th

The Date is September 11th

A Poem by Trace

A poem to remember that fateful day.


The date was September 11th
A day no different than another
The sun blazed bright on a morning clear
The sky had never been bluer

No one knew of the horror we would see
No one expected a thing
Nobody thought that today was the day
We would see what an evil would bring

But what we believe has been challenged
What we knew of our freedoms and rights
Would be put to the test, as the planes flew in
On this day with a few fateful flights

For those who saw them coming
For those who were in the air
For those on the ground or in the towers
The whole thing just didn’t seem fair

Yet; nothing in war is fair we know
Nothing about it makes sense
But when innocent people die for no reason
Our people come to their defense

For this is the United States of America
And we will fight for the freedoms we love
Because everyone still remembers that day
We were attacked from the clear skies above

Now it’s been twenty years since that day
Still “We the people” stand strong
For we believe God watches over this Country
We will make right where we’ve been wronged

So to all those who passed on that fateful day
To all those who suffered and died
To every soul who remembers still
To all of us that cried

To all our hero’s that fight the foe
To the families who lost a loved one
We take a moment and reflect on this day
Yet the battle has only begun

For until we can say without question
That our flag has no reason to fear
We will fight for our rights and freedoms
To keep the Country we love free from terror.

© 2021 Trace

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I have hopes one day of going to New York, to see the memorial. To imagine being there and walking through it is emotional enough as it is, especially after witnessing all the commemorations through the years. Will we ever forget? I don't believe it's humanly possible. Good to see you, Trace!

Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

Thank you my dear friend. I can hardly believe it's been 20 years.

I will try to rep.. read more
From across the pond we remember this day with you. The loss of so many and the heroic emergency services. The knock on effect is still being felt. May all those souls rest in peace. Thank you for this eloquent remembrance poem.


Posted 1 Month Ago

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1 Month Ago

Thank you so very much.
It was a horrible day for America.
Kelly Scheppers

1 Month Ago

I just wanted to say how wonderful for us Americans that you remember, too. Thank you, Chris! Many.. read more
Chris Shaw

1 Month Ago

We do remember. There has been much coverage over here in the media. We relived it alongside you. Ou.. read more

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somewhere in, UT

I will always love poetry....... I am a Poet But sometimes,,,,,, It makes my brain hurt more..

Jacob City Jacob City

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