A Chapter by Gregory Hill

      The woods of Bensirhe, as they were known by villagers of Gowrhen, stood dark and steadfast against the the outside world. The village lay less than half a league to the north, yet none of the villagers ever entered the woods, not even for firewood, during the scarcest of seasons. No one could quite explain why, but there was something...wrong about them. Perhaps it was the fact that there was no life to the woods. Never a sound came from them, not the howl of a wolf, nor the song of a lark. Not even the trees, swaying like specters in the wind, rustled a leaf. The only thing, in truth, that seemed to thrive was the trees themselves. But even then, they grew in sinuous and twisted shapes, like a Legion of aberrant beings, waiting to swallow anything foolish enough to trespass on their tainted soil.

      Whatever the reason, the villagers stayed as far from the woods as possible. So there was no one there when man's fate was sealed. The evening was late and the sun was already half set, yet as something slunk from the depths of the woods, the sky darkened still. As night approached, and the beast disappeared towards the village, the woods made their first sound in ages. A rustling...a rustling of things long silent, of things meant to be silent, of things that should have stayed silent. Just a brief tremor of anticipation, and then, once again, things were silent. But not for long...not long enough. A scream ripped through the air. Then silence, once again, enveloped the night.

© 2010 Gregory Hill

Author's Note

Gregory Hill
I think the Second paragraph really needs a bit of tweaking, any help to that end would be great.

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this is pretty good I'd suggest you look over the secong paragraph a bit more

Posted 13 Years Ago

Well, this really makes me want to read more! In fact, um, well, I think I will! Anyway, I like the imagery, and the creative idea... WELL DONE!

Posted 13 Years Ago

Thanks :D I have trouble with some types more than other, merging from this to normality really gets me :/

Posted 13 Years Ago

Your writing has really grown, Greg! Can't wait to read more of this. :D

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Gregory Hill
Gregory Hill

Fallbrook, CA

Hi all I dont like writing about myself so I will be brief. I am 16 and I live in Fallbrook Ca. How much more brief can you get? I have some songs I like on here: more..

Dravid Dravid

A Story by Gregory Hill