A Poem by Ryan Falzon - Tymon

A corruption lives in this world.
Turning life to death, and death to life.
A plague with no cure, that's for sure.
Spreading by land, sea and air, as it doesn't care.

No mercy on the victims, as greed runs through its veins.
A great mouth speaks of glory, but it is never what it claims.
Manifesting great monsters from innocent primates.
Teeth, claws, hard skin, anything it needs, it creates.

These monsters are cruel and heartless, as how they are brought.
They blindly obey the plague, without a second glance or thought.
It is with them that the plague has gathered so much power.
Otherwise, it might as well stay inside a hole and cower.

It considers itself a holy being chosen by the light,
but it’s a dark and twisted thing that lives to fight.
The greatest nobles bow down to its great might.
It is unaware that it is not stared in awe, but in fright.

The fight is now over; it has taken every piece of the land.
Now, the nobles kneel in front of the fearful feeding hand.
The same hand that has taken all of the world’s harmony,
Is the same hand that everyone else needs to stay lively.

The plague has won, all hope is lost.
The world at its fingers at a great cost.
All is left is for them to block out the sun.
Indeed, my brothers, we have truly won.

© 2011 Ryan Falzon - Tymon

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If this is a poece about corporate greed i couldnt agree more

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on January 2, 2011
Last Updated on January 2, 2011


Ryan Falzon - Tymon
Ryan Falzon - Tymon


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