Me or You?

Me or You?

A Story by tyson

I didn't know Amsterdam swayed. We were staying in a private room overlooking the back of three separate brothels, in a s****y hostel with a damp smell and no heating, in the middle of the Red Light District. We had been out exploring during the day, but after the truffles were introduced we'd become too much of a liability to be out on the streets and made ways back to the room.


In the room, we both noticed we had started to sway a little. We thought maybe whatever we had just railed and truffles we'd ingested were starting to react with one another, enhancing our sensitivity to be capable of detecting the slightest vibrations in the cities foundations. 


We honestly thought that the entire city was somehow afloat on top of the canals, and like a bridge or a building, it was bending and warping to support and balance the weight of it all. And, that this is why we were swaying.


We googled it, 'does the city of Amsterdam sway?’ We were convinced, we were so sure, we were so high; we could barely keep our footing, or our hands on the wall.  But nothing came up, so I googled the drug.



The swaying sensations, the loss of balance, soon followed by the headaches, nausea and blurred vision was the beginning of the overdose we were about to experience. It only went downhill from there. Five hours later, I woke up on the floor delirious, my eyebrow split, bloody and swollen. I stood up, recomposed myself, racked up another line and lay in bed.

Turns out it was me, not the city. And I've just become another part of its mess. 


© 2014 tyson

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Tyson. Your the f****n, man. This was gr8t. Read the sequal to Venice, the'res a camio from Harvey there.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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