In the Springtime Wind

In the Springtime Wind

A Poem by Rana Adalwolfa Simon

A lyrical story I wrote for National Poetry Month 2020.


Auburn hair with 

rays of amber

dance in the springtime wind.

I picture you

a dainty thing

flutter in my head again.

But every memory

becomes a scene anew

and over again I question

if it really could be you.

You I see when dreams begin

that pretty, supple thing

dancing in the springtime wind.

I chased you once

through camomile

the song of your laugh to guide me,

and still it carries

through the grasses,

a mournful dream of mockery.

And when I catch a simple glimpse

it hurts me all the more.

For sometimes your head is onyx

or blonde. So now I am not sure

what crown you bore upon your head

so beautiful and free

that danced in the springtime wind.

An autumn night

took you away

where only dreams could find you.

And as the years

pass over me

I take you with me where I go.

A fragment of you aging

alongside this weary soul,

so I will not be left alone

and you can remain whole

within the depth of a broken mind

that preserves you here

dancing in the springtime wind.

Gown gone grey

with streaks of silver

running through your fading hair.

"Hold out a hand

to me, my dear.
I'll take you far away from there."

But smile is all

you offer as you spin

and I realize now 

we were never meant to win,

you the lass where dreams do end

and I the dreamer 

dancing in the springtime wind.

© 2020 Rana Adalwolfa Simon

Author's Note

Rana Adalwolfa Simon
I had it in my mind that I wanted to try to write song lyrics. I only realized after I decided to that I have no imagination to create melodies, so I just went with a unique rhyme scheme I thought might go to music somehow. I'd love some feedback specifically under the assumption these are song lyrics and not just a weirdly constructed poem.

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Added on April 28, 2020
Last Updated on April 28, 2020
Tags: song, lyrics, national poetry month, spring, dance, sad


Rana Adalwolfa Simon
Rana Adalwolfa Simon

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