A different life (part 2)

A different life (part 2)

A Story by West Coast

the two girls life becomes a bit more complicated


When Jillian got back, the room was empty. The bed was made and the glass of water was empty. Jillian placed the coffees on the small table and found some plates for their pastries. She wasn't sure why, but she was sorrowful that she was alone. She had gotten out of the elevator with an expectation, but even she didn't know what she was expecting. The door opened behind her as she sat down on the covers of her bed with her coffee. Andy stepped in, in shorts and a sports bra and her hair wrapped in a towel. Her face brightened up at the sight of her. Andy undid the damp towel and draped it over the foot board so it could dry. Jillian handed her the coffee and made room for her on the bed. Andy sat close to her, cross-legged on the covers, their thighs touching. Andy’s long, damp hair dripped down her shoulders. She ran her hand through it, parting it on the side. “How are you feeling?” Jillian asked her, passing her a croissant. “I’m better. I suppose you want to know what happened.” Andy took a bite of the pastry, “Only if you want to tell me.” Andy gave her a hug. “Of course I want to tell you. You’re my best friend.” Jillian smiled, stroking Andy’s damp hair. They pulled apart, Andy took Jillian’s hand. “I was with Marley at the lake bonfire with a lot of other people. She had been distant and cold towards me all night. I had just started drinking when she actually broke up with me.” Jillian apologized, “Its fine, I knew it was coming. We were having some problems in our relationship anyways. But then I let myself get really drunk, and there was a guy there, he wouldn't leave me alone and he wouldn't take a hint. He followed me to the bathroom and was really forceful. He grabbed me really hard and jammed his tongue down my throat. I kicked him and ran, and threw up in the bushes along the highway. I walked back to town. The event kind of sobered me up, and I realized everything that had happened and I started crying. I didn't know who else to call, I needed someone who cared enough about me to come and get me. Thank you for being that person.” Andy smiled, taking Jillian’s hand, squeezing it slightly. “I’m your person.” Jillian wove her fingers with Andy’s. “I’ll always be here.” Jillian felt the knot get tighter in her chest, they held each other’s gaze, and she could feel their bodies gravitating closer. Andy bit her lip and lowered her eyes. “I should work on my paper.” Jillian said, slowly and reluctantly letting go of Andy’s hand. “Yeah…” Andy shifted on the bed, moving away from her. Jillian got up and grabbed her laptop from her bag, setting it up on the small table by the window. Jillian stared at her loading screen, what had almost happened? Why did she feel this way? Her head was all messed up, but she could still feel Andy watching her as she typed and it was electrifying. She smiled to herself, unable to place the feeling, for it was new. She had felt similarly like this with her first boyfriend, but not nearly at this intensity.

Andy slid closer, her legs touching Jillian’s back. “Can we spend today together? We don’t have to do anything. I just want to be with you. Please?” Jillian smiled, reaching behind her and taking Andy’s hand, “Sure.” Andy wrapped her other arm around her body and rested her head on her back. Jillian’s breath caught in her throat and she shut her eyes, the knot getting even tighter in her chest.

Jillian finished her paper, but struggled to concentrate, her mind wandering to Andy, whose arms were wrapped around her waist and whose head was resting on her back. She could feel her heartbeat against her skin, and she knew Andy could hear hers speeding up. It was a wonderfully intense hour.

The next few days passed similarly, Andy would stay very close, and Jillian would feel the knot getting tighter and tighter, and every time Andy would brush her skin she wouldn't be able to breathe. Jillian didn't know what to do. She called her boyfriend and ended it with him, telling him that the distance was making it hard, and that she wanted him to be happy. He sounded disappointed, but not devastated. She cried and Andy held her and made her tea. With every passing day she became more and more confused, unable to focus in her classes, thinking about her constantly, being unable to wait till night when Andy got back to the dorm. It was then Friday, a week had passes sense the night Andy had shared her bed, but the feelings were still vivid. Andy made her dress up, telling her that they would be going out. Jillian picked out a cute strapless dress from her wardrobe and put it on. Andy smiled when she stepped out of the room, “You look beautiful.” She said, brushing a loose strand of hair out of her face. Jillian’s skin flushed red under Andy’s gentile touch. She grabbed her hand and led her down to the parking lot where a cab waited.

© 2013 West Coast

Author's Note

West Coast
continuation of part 1, here the story gets a tad more interesting. I hope you like it!

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Added on July 23, 2013
Last Updated on July 23, 2013
Tags: life, college, lgbt, teen, dating, love


West Coast
West Coast

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I'm a teen writer. I love writing, let it be fiction, science fiction, adventure, romance, tragedy. I'm also a movie junky (that is why my picture is from Moonrise Kingdom) more..

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