Chapter Twice

Chapter Twice

A Chapter by Veronica

Have you ever felt like the people you love hate you? Psh ya... says me. 
Time: 9:00 AM 
When: Saturday Morning 
Day: May 22, 2010
Setting: Well the beginning is in my room... yup
"I'm very disappointed" I herd come out of my dads mouth when I was half awake. My eyes were closed while I laid there warm and snug in my bed. "We had a deal that you keep this room clean or your moving back upstairs" I kept wondering if I was imagining him say this. You know how that happens? Your half awake and still laying down then you imagine someone said something and you think it really happened. I heard paper rattling and stuff being moved around. There was a big huff with a big bam of frustration. "That's it your moving out of the basement and upstairs" Now that I think about it, I'm surprised that I didn't just jump up and cry since I love having my room in the basement. But I just laid there still trying to go back to sleep. I must've really been tired. "I shouldn't be cleaning your room, you should" 

"Then tell me to do it and you stop" I thought to myself. I finally sat up and looked around. All of the papers that were on my glass table were gone and everything around somehow looked clean. My dad began to Windex the table. I just sat there in my tiredness and watched as he keep cleaning. He walked past me and said,
"Thanks for the help"
"Well what do you want me to do?" I asked. He said nothing. He just kept cleaning. I got my self out of bed and began to make it. Once I was done I grabbed my computer and sat down on one of my big round chairs. My dad came over and sighed and remade my bed. I wasn't paying much attention mostly cause I was too scared to look up from my MacBook.

"Lets see" I thought to myself "Shaytard has a new video" I felt my dad staring at me and then leave to go upstairs. I looked up and decided which one of us should say sorry. I decided him since he was the one making no sense. I love my dad but sometimes he just gets mad and I never know why. I hate it when that happens. A few minutes pass and I decided that I should go upstairs and take a look at what's happening. I may live in an apartment but it's one of those that you basically get a house and the houses are connected by doors. You probably haven't heard about it. I get upstairs and the back door is wide open with a lot of hot air coming in. Plus, it was super windy. I love days like that.
"Can we go to the store today?" I asked my dad. 
"For what?"
"2 weeks ago you promised to take me to go and get a collage board." He just sat there and stared at the TV. 
"Okay." I couldn't tell if he was mad or anything. That was how he normally acted. I got ready and we headed of to Wal-Mart. We were in the aisles looking for the collage frames. I found a green one that I really liked. I handed it to him with a smile on my face.
"This is the one I want." He looked at the price and smiled.
"I will get you this is you promise to keep your room clean" He said
"I will" I said without hesitation. His smile went down a bit.
"You always say, "I will dad I promise", always without thinking. Then you always screw it up in the end." 
"Ya but on this one I promise promise" I said even faster. He chuckled.
"Okay lets go" I got home and began to put a whole bunch of pictures on it. I smiled and hung it up on my wall next to all of my posters including my dart board. I was so happy. Until I thought about how easy it was... do other people have it this easy? I thought. 

© 2010 Veronica

Author's Note

Ignore ALL mistakes!

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Hiya! I'm a 14 year old girl who hates describing things. I write the way I talk so, you might not understand somethings I say in my stories. I made an account so that I could get all my ideas out. Al.. more..

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