The Truth

The Truth

A Poem by Savior knowmore

Can you see the truth?

Twisting bodies touch with gentle strokes,
Skin touching cold stone and hard scales.
A mass of creatures, all fighting for the surface,
Only one can reach the top, so upwards they go.

Will it be the great Dragon who gets there first?
But the giant Golem pushes ahead,
Only to be over taken by the slimy Kelpy.
Something claws them back, but what is it?

The Dragon breathes long tongues of flame,
That burn the Kelpy, but Demons are impervious to it.
Loud squeels come from the back, 
But not a single beast notices.

All that matters is the surface, right?
So on the beasts race each other,
Not noticing that one by one their ranks thin.
Is it Purgatory drawing them back, or divine retribution?

Only the majestic Dragon is left,
So he flys to the exit.
But then he feels pain on his tail,
And his wings begin to hurt.

No one is around so he decides to stop, what is the harm?
He looks behind him,
And sees a sight that astounds him.
He thinks, "Are my wings rotting?"

The pain is unbearable, but he is so close,
So he looks ahead and walks.
The exit keeps getting further and further,
And he thinks he hears distant hollow laughter.

He says aloud, for he is alone, "Am I going insane?"
"Insane, going insane,"
Says the distant voice on from the surface.
Why, why is the exit so far now?

The ancient Dragon looks behind him,
To a horrific sight that frightens him.
His wings are gone, bloody stumps of dead flesh behind his shoulders,
And a trail of ashen scales trail behind him.

Is this the end?
Scared beyond fear, he runs straight ahead, 
Head turned to watch his back begin to rot.
How can my body survive this pain?

"This must be the end," he says,
And the voice replies, "The end... End."
The Lord of the Dragons summons his courage,
And turns his head, shouting "Show yourself."

What is this?
The Dragon stops,
For the exit is gone.
He must be insane, right?

It is him, from his younger days,
Staring at his rotting self.
And the aperation says, "Your self,"
And then the copy lunges at him.

© 2012 Savior knowmore

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this is very unique and interesting...100! :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

Savior knowmore

11 Years Ago

thank you!

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Added on August 24, 2012
Last Updated on August 24, 2012
Tags: Horror, death, monster, truth, poetry, rotting


Savior knowmore
Savior knowmore

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