Chapter 4 .:Fifth:.

Chapter 4 .:Fifth:.

A Chapter by Wyatt Rose Hack

Identity: Beta X2
Date: September 4th, 2018

The air is on my skin. I can tell it's cold, but that means nothing to me. And of all the extreme forces, it's heat that I dislike the most. I feel rather at home in the cold.
The post that I'm standing on is metal. Part of the destroyed barrier around our base. One of five left standing. Which reminds me.
It's been two years and they still have her. They are corrupting her right as we speak. (Although here there is no speech, only silence; just the breeze.) They are continuing this game of ours. And in this battle, they are somehow accomplishing their goal.
And of course--of course it's up to me to get her back. That little brat. Alpha always behaves as if I'm so far below him. He takes advantage of everything. Of course, it's not like any of us are going to blame him. Gamma and Delta are technically involved in this mission, but they too think that they're important; plus the problem remains of keeping the Rank 2's-- Zeta, Eta, Theta and Iota--in line. They're running wild without a pentagrammos to answer to. And they're high enough to cause mischief on their own, of course. Kappa's lackadaisical attitude is no help at all, and even the few times when he tries to help out with them, it inevitably fails. They think like we all do; why obey someone below you?
But this wouldn't be happening if the Fifth wasn't missing. Everything would fall back together again. Hopefully. Her disappearance is not the only problem; what will become of her when she returns? She has certainly been contaminated by their inferior mindset. We will have to teach her; another difficult task. And with Alpha's superior uninvolvement, I know it will be me.
And suddenly, standing here, it isn't just silence anymore. I hear a footstep on the leaves. Another's thoughts enter my head. I don't need to turn to look to know that it's Delta.
Our thoughts swim together for a moment, mixing, we read each other silently for a deep gap of time. And then Delta is saying it aloud, "Have you found her yet?"
I am exasperated by this question, that everyone asks. This is all Alpha asks, too. I stare at the navy blue sky and broodingly answer. "They moved again."
"In other words, no."
I look at him irritably. He is standing below me, on the ground. He is looking at me. His eyes are pink, as are all of ours, characteristically narrowed in his skeptical and observant way. "Then you try to find her." I spit back at him.
Delta shrugs, as if it isn't a big deal. "Just find out where."
As if he could tell me what to do. "You're a part of this too, X4. Don't act like she's not important."
He grins slyly. "Not to you, she shouldn't be."
I want to hurt him. I want to tear his limbs. But I need to stay in Alpha's favor. "You know what's happening without her, you goddamned idiot. Do you want to take responsibility for the Rank 2's?"
Delta continues that small smile, narrow-eyed and cunning. "I would love to. However. I am not the Fifth."
"Then find her."
"I am not about to deprive you of your task, Beta." He remains calm, collected, disinterested at most. We both go silent and again it is just our thoughts. The stars blink in the navy-blue sky. I hear Delta behind me, moving to sit cross-legged on the leaves. In the cool and empty night air, his thoughts announced themselves boldly in my head. Just find her, Beta. Get her back.
What do you think I've been trying to do?

© 2012 Wyatt Rose Hack

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