Diaries of Ava Scott: Freelance travel journalist and globe trotter extraordinaire; fabulous; single

Diaries of Ava Scott: Freelance travel journalist and globe trotter extraordinaire; fabulous; single

A Story by Vonnie15

Entry 1


14 February


Je suis celibataire. I am single. This is one of only two sentences I actually remember from those French classes I took when I was 15. That’s probably because this sentence is still as true now as it was then. This sentence has been one of the very few constants in my life over the last 7 years. The one and only other French sentence I remember is un ving rouge et un croc miseour, sil vous plait. Roughly translated this means that I would like a bottle of red wine and a French type of toasted sandwich. I think. At least once I get to France I will never have to go hungry or thirsty, and I will also be able to assure all those dashing young French men that I am in fact in the perfect state of being to elope with one of them and to raise our 5 afrikaans-english-german-french mixed breed babies in his French villa next to the Riviera.

I never understand the big deal people make of valentines day. It doesn’t make sense either that it is such an “important” day, yet still has not been declared an official public holiday. This simply means that the chronically single, like me, do not have the luxury of sleeping all day and only waking up on 15 February when all the madness is over, the roses all dead, the balloons all popped. Instead we still have to attend classes or go to work and see, smell and hear the sickly love all around us. For an entire day. Today isn’t really that different from the previous years, but I am at least able to tolerate being awake, as my life is finally about to get a whole lot more exciting. I am now officially Ava Scott: Freelance travel journalist and globe trotter extraordinaire; 22 years old and fabulous. I waitressed almost every night for the last 4 years, even when I should have been studying a little harder for my journalism or communication tests, so that I could save up enough money to finally live my dream of travelling all over the world. I am a small town girl. Born in Graaff-Reinet, raised in Graaff-Reinet. After high school I studied in Bloemfontein, which at least was a city compared to good ol’ Graaffies…but that was the biggest it ever got. That was my world for 22 years. I have always been little, cute, clever, “chubby, but pretty”, small town Ava. I have always felt a bubbling inside of me; a passion for something more, something bigger. I don’t think anyone has ever understood my crazy need to be free from “normal” life.



© 2010 Vonnie15

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I really like this. Ava reminds me a lot of myself. I took French in high school and college! haha and it seems I'm chronically single too! This is a nice start!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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A Story by Vonnie15