The Ultimates: Introduction to the Legend

The Ultimates: Introduction to the Legend

A Chapter by Waggish Cape

Hopefully this gives you a taste of what's to come, because this is (quite literally in fact) just the beginning...

Humanity. What is the definition of humanity?

  Fire. Blood. Treachery. Time and time again, humanity has repeated it’s mistakes, failing to recognize the atrocities committed against itself, engulfing the world and turning it into a destitute and hollow abyss, filled with the sorrows of--not the dead, but-- the living. The living cry out in sheer agony of the horrors they've witnessed.  So how does one acquit their surrounding people, friends and enemies alike? How does one encompass a virtuous leader, and not bestow himself a god above their unspoken compatriots? Beyond the constant times of despair, an answer was not brought forth. Under blasphemous ideologies, unnecessary bloodshed, and inevitable corruption, this plane of existence was beneath the submission of the wicked.

   However, there have been champions of the right. Those who seek not to receive a gift to their greed, or acquire a prize of immeasurable gluttonous pride. Instead, the goal they strived to achieve is built upon trials and tribulations, hardships and witnessing the destruction that surrounded them. Peace. To make the vast atmosphere of our home one of tranquility, not hate nor death. They sow protection to those who cannot protect themselves, and reap the sweetest of all fruits. Freedom. 

   The denizens knew them as Powered. The heretics knew them as ungodly abominations. Their followers knew them as legends, the most powerful forces of all existence. We knew them--- as Ultimates.

   To unravel all of the tales of their inequivalent monuments of prowess and unmatched leadership, one must step into the shoes of our little upholders of the truth. “But which shoes? Whose shoes would fit best?” you may be asking yourself right now. Time has progressed too far to chose one specific pair, whether they be empty now or traversing as we speak. Best to start from the beginning, the dawn of the their new age, eh? I inform you, such tales must not be taken lightly, so tread carefully as I spin a string of stories that involve crass subjects and these archaic words may perplex you. If you are willing to heed my words, then listen at your own discretion. Ah, but that shouldn't be a problem. I know the more I may tell, the more you want to hear, eh? 

   Once upon a time--- no, no, no. Such a classless introduction, worn out by the use of impoverished fairy tales. In the beginning-- no, this won't do either. Introductions, always an egregious task with a storyteller. Alas, I fear this might be a waste of time. Let's just begin with this: there was a boy. His skin was like winter snow and his hair glowed with a luster of silver. The boy’s eyes were the most stunning of all, one filled with cool waters of the open sea, the other ran with thick cognac blood, almost paralyzing from its stare. He was void of any true altruism within his soul, and his heart was drained of any care in the world. The boy had intelligence, but did not know it. The boy had wisdom, but chose to deny it. As I recall, he started out more heinous than his future adversaries. You probably know of his exploits as the patron saint of Adonis City, the city of youth and opportunity. 
   For as long as my memory goes back, this city was dense, gripped with prosperity, and those who resided seemed jubilant about their everyday lives. As always, each city houses a system of deceit and contorted politics. You would think the gangs acted more civil than the drones, buzzing around each and every street. This young man used to be nothing more than a petty deviant, thieving from the pockets of the ignorant, anarchic in his demeanor. But we will soon learn more about him as I progress...

© 2016 Waggish Cape

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Waggish Cape
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Added on February 27, 2016
Last Updated on February 27, 2016
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