Planet DOA

Planet DOA

A Story by Weird Chef

Set in the distant future the elite squad known as Alpha Force has set down on a strange planet. They seek to discover what happened to their commrades but may be getting in for more than they thought


Space. For Millennia man has gazed up at it, wondering what kind of strange lands and creatures would be found there. For much of the time it was all left to myth and theory. But as man began to develop more and more advanced technology these myths began to slowly fade away. Man was now able to send numerous probes out to many different planets within our own Solar system. But soon the need to find a new planet to inhabit grew greater and greater. Man had ravaged his planet. Natural disasters grew more and more frequent as the Earth herself began to reject her inhabitants. Technology to terraform planets and moons was kicked into high gear. Millions upon billions was spent on secret projects. As numerous scientists worked on that technology others had their sights set on other planets and moons. But one, almost naïve scientist had his sights set on another solar system. One nearby that may hold another more Earth-like planet. Making terraform unnecessary. Secretly he guided a probe to a particular planet that may be more suitable.


A loud cheer rang out from one usually quiet corner of the observatory. It was where the naïve Dr. Steven Winters worked. He quickly hit print on his computer and began to dance and move impatiently. Almost like a child waiting for the ‘Ok’ to open their Christmas or birthday presents. As the printer finished he grabbed the paper and quickly took off running to his supervisor. As he ran, cheering and holding his paper up he was blind to anyone else that might be in his way. Some were knocked over by the portly astronomer while others were smart enough to get out of his way. The door to the supervisor’s office swung open almost violently. A picture fell off the wall, the glass cracking.


“Sorry ma’am, but I did it.”


He said panting and sweating. The man didn’t get that much exercise and that brief 20 yard sprint had winded him.


“What the hell Winters!?”


The female scientist yelled, standing up. She was an older woman, in her mid 60’s but had just as much life and vigor as a woman more than half her age.


“I did it. I did it! I found an Earth-like planet….”


He said panting before giving her the print out. She quickly snatched up the paper with skepticism. She more than expected to find some giant flaw in it. But as she looked over the data her jaw dropped. He had done it.


“Y….you did do it Doctor.”


She said, a new sense of respect for the portly, middle aged man coming over her.


“I need to take this to the right authorities immediately. Congratulations. You may have saved the human species.”


She said extending her small frail hand. It was quickly seized by the pudgy hand and shook vigorously. The woman quickly moved past him, heading to the government agency that had originally tapped them to find a new home for Earthlings. After a series of meetings it was settled. The new Earth would a planet deemed E-Winters. Named after the man that discovered it. Sadly in his celebration the good doctor suffered a heart attack and died. Work quickly began on a series of ships that would carry the population there. And due to not knowing what they might encounter another series of military ships were also created in order to escort them.

The year was now 2218. Earth was close to dead. Numerous diseases and natural disasters had wiped out almost half the population. But now the ships were complete. The first ship was filled with scientists, artists, musicians and world leaders. All the important people to the world. It was surrounded by military vessels while each ship had its own military craft escort. But unknown to the general population, similar vessels were built, with the intent of looking at other planets within our solar system. But many of those vessels were never heard from. One landed on Venus, another on Mars and one lost their trajectory, got close to Pluto and was never heard from again. Granted this greatly concerned the Earth military but all their forces were going to E-Winters and couldn’t disengage. What happened to them was generally kept under wraps, many world leaders and other military personnel having no knowledge of their fate.


Upon arrival to E-Winters they discovered numerous odd species roaming around. As the first scouting groups walked around looking out, they were suddenly destroyed by some unknown force. Without warning the ships opened fire. This was the way it went for Earth and became their MO. That was nearly 1000 years ago. Earth is now known as the Earth Federation. It currently makes up numerous planets in three galaxies. And they currently have their sights set on one new and very mysterious planet.


The long and almost inhuman ship slowly closed in on the planet. The planet below swirled with clouds, revealing a green and blue sphere beneath it. The planet was very similar to Earth. The Earth that had died many centuries ago. A crest can be seen on the ship. It appears to be the planet Earth with the letters ‘E.F.’ on it. The ship is the flagship for the Earth Federation. A vicious group who has begun colonizing and taking over numerous planets in numerous solar systems. Shields cover the windows as the planet’s sun comes into view. It’s a beautiful swirling red star. And this planet is the most similar to the long lost Earth. Something that his intrigued the Earth Federation for sometime. An alarm began going off, jolting the young Corporeal Jonathon Burns from his light slumber. He quickly began to scramble, getting dressed and running to get armored up.


“S**t, I slept in….”


He mumbled to himself as he ran through the hallways. Pushing people out of the way. He could hear some yelling and cursing, often in other languages. The Earth Federation was now home to numerous different species. Some quite odd to say the least. But John himself, he was a complete human, as far as he knew. His father had abandoned his mother upon finding out she was pregnant. Something that had broken his mother’s heart and made her quite distant and even resentful of her son.


“Umm…sorry Major…..”


He said to his commanding officer. A woman nicknamed Major Ballbreaker. And despite her nickname and demeanor she was quite shapely and beautiful. Often the talk of many of the male, and even some of the female officers.


“Damn it Burns. I’m sick and tired of your laziness. Need I remind you what

happened to the first group that went down there?”


“No Major.”


He said shaking his head. Everyone knew what happened. Well basically what happened. They’d reviewed the radio transmissions and they were quite chilling. They were really chilling actually, giving some of the members of Alpha Force nightmares. But of course no one would admit that. That’d be admitting weakness. And as a member of Alpha Force you couldn’t look weak. They were the crème de la crème.


“Nice of you to make it Burns.”


Came a voice from nowhere. To some it would be deemed odd but to the members of Alpha Force they knew exactly who it was. A man by the name of K’Sar. A Rendowian, the original species of E-Winters. The first planet to be colonized and taken over by the Earth Federation out of Earth’s solar system. He’d read stories about the fights. Rendowians can turn invisible at will, similar to a chameleon. Although their body temperature made it quite easy to track them, something that led to their downfall.


“Well someone had to look out for you.”


The Corporeal said laughing as K’Sar reappeared, buckling up his armor. Meanwhile Burns began to armor up, looking around the room. Aside from himself and Ballbreaker there were no other humans. All were members of other species. Any chance to beat whatever was down there and had wiped out Beta Force. He looked around as he put the gloves on. The reptilian looking Venutians, the blue skinned humanoid Derzanians, the ice looking humanoid Plutonians, the small yet Psionic Martians, the fish like Qertaninites, the aforementioned humanoid Rendowians and two very, very large Merucrians. A species that had luckily joined the Earth Federation willingly. Not for lack of the occasional rebellion and civil war. They looked to be made out of pure rock. A very intimidating species to say the least. He sighed and grabbed his sniper rifle, beginning to check it as the armored up Major looked at them.


“Alright Alpha Force. Our mission is primarily a scouting mission. And to retrieve any members of Beta Force that may be alive. You are not to engage in any potential enemy without my orders. Am I clear?”


A loud ‘Sir yes sir’ rang out from them. Some voices sounding odd and robotic. Due primarily to the vocal devices allowing all species to communicate. Once they were all ready they were led to their smaller ship, the EF Javelin X. As they buckled in and prepared for launch everyone became silent. All of them going over the radio transmissions they’d heard from Beta Force.




Beta Force landed at roughly 10 AM that planet’s time. They began to spread out, intending to observe the species and give the leaders the Earth Federation’s intentions. Namely join or military action will be taken. Which was fancy jargon for join or we’ll wipe you out. Beta Force was made of mostly humans, namely since they hadn’t intended on much military conflict. Their lead commander, Captain Derwoz, a Venutian had his team stay together. A smart move considering the fact that there was nothing going on. No one, no sounds, no animals, nothing. It was rather odd to say the least. Something that did indeed concern the young Captain.


“Alright, I want a building by building sweep. Do not engage unless you have to defend yourself.”


He ordered as Beta Force split up. Each half began to sweep each building. Squad A on the left side entered a shop, finding nothing. But Squad B on the right stopped dead in their tracks. They found 3 men, all apparently dead sitting at a table. Apparently they were playing some sort of Poker like game.


“Captain, we got 3 bodies.”


Came the Lieutenant’s voice over the communicator. The Lieutenant was a smart and competent man. But his apparently shaken voice concerned the Captain.


“Medic, get in there.”


The medic from Squad A quickly ran across the street.


“And get those masks on. We could be dealing with some airborne virus.”


The Captain said before putting his mask on. Giving him and the soldiers even more of a sinister look. Something that would lead to their downfall. The medic began checking the three men. But he found nothing. No pulse, no respiration, no blood pressure nothing.


“Captain, the three men are dead.”


Came the Medic’s voice over the radio. He sounded more confused than anything, trying to figure out what had happened. It was very concerning. One of the soldiers grabbed some blankets, covering the men just to be polite.


“Wow, talk about unlucky. This guy had a good hand too.”


One of the soldiers said laughing. The soldier was Private First Class Dominic Burns. A smart a*s and often cold individual. But due to his cold nature he’d been denied promotion to Alpha Force three times. Alpha Force was tough, but they needed some compassion as well. And Dominic was just lacking that.


“Alright Beta Force, on me.”


The Captain said commanding the squads to return.


“Medic, I need a report. What happened to them?”


The Captain asked curiously. It didn’t really make sense to him but he wasn’t much of a medic either.


“I don’t know sir. It appears as though they just stopped living.”

The medic asked, scratching the top of his helmet. It was rather confusing to say the least. The Medic was a rather intelligent man. Having a degree in medicine and a lot of experience on other planets.


“Is it possible it was some airborne virus?”


The Captain asked, having a feeling that was what caused it. Although he could be wrong, he just hoped and prayed he wasn‘t.


“It’s hard to say sir. It could’ve just been a gas leak for all we know.”


He said with a slight shrug.


“Alright, Beta Force we stick together. Begin looking for a city hall or a palace of some sorts. We don’t know what kind of government this planet has.”


And with that Beta Force began doing the street, guns drawn. Finding three seemingly random dead bodies dying from an unknown cause did have some concerned. And rightfully so. After a long and silent walk one of the members finally spoke up, breaking the silence.


“What if that’s what they do with their dead?”


Said the usually quiet female private. She was a Plutonian and despite her ice like appearance she was genuinely kind hearted. Something that made her an odd fit for the Military life. Well, by human standards that is.


“What are you talking about Majolir?”


The Captain asked, not even bothering to look over at her.


“Well not everyone buries their dead like you humans do sir. Some leave the dead where they are and some destroy any trace. It’s possible this culture props their dead up, doing what they would’ve done in life.”


She said shrugging. Granted there was no known case of a species doing that. Then again, the species of this planet was widely unknown.


“Alright, well just in case Private Majolir is onto something keep on your toes. We may have just disturbed their dead. And all species don’t like that.”


He said nodding his head. He stopped in what was undoubtedly the town’s square. A wide open area with shops and stands all standing around. And all of them were vacant.


“Morris, see if you see anything.”


Private Morris, a young human who looked almost too young for being in Beta Squad. Odds are he had faked his age to get in. But he was a good soldier so no one questioned it. He pulled out what looked like high tech binoculars. For lack of a better term. He began to scan, looking around. First checking thermal and then X-ray.


“Nothing but more bodies sir. Some like those discovered at the table and some laying in beds. Maybe this is a burial area, provided Majolir’s theory is right.”


He said sighing and putting the binoculars away.


“Ya know, like the Ancient Egyptian Valley of the Kings. We could be walking around a giant cemetery.”


The private added before grabbing his weapon once again. He knew that if he and Majolir’s theories were right they could be in trouble.


“Well they ain’t Mummies Morris. So let’s keep going.”


The Captain said, continuing on his way. Everyone followed along, scanning all sides. Looking for any possible attack. But there was nothing. Not even the sounds of animals. It was growing more and more creepy as time went on. Soon in the distance a large and ornate building came into view. It could be some sort of church or temple but seemed to look more like a palace than anything.


“Looks like we’re onto something kids. Let’s go, double time.”


Their pace quickened as the large building came more and more into view. It resembled the Taj Mahal, minus the reflecting pool out front. Instead a series of steps led up to it. They began to slowly scale the stairs, looking around. But they all came to a stop when they discovered a blood streak leading into the building. The odd thing was the streak was red just like human blood.


“Ok, we all know this looks bad. I want a room by room sweep.”


He said walking in, all of them beginning to move room to room. A frequent ‘Clear!’ seemed to be called out. Many things in this palace of sorts looked like 21st Century Earth.


“Hmm, they seem to be rather primitive by our standards.”


The Captain mumbled to himself. They began to follow the blood streak and stopped in horror. It was a room covered in blood. A younger man in his apparent 20’s with long curly black hair, stained red with blood lay over the body of a handcuffed being of some sorts. Beside them lay a bloody crown.


“Looks like he went out with a fight. Blows Majolir’s theory out of the water.”


They then turned and left. It was a common sight for any member of the Earth Federation’s military. Constant suicide scenes of those unwilling to kneel to the Federation. Such a shame too, their lives would’ve been good. But some people were born warriors, something the Captain respected. As they entered what seemed to be a throne room they found it empty. Aside from one woman in a throne complete with a crown and scepter.


“I don’t think your King’s coming back baby.”


Said Dominic laughing a bit. The Medic hit him from behind and shook his head.


“Not cool Dom.”


He said with a sigh. They looked around and found the rest of the building, aside from a few guards, also apparently dead, near by the apparent King and Queen.


“All information said this was most likely their capital city. Looks like we missed the party.”


The Captain said shaking his head. He grabbed his communicator and relayed the information. He nodded his head as a voice came back.


“The air’s clean captain. Perfect levels of oxygen, nitrogen and other trace chemicals. In my opinion the masks are unnecessary.”


The medic said, removing his mask as he put away a small tripod scanner. He hated carrying it but it proved valuable so many times. He’d seen several soldiers die when they thought the air was perfect, only to discover it was pure ammonia.


“Yes sir. Alright they want us to continue searching the grounds for any information. Every castle has a dungeon, so we can interview prisoners. We’ll spend the night here and move to the next city about 2 miles away. Just in case Majolir’s theory is still right. It‘s not likely but ya never know.”


And with that the squad began to move around before finding a stair case leading down.


“Looks like we might have the dungeon Cap.”


Said Dom as he stopped in front of a large and thick wooden and metal door. He fired a couple shots destroying the lock and pushing open the door. Inside they were bathed in bright light. But it was sunlight, that was the really odd part.


“Why would you make a dungeon so sunny?”


One of them asked as they walked in, looking around. On the wall two men and a woman were shackled, apparently dead like everyone else they’d found.


“I don’t know. But let’s leave the dead be.”


The Captain said before turning around to walk back out. This was beginning to be more and more confusing as time went on. Everyone dead with no apparent cause and a very sunny and almost inviting dungeon. He truly did not understand and probably never would.


Night came rather quickly on this planet. They had set up camp in the palace and alternated patrols. With all the dead it was possible some nocturnal scavenger would come looking. But the lack of odor seemed odd. Especially considering the fact that everyone was dead. What made it even more chilling to the human members of the squad was the fact that all the dead looked exactly human. They could blend in perfectly with human society. For all they knew this could be a small branch that had broken off from the Earth Federation. They sat around talking, enjoying the very warm weather of this planet, even at night. But as the bright red moon rose into the sky a feeling of uneasiness came over them. It felt as though they were being watched.


“Dom, your turn for patrol.”


The Captain said sighing a bit and beginning to check his weapon. He reached into his armor and looked at a picture he always carried with him. It was his wife and two daughters. He sighed a bit, knowing soon they’d be reunited. It wouldn’t take long till this planet was either deemed perfect or seized in war. Either way it would become a member of the Earth Federation. He’d seen it happen before and it had been happening for decades. He sighed and watched Dom get up, grumbling before beginning to walk around, patrolling the corridors. Once Dom was further away he pulled out a cigarette and lit it up, sighing a bit. He lit it up and looked around. But quickly he grabbed his gun and spun, pointing, seeing movement in his peripheral vision.


“Damn it….”


He mumbled as he saw one of his fellow soldiers walk out of an open room.


“Well excuse me for having to go to the bathroom.”


Majolir said shaking her head as she walked away. Dom mumbled under his breath before taking a drag of his cigarette and beginning to walk. The corridor was filled with odd shadows. But behind him the shadow seemed to move, almost beginning to follow him. Dom spun around pointing his gun at where the shadow had been.


“Majolir if that’s you I’ll shoot you anyways.”


He spun around again, feeling a hand go across the back of his neck. Dom spun again, now beginning to get nervous.


“It was the wind…..”


He said, mostly just trying to convince himself of the fact. He shivered a bit and flicked the cigarette away. It rolled to a pair of boots before being stomped out. Dom spun as he heard the sound of the cherry being extinguished. As he turned he saw a young blood covered man standing there. His long hair and deep dark red eyes staring and unblinking. As Dom brought the weapon up to fire he was attacked from behind. Dom fired going down but the young man moved quickly and the shot seemed to hit him in the arm but drew no blood. Dom tried to scream but blood began to pour from his throat, silencing him as the unseen attacker held him down. The young man still walking towards him. In a blur the man in front of him was gone and the life of the hard headed and brash Dominic was gone forever.


But Dom’s scream had not gone un-noticed. The rest of the crew quickly gathered their weapons and a perimeter was set up. All the soldiers stood with their backs to each other, guns pointed outwards.


“Switch to night vision.”


The captain ordered and with that a visor came down from their helmets allowing them to see. Nightvision had been perfected in the later centuries allowing it to appear as though they were looking in day light. As they scanned the room they noticed a few odd things. One being the guards and Queen were all gone. The other being what could best be described as ‘blurs’ moving around outside the perimeter.


“Captain….permission to fire?”


Majolir asked, doing her best to keep her weapon steady. But the entire squad seemed to be shaken by what was going on. As the medic looked down the hallway he saw Dom’s lifeless body.


“Man down!”


He yelled and attempted to run over and check on him. He made it two steps outside the circle before he too was gone. A spray of blood covering some of the soldiers. His kit came rolling towards them, also drenched in blood.


“S**t! Hold your positions!”


As they held, steadying their weapons, doing their best to ignore the blood on their armor and the thick irony smell now filling the room. A loud scream was heard as Majolir was pulled away. A few shots could be heard but then a loud ‘clink’ was heard as part of her icy arm hit the ground. Then an almost sickening snap seemed to echo through out the room despite the chaos. Mere seconds later Majolir’s lifeless and now headless body was dropped into the middle of the group. A thick blue liquid oozing down her torso, her blood.


“Fire at will!”


The captain ordered. With that the room lit up with the muzzle flash as shot after shot was taken at the blurs. But soon an eerie laughter filled the room. It was a male’s laughter, causing the guns to stop going off as the remaining soldiers listened.


“Is that the best you can do? You are hardly even worth the trouble.”


And soon his laughter was joined by several other voices laughing. A young man with long black curly hair came walking towards them in the moonlight.


“You are trespassing on our planet……”


What happened next was nothing more than brutal violence. The remaining soldiers were suddenly pounced on from all positions. They tried their best to fire but one by one they went down. Soon only the Captain was left. In a rush of pure adrenaline and fear he ran down to the dungeon area. He closed the door behind him and kept his weapon trained on it.


“You know you can’t win…..”


Came a young female voice from behind him. He spun, gun drawn only to see a young girl. Maybe only 8 or 9 standing there. The Captain was speechless now. There was no other way in and there wasn’t a young girl in there before, was there? In a blur she pounced, ending the Captain’s life.




The small ship hovered over what was believed to be the capital city. Below them was the original landing party’s ship. The doors still wide open from when they had exited the craft. The Javelin landed beside it and the soldiers all stared in disbelief at it.


“Alright, no sense in staring, let’s get out of here.”


The Major ordered. And with that the soldiers one by one marched out.


“Burns when we get to the square I want you to take your position.”


“Yes sir.”


Burns replied. He kept his sniper rifle clutched close to his chest. As they began to walk down the street K’sar caught up beside him.


“Ya ever get the feeling we’re on a suicide mission?”




Burns replied quietly. He’d fought bravely before and never had any doubts. But this time, well he was getting a horrible feeling. It was just as Beta Force had described it, quiet, lifeless. Only a small breeze blew through the town. He looked around, watching as the Merucrians led the squad. Normally he felt a bit safer behind them. But now this time he felt as if they were just announcing their arrival here.


“Hold it. I want a building to building sweep. K’sar you take the left, and you two take the right.”


The Major ordered, referring to the two Mercurians as the latter. K’sar saluted and vanished from sight, beginning to walk into a building. Meanwhile the Mercurians walked into the opposite building.


“Hey Major. Remember the three dead people Beta found?”


K’sar’s voice asked over the radio.


“Yes, of course I do.”


“Well, they’re not here. The blanket used to cover them is folded neatly in the middle of the table with the deck of cards on top.”


K’sar replied back before continuing his search.


“Major, we got something here. Two of ‘em in bed.”


One of the Mercurians reported. They stared down at the two middle aged people, laying in bed. Her in what appeared to be a nightgown and him in what could best be described as boxer shorts.


“That makes no sense. They reported that building empty last time.”


“Well I don’t know what to tell ya Major but we’re looking straight at them.”


“Alright, well move on to the next buildings. The rest of you, on me.”


The rest of the squad continued on their way as the Mercurians and K’sar moved from building to building. And just like what the Mercurians found K’sar found as well. All of them, bodies in bed as if they’d laid down to go to sleep for the night only to never wake up. As they approached the square the Mercurians and K’sar rejoined them.


“Burns, you know what to do.”


“Yes sir.”


And with that the young Corporal Burns moved towards the tallest building. Once he was up on the top floor he positioned himself.


“In place Major.”


Burns reported, scanning the entire square. The strange thing was the whole building was abandoned. Naturally he’d checked that before setting up shop. Without Ballbreaker there to stop him he quickly grabbed a cigarette and lit up. He softly exhaled, the smoke gently rolling out of the window.


“Daxen, can you sense anything?”


The Sergeant asked the small, yet large headed Martian. Daxen closed his large black eyes and began to scan the area.


‘Nothing ma’am. No living creatures at all.’


Daxen replied back telepathically. This perplexed the generally very intelligent man. He should’ve sensed some sort of living creatures, be it animals, but he came up with nothing. If anything it was very concerning for the rest.


“Burns, can you see the palace from there?”


“Yes Major.”


“Alright, be careful going in. And be ready for anything.”


The Major said as she led the team towards the palace. Despite this being a strictly scouting mission they were going in guns drawn and ready. Burns watched via the scope in his rifle. He began scanning nearby windows and doors, expecting a shot or attack to come from anywhere. The radio transmissions began to play over and over in his head. He could hear the screams and shots of confusion as if he was there with them. He didn’t like it. It sent a chill down his spine.


Meanwhile the Major slowly led her men into the palace. They scanned the area, looking around.


“I want a room by room sweep, you know the drill.”


Right away they were taken off guard. What should’ve been a blood bath considering the transmissions, wasn’t. The palace was perfectly clean. Even the light scent of cleaner filled the air, allowing them to learn the room had recently been cleaned. And considering the entire town was abandoned how could someone come and recently clean without them being picked up by anyone? As they entered the throne room they all stopped. Instead of just a Queen on the throne like last time there was a King as well. Both wearing crowns and holding scepters. All around them were dead guards. But the strange thing was the guards weren’t armed. They’d been to numerous planets with monarchies and the guards always had some sort of weapon, even just a dagger. But as the soldiers searched the guards they found nothing. No Identification of any kind, no security pass or communicator, nothing.


“Alright, let’s keep checking. We need to at least find the bodies of Beta Squad for their families. This palace is huge there has to be a couple more floors or rooms they had missed.”


And with that the squad began to move through the room, searching for a staircase.


“Over here Major.”


One of the Venutians called over to her as he found a secret door, hidden behind the throne.


“K’Sar, you know the drill.”


The Sergeant said. K’sar nodded his head and turned invisible. He slowly moved up the stairs, looking around.




The rest of the squad followed behind him and began to fan out and sweep the rooms. They found a lot more of the same. But one thing that was odd that they seemed to have no sort of religious room or an armory.


“Why would a palace not have some sort of armory? It makes no sense.”


The Major said, mostly talking to herself as she stood out in the hall. They continued on their search and eventually ended up on the roof. The Major waved over to where Burns was and he waved back.


“C’mon over Burns. We’ve been given orders to hold up here on the roof.”


“10-4 Major.”


Burns said before grabbing his gun and heading down. He threw the cigarette to the ground as he walked along the empty square alone. He carefully scanned the area, his hand on his side arm at all times. Behind him the red sun was setting bathing everything in a deep red light. Night came fast, just as Beta Squad had reported. Burns held his position on the roof looking down at the square.


Meanwhile the Mercurians had the duty to cover the door. One sat able to see it as it opened and the other behind it for a possible ambush if necessary.


“You seeing anything Burns?”


The Major asked coming up behind him. She leaned against the ledge looking over at him and down at the square. He kept scanning the square going back and forth with the scope.


“Not just yet Major. But I get the feeling we’re being watched as well.”


“You too?”


She asked sitting down on the ledge beside where he had the gun resting. She, and others had mentioned getting the feeling of being watched. But it was hard to tell if it was true or just paranoia based on what had happened to Beta Squad. Since it was this late at night when Beta began mentioning odd feelings.


“You got a smoke Burns?”


The Major asked looking down at him. Burns looked up, almost shocked. Especially that she of all people would ask for one. His face turned to that of a child who had been caught drawing on the wall. Searching for some sort of excuse unable to come up with anything.


“Don’t bullshit me, I know you have some. I’m not as blind or as dumb as I like people to believe.”


“No, I never thought you were. I just, didn’t expect you to ask.”


He said with a slight and awkward laugh. He pulled his pack out, handing it to her. She took a cigarette out and lit it before handing the pack back.


“It’s only times like this when I feel I need one. Don’t think that means I’m going to be going soft on you.”


“I wasn’t expecting it. Hoping for it maybe but not expecting it.”


He said laughing as he lit a cigarette of his own. What he hadn’t noticed was during their conversation movement had been taking place in the square. Just on the rim and from building to building.


“We are not alone anymore….”


Daxen said to everyone, aside from the Mercurians. Since for some reason they were immune to telepathy. Which of course led to numerous jokes about them being dumb or having too small of a brain. Granted it wasn’t said to their faces, ever. One of the Venutians walked over and explained to them what was happening.


“Alright, everyone be ready.”


Aside from the sound of guns cocking the whole area was silent. Even more silent then ever. Not even a light breeze blew. Something that sent almost a cold chill down their spines.


“Major I got movement in the square!”


Burns said, seeing first a few people, and then several people walking towards the palace as well as coming out of buildings.


“Give ‘em a warning shot Burns.”


Burns aimed a few feet ahead of the lead person and shot at the ground. This only made the now growing mob quicken their pace. It almost sounded as if some of them were growling.




Burns replied back, letting her know they had not heeded his warning. Soon the door began to move as people pounded on it and ran up the stairs.


“Shoot to wound!”


The Major yelled as they all took aim at the door, aside from Burns. And Burns took her order to heart. Soon shot after shot began to go off. All aiming for the men and shooting in the upper thighs.


“Major, I just put bullets in seven thighs and they’re still coming!”


“Shoot to incapacitate, not kill!”


Burns then took aim at the shoulders, arms, feet, anything aside from torso and head. Some were knocked down but only got right back up. Suddenly the door swung open and he could hear shots going off behind him as he kept firing. A large Mercurian aimed a powerful punch at ones stomach and sent the group back down the stairs.


“Major, they’re still coming!”


“Again! Shoot to incapacitate!!!”


The Major replied yelled as Burns fired into the crowd. Ignoring the order he began to fire at the chest and stomach, but not the head. He didn’t care about court marshals, reprimands, anything. He was just trying to survive now.


“What the f**k are we dealing with!?”


Burns said, now shocked. He looked down as one with a grapefruit hole size in his stomach just looked up at him. He looked down and watched them begin to climb the side of the wall.


“Major, how do we kill ‘em!?”


He yelled as he stood up and began to fire at those on the wall. Some started falling as he hit their hands or head. One made it to the top and quickly pulling his side arm he shot him in the chest. A look of shock came upon his face as he turned to dust.


“Aim for the heart!”


Burns yelled as they continued to fire.


“We could use some explosives here!”


The Major yelled. And with that one of the Venutians began to hurl grenades down into the square and into the stairway. The loud blue explosions shook the palace and the square, sending people flying. They looked down and saw the staircase destroyed. They let out a slight sigh of relief, until they began to jump the gap.


“On me!”


The Major yelled and began to run to a side of the building that was over what could best be described as a pond. Burns, the Major, K’sar and the Derzanian began to set up to belay. They quickly repelled down as others jumped and the Venutians climbed the wall down. Burns made it down and looked up to see the others in trouble. K’sar cut his rope and fell into the water. But the Derzanian and the Major were being pulled up. The Major grabbed her knife, trying to cut but the jolts caused her to drop it. Meanwhile the Derzanian was in shock. Burns fired, hitting the Major’s rope, letting her fall into the water. He tried hitting the Derzanian’s rope but he was fighting too much and couldn’t be saved. All in a blur he was pulled up and screamed. His green blood began to spray as the locals began to sink their teeth into him.


“We gotta go.”


Burns yelled as he was the unofficial second in command. He quickly grabbed the Major who was unconscious and threw her over his shoulder and took off running with the rest.


“Rom, Jom!”


He called, using the nicknames the Mercurians had. That was one downside to having such a vast Empire. So many names couldn’t even be pronounced by other species. Humans seemed to have the hardest time, hence where nicknames came in handy.


“Position B! You all know what to do!”


Burns stood in the middle of the unconscious and wet Major over his shoulder as others formed a diamond around him with the Mercurians in front to act as blockers. They began to run as some came out. Shots were going off, either slowing some down or killing them. Meanwhile Rom and Jom knocked down anyone in front, running over them. The sickening sound of bones crunching could be heard. But what was more unsettling was the sound of them resetting as they stood up.


“Daxen, where can we hold up?”


He asked him. Daxen was the team strategist and his analytical mind helped them find perfect places to hold up and wait. Granted none of them were fans of retreating. But when they didn’t know what to do or where to go they had no choice.


“The most logical place would be a tower with one entrance, similar to an Earth light house.”


“Alright, we need to find a tower team!”


He yelled as they ran, still firing and running over anyone who got in their way. All of them scanning the area to try and find a suitable place to hold up. As he ran he took out his side arm and began to fire with the rest of them.




He yelled as they all turned down an alley. It would hopefully funnel the enemies making picking them off easier. Well at least that would work in theory. Whether or not it would actually work couldn’t really be told right now.


“Keep your eyes out!”


He yelled. Both telling them to watch out for these creatures as well as any place they could hold up for the rest of the night. As they ran a large clock tower could be seen in the distance.


“Head for the clock tower!”


But by then most of them had noticed it and were making their way there. Rom and Jom used their strength and bulk and ran straight through one wall and out another. By now the amount of people was staggering. It was like the entire population of the city was after them. But where they came from they couldn’t tell. And they’d have to wait to find out. That wasn’t the primary concern right now. Rom and Jom stood by the door as the rest hurried in to safety.


“I want all the possible entrances covered!”


Burns yelled as he began going up the stairs with the Major who still seemed to be unconscious. Rom and Jom began to barricade the door with anything they could find including themselves. The door shoved as the screaming grew louder. Everyone was trying to get into them. The walls seemed to shake with the pounding as the enemy seemed to try and make an entrance by any means possible.


“Daxen watch Ballbreaker.”


Burns yelled before heading to a window, looking down at them.




He whispered. The tower was surrounded as far as he could see. People were on roof tops shouting while everyone clamored to get in. It was like one of those old zombie movies from the 1970’s or 2000’s for that matter. He was about to begin firing but remembered what happened last time he tried that.


“I want a status report! Who’s all left!?”


He yelled down as the rest were watching any possible entrance.


“Everyone but the Derzanian is accounted for.”


Daxen replied as he looked down at the Major. He placed his hand on her head and closed her eyes.


“She has a mild concussion. She should recover however.”


“Good. What’s the status down there boys?”


He yelled down to the rest of them as they covered the one and only door, as far as they could tell.


“The door and barricade is holding…for now!”


K’sar yelled up to Burns. The panic was evident in everyone’s voice. Even Daxen’s thoughts seemed to be panicking. And for him to be panicking was really making everyone else uncomfortable. Burns grabbed the Major’s radio and began to call for help.


“This is Alpha Force. We’re surrounded and we already have one man down and the Major is injured. We need a way out.”


He waited any response, something. Just something to let them know they weren’t alone. But all he got was static.


“Again this is Alpha Force. We need help, over!”


And again nothing but static.


“Come in!”


In a show of frustration Burns hurled the radio watching it smash.


“Probably not the best idea Corporeal.”


“I know….”


He said with a sigh. Burns did have a temper, something his mother said he got from his father. Although considering the occasional slap and yelling he got from his mother he wasn’t entirely sure how true that was.


“Any idea what could be causing it?”


The sound of the screaming and banging was deafening. Luckily Daxen could read minds and would know what he was thinking. But for everyone else they might as well be mute and deaf.


“No sir. I’m afraid I’m lost. Perhaps this technology is somehow blocking the signal.”


Was it the most likely answer? No, of course not. Their radio technology was designed to get through anything short of an EMP. And since none had been registered that wasn’t it. But neither of them wanted to say what they both thought. This really was a suicide mission and the ship wasn’t even listening.


“I hope you’re right….”


It was no secret Alpha Force was both loved and hated. They were loved because they were the best of the best. But hated because that required them to have the latest technology. Not to mention Human-only sentiment. Word has it all the commanders would be happier if Alpha Force was gone. Why he had no idea. But perhaps the Major knew and could shed some light on the subject. But in the meantime they could only guess. Burns kept a tight grip on his side arm. He could hear one prying at the window he had just looked out of. With a quick shot the blast went straight through the hatch and he could hear someone falling.


“Any idea how many are out there?”


“Too many to count. Perhaps over a thousand.”


“I get a feeling it’s more than that.”


He said before sitting down against a pillar and keeping his gun trained on the hatch. Beside him was the Major and on the other side was Daxen with his gun aimed on the stairway. They sat there for what felt like an eternity but was only a few hours. Soon the yelling had quieted down and then it was the eerie silence.


“I want a report!”


Burns yelled out.


“We’re all here boss man.”


K’sar said coming up the stairs with all but Rom and Jom behind him. They all seemed wiped and exhausted. Then again considering what they just encountered it was expected. All of them collapsed to the ground sitting and mentally drained.




“I do not sense anything anymore.”


Burns got up and slowly headed towards the hatch. He opened it and peered down. Aside from the random dead body the area was empty. The strange thing was all the dead bodies were facing away from the tower as if they were leaving.


“How many shots were fired while in here?”


He asked, sounding almost confused. They all responded with none and a shrug.


“I fired one and unless I somehow took out six….someone else helped us out.”


“I did not sense anyone else sir.”


“Is it possible your senses were blinded by the sheer number of all the others?”


“Perhaps but not likely.”


Burns scratched his head and shrugged.


“Alright the Major is injured, we’re down one man and the ship won’t respond.”


Burns said before lighting a cigarette and sighing a bit. For once the infamous Alpha Squad was helpless. They were on their own and had no choice but to keep going. They had to get back to their ship and get out. One squad was not enough to take this planet. It may be best to just leave. But the EF wouldn’t accept anything like that. Then again it was most likely the EF didn’t give a damn about both this planet and Alpha Force. Normally they would’ve sent K’Sar out to see if both the coast was clear and the ship was there. But sending someone out alone now wasn’t the best idea.


“Any idea how far we are from the LZ?”


He asked no one in particular.


“I don’t know. We must’ve run a couple miles and walked at least a mile to the palace. So possibly somewhere around three miles. Although what direction I couldn’t tell you.”


Said one of the Qertaninites. No one knew anything. The last night was a bit of a blur and then men were just running for their lives the whole time.


“Well we need to find it. Either way Beta Force’s ship is there to. But would it still have power?”


“It’s not likely. The crystals fade over time with a lack of use.”


Said one of the Venutians. That instantly filled the men with a tinge of despair. Burns looked over and noticed the Major beginning to stir. She slowly sat up and held her head.


“Where are we?”


She asked rubbing her head.


“And why am I wet?”


“Well after the Spanish fly we talked you into a wet T-shirt contest.”


Burns said. But the humor wasn’t there. Instead it was cold and almost with a hint of sarcasm.


“What did I miss?”


“Well the Derzanian is gone, you were unconscious and we had to hold up in here. It’s day break now and they seem to be gone.”


Burns said standing up and talking a drag, sighing a bit.


“What did the ship say?”


“They’re not responding. And something tells me you might just know why.”


He said gripping his side arm. Everyone else seemed to slowly gather around her. Even the booming of Rom and Jom climbing the stairs could be heard.


“So what’s the story Major?”


She began to look around, a bit worriedly. But instantly she looked down, closing her eyes. She knew the charade was up and she had to tell them. After all Alpha Force was a bit like a family, despite being a group of hard asses.


“We’re not expected to come back.”


She said quietly. The events of the meeting from a couple days ago playing back in her mind.


“They want to disband Alpha Force. Some crap about costs and what not. But as you all know we’ve been on too many secret missions and the risk of us spilling the info out of anger was too high. Considering the fact Beta Force didn’t even make it 24 hours they knew we wouldn’t last too long. This is a literal suicide mission.”


She said brushing a drying strand of hair back out of her face.


“Our radios only work for us. The crystals for our ship were purposely old and don’t have enough energy to even break the atmosphere. We’re expected to die men, I’m sorry.”


With a scream Burns pulled his gun out and aimed it at her head. The strange thing was no one seemed to want to stop him.


“Why didn’t you tell us or warn us!?”


“If I had they would’ve drugged us and killed us. It would’ve looked as though we all committed suicide or had a horrible accident. At least this way we have a somewhat fighting chance.”


‘She’s right Burns. There may still be a way we can get out of here….’


Burns lowered the gun and slowly turned his attention back to the Major.


“Alright, what’s your plan?”


He asked with a raised eyebrow.


‘Well for starters we need to leave the tower. I have a theory…..’




He said grabbing his rifle and walking towards the stairs. He didn’t know what Daxen had in mind. But he did know Daxen was brilliant so his plan was at least worth trying.


“You guys coming or not?”


“Yeah, just trying to work the awkwardness out still.”


K’sar said, obviously uncomfortable with the awkward and seemingly hopeless situation. Then again everyone seemed to be feeling it. Although it seemed Daxen was the only one not showing it.


“Again, I’m sorry everyone. It’s not my fault though.”


The Major said walking down the stairs.


“I know. But I think I speak for everyone when I say I want to put a bullet in every general and leader’s heads.”


The rest nodded their heads in agreement and even Daxen seemed to agree. Sure he was generally quite reserved and even a bit of a pacifist but even he wanted revenge. Burns slowly opened the door, squinting his eyes at the sunlight. His eyes had to adjust to the light due to being stuck in a dimly lit clock tower.


“We need to make this our base. While we’re out we need to find ways to fortify this place.”


“Agreed, but I thought I was in charge Burns.”


The Major said coming out behind him.


“No. There is no Alpha Force anymore and we don’t work for the EF. There is no rank.”


Burns simply replied as he began to look around. He knew majority of people would rather follow him as opposed to the Major. Part of it would be due to the sense of betrayal since she was a higher up and didn’t try to get them out of there. But the other part may just have been the fact Burns was more popular.


“Alright, we need to map out this area to make getting out of here easier.”


He said looking around. He knew their radios would still work so that meant they could communicate and safely split up.


“Ok, Rom, K’sar, and two others you go that way. The rest of us will go this way with me. Try to get back here one hour before sunset. Considering the time we have roughly 10 hours. Be careful and don’t take risks. Try to find any weapons you can and anything to fortify the tower.”


And with that Burns, the Major and a couple others began to walk East. As they walked they all began to scan the areas.


“Do you really think we can get off of here?”


The major asked Daxen who had decided to come with them. She had her hands on her gun but so far it seemed like not much happened during the day.


‘It’s feasible. But we’d need the right circumstances to come together.’


“Well I’m all for long shots.”


Burns said looking around. His sniper rifle on his back but one hand ready on his side arm. Just because it seemed like not much happened during the day didn’t mean that there was nothing to worry about.


“I got one question Major. Were they even going to come back for our bodies or just tell their families we died on some god forsaken rock?”


Burns asked looking around. The fact he had said ‘their’ families was a huge insight on his family life. The only family he knew of was his mother. And his mother didn’t seem to care that much about him. She was glad he joined the army, because there was the chance she wouldn’t see him.


“Sorry. I was in too much shock to actually ask. Then when I was the threats started. They followed me and had me wired just to make sure. You know otherwise I would’ve told you.”


She pleaded. But she could see his plan. When they came to get the bodies all they had to do was take over the ship. Although it didn’t seem likely they would come get the bodies. As they walked they passed a hardware store. Burns tried the door only to find it locked.


“Jom, do your thing.”


“Yes sir.”


Jom said with his odd smile. It looked more like a scowl than anything but Alpha Force knew what a smile from him looked like. Jom punched the door sending it flying. Burns walked in looking around. He smirked he found some black paint.




With a knife he popped open the lid and grabbed a brush. He dipped it in the pain and began to paint over the EF logos . He then set the brush down as others started following suit. Meanwhile Burns began to search the store.


“Find some welding supplies, metal, anything.”


Burns said looking for a torch.


“K’sar, come in.”


“K’sar here go ahead Burny boy.”


Burns could help but smile a bit. Despite the dire circumstances he still managed to be light hearted. How he did that he didn’t know and didn’t bother to ask.


“We’ve found a hardware store. We have a blow torch but we need metal. Can you guys find some?”


“Yeah, we can see what looks like a scrap yard a mile ahead of us. Oh, and get some paint so we can get rid of these damned logos.”


“Alright, we will. Burns out.”


And with that Burns grabbed a blow torch and some brick screws as well as a drill. They could easily lock up the door with that. Provided Team 2 found some metal that is. Then again he knew they were resourceful. And he wouldn’t be that surprised if they got metal by ripping apart a house. But after what the citizens tried doing to them he wouldn’t blame them nor would anyone else.


“Alright, anyone else see anything useful?”




Came a response from the back. Burns grabbed a large linen like bag and threw the supplies in. He threw it over his shoulder and walked out.


“Hey Major, what about the weapons on the ship? Are they functional?”


“Uhh yeah, they should be, why?”


‘He wants to set up a turret on top of the clock tower. Good idea. And no I wasn’t in your head, I just got where you were going.’


Daxen replied with a slight smile.


“I knew I liked you for a reason Daxen.”


He said laughing a bit. Now they needed to find the ship. But with all the running they’d done that was far easier said than done. And with any form of map useless they had no choice but to keep going and wandering.


“Ya guys ever feel like we’re more than just soldiers here? Almost like we’re pets?”


Said the Plutonian as they walked along the abandoned streets.


“We were pets to the EF. And now while we’re here it seems we’re nothing more than victims.”


The Major replied looking around as they walked. Meanwhile Burns turned down a side street and began to walk along it, hoping to find the square.


“This is so weird, no street signs or anything. I guess people just memorize where everything is.”


Burns said with a shrug, mostly ignoring the current conversation. He had more on his mind then what this planet’s inhabitants might be doing or might want with them. All he knew was that he needed to get off of this planet and get his revenge, one way or another.


“Hey K’sar, you guys find the square yet or anything else of interest?”


Burns asked over the radio.


“Uh yeah, we found a park. There’s a giant red statue in the center of the two on the throne.”


“Weird. Found anything else?”


“Just the metal ya asked for. Otherwise no.”


“Alright, keep in touch.”


Burns said before signing off.


“Alright, anyone see anything that even resembles the square or the palace?”




The Major replied as she looked around. Burns stopped and turned towards Jom and smirked a bit.


“Jom, I need you to throw me into the air as high as you can. But you better fricken catch me.”


“I wouldn’t drop you…intentionally.”


Jom said before grabbing Burns and throwing him high into the air. Burns looked around, noticing a couple towers from the palace in the distance. As he came down he silently prayed Jom would catch him. Jom did and set him down.


“Ok, one, that was fun. Two, we need to go East, I saw the palace.”


With that Burns and his squad cut down an alley, heading towards the palace the the square, where the ship SHOULD be.


Meanwhile K’sar and his squad were walking through the park. They were scanning the area, trying to find anything that might tell them what’s going on. Bringing up the rear was Rom, carrying a whole lot of metal on his back.


“Why do I have to carry this?”


Rom asked as K’sar turned around.


“Because you’re the big guy. I have to walk into places alone because I can go invisible. It’s really no different. You’ve got strength and I’ve got stealth, it’s just the way things work.”


He said before turning back around and continuing. As they crossed a street he stopped at a gate. He grabbed a communicator smirking.


“Well it looks like Beta Force’s theory about this place was way wrong. We found the cemetery. It looks just like an old Earth style cemetery. Headstones, flowers, the whole 9.”


“Alright, well that means they can die, so that’s a plus. See what else you can find out.”


Burns replied before signing off. K’sar meanwhile opened the gate to the cemetery and began to look around. He was scanning the graves, searching for anything that could let them know a life span. He made it about halfway through and stopped.


“This would be a lot easier if we knew their dates.”


He said laughing a bit. These could’ve been buried centuries ago or two days ago. He had no real idea so any possible information was useless.


“Alright boys, let’s keep walking.”


He said walking out of the cemetery and back along the street. They scanned the abandoned buildings for anything useful. They couldn’t find any maps or even the proper name of this planet. It was like they themselves had wiped out all trace of their very planet. He stopped outside a warehouse and tried the door, only to find it locked.


“You guys wait here, I’m going to do my thing.”


He said turning invisible as the rest of the squad took their positions. He found a staircase along the side, going up it and stopping outside a window.




He said quietly before smashing in the window and repelling down. He carefully walked over to the door along the wall and unlocked it from the outside.


“Ok, those with a weak stomach should stay outside.”


“Oh please, it can’t be that bad.”


Said the Qertaninite as he walked in. But he quickly stopped, turned and began to vomit. Before them was what appeared to be a pile of skeletons and bodies, all of them in EF armor while a scant few had armor from other planets. K’sar slowly walked up, examining the remains.


“Burns, Burns! We got something serious here.”


Burns quickly scrambled for his radio, never hearing that tone in K’sar’s voice before. This was brand new and terrifying to say the least.


“What is it K’sar?”


“We got bodies, damn near a hundred of them. Majority in EF armor too. Looks like the higher ups have been using this planet for an old soldier’s home for sometime now. Those ‘recent’ radio reports from Beta Squad were years old. I guarantee every force that’s come here heard those and got the same story we did. Lost contact a few days ago, so on and so forth.”


“Whoa, wait, how could you know that K’sar?”


“I’m looking at Beta Squad now. Well, what’s left of ‘em that is. It’s nothing but skeletons and scant remains. The rest are in other states of decomposition. Some look like they only died a few days ago. We’re going to investigate some more, see what else we can find. K’sar out.”


Burns quickly looked over at the Major.


“Did you know this? Did you know this was how the EF decommissioned its soldiers?”


He asked, staring her down.


“I..I’d heard stories, rumors really. That they always sent them on suicide missions. I swear, but even when they told me about our decommission they never mentioned this.”


“Alright. But that must mean there’s other ships around here somewhere. I mean even the EF can’t teleport people.”


“That does seem logical. However it’s feasible that many of the power supplies are long since powerless.”


“Yes, but even the weakest crystals retain some charge. And it is possible to recharge them isn’t it?”


“Yes but we don’t have anything to recharge them with..”


“Maybe we do and maybe we don’t. There has to be someway to recharge them. C’mon, we need to find the ship.”


He said before quickly continuing to walk again, now seeing the palace.

© 2010 Weird Chef

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Weird Chef
I haven't really written like this in some time. So to say it's polished would be a lie. But I appreciate all constructive criticism

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