Blue Butterflies

Blue Butterflies

A Chapter by YouoweYoupay

My dreams had the element of sorrow everywhere, even in scenes where I featured as the hero.








Chapter (2): Blue Butterflies




The airport road was a view I had already imagined; long, lonely, and lined with olive trees, other green and flowers out of season and frequently tended to. Poles holding large welcome and advertisement boards of telecom services and other products you might regret not purchasing before inhabiting the inner community.


My alleged sponsor and his cousin, Kadi, who both seemed doubtful with eye-popping yellow question marks all over their afro-textured hair, had been discussing a matter in symbols for a few minutes now. I had already sensed I was the main focus, but I did not mind, nor was I was interested to know, especially since Kadi was the one doing most of the talking. And although she was somewhat pretty for a black woman, her voice was high-pitched and her words runny and overlapping, like an Irishman on a meth binge.


"It's too quiet in the back, everything alright, no, Aaron?" Demon called, "You tired?" I caught a glimpse of his eyes in the front mirror; light honey-colored in the afternoon sun.


"What kinda question is that?" Kadi remarked, "Ofcourse he is. But-Well, at least he doesn't look like I heard he does from somebody." Her dark framed eyes shifted between the back seat and the driver.


"Yeah?" I forged interest, "What did you hear?" A line of various and distinctly patterned flags wavered and flickered and rushed by.


"Endimon warned me not to speak to you because you hated human contact." We swept under a bridge with a silver engraving:




"Hey, hey, that's not what I said, alright?"


"Yes, you did," she shot with a musical tune, eyebrows rising, "yes, you did. You said he had a rough time at school, that he was bullied and his parents-"


"Look at her," he motioned with a free hand, "or don't. Don't look at her. You can instantly tell she's a fat liar." Kadi's jaws instantly dropped in a big 'O'.


"Wait a minute, I don't mind liar," she crossed her arms defensively, "I don't min-I can deal with liar, but why did you have to say fat?"


"All I said was the kid is a bit shy and might not be comfortable around too many people n-"


"Take it back."


"Take what back?"


"The 'fat' part. Take it back this instant."


My blue eyes slightly smiled, shifting between their two seats, and a chuckle drowned among their squabbling voices.


After a tour around a few landmarks in town, we stopped opposite the Festival Park at a diner with an oddly lit entrance and washrooms; the mirror had curved spikes for a frame, and the washbasins gave off a soft neon red.Who would have thought of such decoration ideas?


My flight meal, three hours ago, was surprisingly generous, but I grew hungry again, and the scents of warm, deep-fried chicken and blueberry pastry beckoned. So I ordered a mushroom Swiss-cheese burger and a soda. Kadi had a chocolate fudge Sundae, and Demon settled for lime shaved ice, since he'd feel left out just watching us eat. But we regretted cheering him to order after responding, for the thousandth time, that his tongue did not get any greener. He had a long tongue, and a one-sided sense of humor.


The smell of the new early June still left some nervousness in the pit of my stomach, so I was almost full after a few big bites of my oniony sandwich. I chewed on a curly fry, recalling the national park; hills of sun-bathed pine trees that stretched quite far beyond my misty eyes. In good weather, Kadi said, some spots are great for a campfire, barbecue, and at night, old songs from the twenties. Demon agreed, passionately stressing the 'barbecue' part.


Demon's grin reflected in the front mirror, "You ain't seen nothing yet. You settle down, and I'll take you fishing by the Twentieth Pond, and we'll go swimming in da ocean."


"Sounds poetic." Kadi sang, "Funny, you never offered to take me places."


These persons weaved a spontaneous welcoming atmosphere that momentarily made me forget my chronic repulsion of black skin.


Back at the diner, I slouched against the corner cushion and carefully scanned the 'mistake' that brought me here.


He was fairly tall, with a square face, firm jaws, large hands, and relaxed features; neck-length black hair streaming in braids along his skull, clothed in a white and green, tempest pocket tank top around bare biceps and arms carved into shape. Athletic, perhaps, or just pumped up for fashion.


He owned a typical taste and air of the sanguine summer except when his face fell or scrunched at Kadi's remarks. I glimpsed a faded tattoo on his left upper shoulder, but my eyes slowly sank shading a bright blush once his honey-brown eyes caught my scanning operation.


My new home was five minutes away from my new school by foot. Kadi's parents' house sat way back in the south, three blocks away from the road to the local theater.


I wished she had taken a taxi, because despite her kind yet unnecessary permission granted about using what's left of her clothes in Demon's closet, I had fallen asleep on the long way back, and after a few ineffective 'Aaron, wake up's , he almost resorted to touching my shoulder.


It was only: 8: 42 pm but I was heavy-eyed with a slight bristly sensation in my throat. I hoped this wasn't the start of an arrival fever.


"Ah, shoot," my slur echoed across the living room. There wasn't even a T.V around. Imagine.


"What." he called from the kitchen. Was he cooking?


"I forg- I uh, can't find any of my pajamas." Actually, I had forgotten to pack them. I was grateful for Kadi's offer earlier; and was praying she wore any pants to bed.


After an internal combat between my sleep-loving devil and the hygiene-guarding angel, I dragged my feet to the sink and brushed my teeth out of fear of a children-eating ghoul my father had planted in me years ago.


Despite the plainly furnished sitting room, dining table for two, and kitchen all open to one space, the entrance was neat and modern; the lawn clean and gleaming in dew besides a large, roofed recycle bin and a freshly-polished mailbox, according to its smell. The aisle to the door was lined up with a few triangles of blue flowers under a pair of hanging white fluorescent lamps.


I was too tired to pay attention to further details, but in any new home, the most significant adjustments should be to the scent of the paint and residents soaked in the walls, and the comfort level in the mattress. That's also vital.


"Butterflies." I complained.


"That's all I found on her shelf." He shrugged eyeing the patterns of blue wings printed on the pale yellow chemise and pants, "Suits you well." He laughed pointing L-shaped fingers at my form.


"Thanks," I mumbled as I crawled to bed, "You don't look bad either…" His sleepwear was a black T-shirt and white shorts with prints of bright green and yellow fish; still a bit fruity but, c'mon, less tragic than butterflies. I wondered if Kadi was in charge of fashion in this house.


Demon left a quarter-filled glass of water by the lamp table and dived into the sheets on his stomach. I wasn't fond of the idea of sharing a single bedroom. But I kept quiet. At least there were double beds.


My eyelids slowly weighed down. I was not always anxious about nightmares since my dreams had the element of sorrow everywhere, even in those where I featured as the hero. Either parent often died during a process of pushing the door against a mob of blood-slobbering zombies. The only key to the real world often fell from my pockets as I defied gravity and reversed falling from a shredding cliff.


That night I dreamed of my mother. She scolded me for leaving my pajamas behind. One tear streamed down her cheek under a yellow light as she sat on my old bunk bed -which was always unoccupied on the second level- feeling and smelling my least favorite P.E class T-shirt.


Seeing her like that upset me. I was dreadful and depressing. Why would she cry?


The rise and fall of a light snore woke me up.

© 2018 YouoweYoupay

Author's Note

*Image title: Falling
*Theme: Digital Art / Mixed Media / Landscapes & Scenery

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That was excellent.Language was great,it flowed vey well.I liked the line " like an Irishman on a meth binge" you cant imagine the picture that formed in my head!! Realy enjoyed this.

Posted 7 Years Ago

I like the story. I like the characters. Demon is my favorite. I like the strong description. You are opening up the story and making the storyline come alive. I like the description of the restaurant and the family. A very entertaining chapter. Thank you for sharing the excellent chapter.

Posted 7 Years Ago

The grammar is all over the place in this chapter. I saw a lot of verb confusion here. For example, I don't think interest can be "forged" nor can eyes "curve". Interest can be feigned, but eyes definitely can't curve, unless Mr. Snowman here has eye stalks. Does he have eyestalks? Actually, don't answer that. Did you mean to say that his eyes were curvy? Like round eyes? Because that would be "my slightly curved blue eyes shifted between the two seats". Also, I think there are a few missing scenes here and there. Like when Demon said "Marveled? You ain't seen nothing yet." Um, I don't think anyone actually said marveled. So who is he responding to? It feels like a jump cut but with nothing in between.
Having said all of that, I do like the way Kadi and Demon's personalities bounce off and play off each other. And your descriptive style is very refreshing. You've got a good chapter here, but it is unrefined and needs work. I know you're up to the task, though. Keep up the good work!

Posted 7 Years Ago

He owned a typical taste and air of the sanguine summer except when his face fell or scrunched at Kadi's frank remarks. I glimpsed a faded tattoo on his left upper shoulder, but my eyes slowly sank shading a bright blush once his honey-brown eyes caught my scanning operation.

Loved this paragraph!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Very interesting indeed. I'm looking forward to the next chapter already. Thanks for the RR. I really enjoyed this. Keep up the great work :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

haha, wow, another great piece of writing! im impressed. nicely done. you write so well, i like the butterfly themed outfit, that "suited her well" :) that was cute.

Posted 8 Years Ago

This chapter was very well written but I noticed you use "and" a lot. That's something I do a lot as well. But anyway this was a good second chapter giving the reader more insight into the narrator and those around him. The Irish man comment was a good add on and description, your descriptions are good as well, You don't give to much or too little, just enough so that the reader has a simple image of the area. For me personally I think that is very good because to many details about the surrounds tend to take the focus away from what is going on in the story. I look forward to your next chpt

Posted 8 Years Ago

"...her words runny and overlapping, like an Irishman on a meth binge."

That made me laugh a little harder than I think you intended. Then again, Im a weirdo, so... XDD


Your characters are so varied and interesting, and the way you describe everything is perfect. I just...GAH, NO WONDER YOU'RE MY WRITING IDOL.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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