Always Read The Laybull

Always Read The Laybull

A Poem by TaffRaff

My current frustration with the current affairs and how we the people are deceived, misinformed and lied to.The destruction of nature and the genocide and massacres of indigenous peoples.

            Always Read The Laybull
written by Ian Joseph Brown ®©™
 I'm an outstanding 'this and I'm an influential 'that I'm far superior than you, your a twat, 
Im a plasterer, a master of cast, your a f****n pervert with a shady past,
 Yeah but I'm a Knights Templar and Im a Rotarian Freemason, your a w***e to the Crown and the Vatican Monks gayest son,
But I am a Free Man of the land, autonomous and sovereign, your Tim nice but dim who fingers your own s****y ring,
 I am this many years old ,I am this many years young, your casting a belief spell can't you see its dumb?,
I'm an electrician known as a 'spark , your a f*****g b***h owned by the 'Arc
 I am your local council and president, your a worming snake that's evident,
I'm a doctor I heal the sick, your a big pharma b***h injecting toxic s**t,
 I'm am tax exempt, known as a banker, but in reality we all know your a f*****g wanker,
I'm a pope and i wear white, think's he divine but really chats shite,
 I'm a law abiding citizen and I've had the jab, now your rendered asunder and that is so sad,
I'm am the Prime Minister and I make the law, your a f*****g nonce that uses tor,
 I'm a charity giver, I am most certainly not a c**t, but the fact is your a cerebrally corrupt degenerate runt,
Perhaps I am unique, perhaps I am original, having common sense does not make me a noble?, 
So much love i have for the beautiful women, never would I pay so dont be billin';
 I dont hate on gays ,I just dont like bent men and they dont like me because I'm staight up with 'em, 
I know the difference between good and bad holes as I am aware the earth does not have poles,
 We say "up north" and we say "down south" are you aware of the bullshit that comes out your mouth,
If i can, I will help, I don't need paying just gimme a yelp, 
As I do know evil because it knows me, it sent to jail but now I am free,
I got married to a b***h unkind, now divorced with my liberated mind,
To the men of the world I ask you abrupt, sort yourself out and wake the f**k up !

© 2021 TaffRaff

Author's Note

yes its crude, but i needed to say it

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• I'm an electrician known as a 'spark , your a f*****g b***h owned by the 'Arc

Seriously? I’m both an electrician and an engineer, and in more than 60 years of actively working as one, I’ve heard not one person call an electrician a “spark.” Nor have I ever heard a company called: “The Arc.” But you felt you needed a rhyme, and so, you made one up and shoved it in.

But forced rhymes, as you’ve done so often here, don’t work because they’re as pleasant, as obvious, and, as overused as Moon/June. And since you’ve used none of the other techniques or norms that go along with rhyming, those rhymes don’t contribute, they detract.

Another problem is your rage. The words make the page, sure. And when you read them the emotion is there in your voice and your mind. But only you know how you-want-it-read. The reader, unlike you, doesn’t know what the line WILL say, or what drove you to say what you did, so they “hear” what should be angry words read in a dispassionate voice—and that can’t work. Dropping in a pro-forma curse or three on each line takes all the impact from them. As I used to tell my scouts, “Save something for when you drop a log on your foot.” A droning litany of such language defeats the purpose of using them.

Here’s the deal: There’s a LOT to writing poetry that’s not obvious. One is that while poetry is emotional, the emotion isn’t that of the author, it’s the emotion you evoke in the reader with your words. So here, where you make endless accusations, reacting to things the reader is unaware of, what can the reader respond with but, “Uhh…okay.”? The idea is to make them react, and supply that curse, in support. And that takes a very different approach, one that’s emotion, not fact-based.

One thing that can help is to edit not from your chair, but that of the reader, who arrives without context, and zero knowledge of your intent for how they’re supposed to react. They need 100% context as-they-read a given line. So you either evoke or supply it, or, the line is meaningless to anyone but you.

Head for Amazon, and read the excerpt to Stephen fry’s, The Ode Less Traveled. I think you’ll find what he has to say about the flow of language very useful. And check a few books on the techniques of poetry. Not a damn thing you were given in school about writing technique works for poetry or fiction, because it’s all designed for nonfiction.Use it for poetry and what you get reads like a report.

Sorry my news wasn’t better, but I thought you might want to know, because you can’t fix the problem you don’t see as being one.

Posted 1 Week Ago


1 Week Ago

Over in the UK all construction site electricians are called Sparks or Sparkys, has been this way fo.. read more

1 Week Ago

And you posted this on a UK website?
Crude, passionate, raw, and truthful. This poem burns with an honest rage that speaks to and for the like minded. I have always believed that poetry written from the heart is exceptional art. It may not be pretty or perfect but it is damn right true. A strong piece of writing. Thank you for sharing your art with us.

Posted 1 Week Ago

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Added on November 24, 2021
Last Updated on November 24, 2021
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Newport, Wales, United Kingdom

Im 43 years young divorced man who has a raging imagination, most great work i do gets lost so here i am I am also a passionate dj and produce and compose elaectronic music more..