The Children Always Know

The Children Always Know

A Story by Wesley V Harney

It was love at first sight, at least for him. He never really knew in
the end if she loved him first or if she just got used to him. But
either way it didn’t matter because it was ok , because life stopped
when he was in her presence and he tried to let her know the only way he
knew how, he wrote poems in the sky he used the stars for punctuation
and the moon for a title. He danced under the moonlight and played in
the shadows of the noon day sun slipping in and out of trees and walls,
he just moved in hopes that she’d see and like what she saw. He made
songs that only he knew the words to but wouldn’t mind telling her, but
she just laughed and the silly boy with the funny smile and quirky walk.
He started getting into things, he’d stop pressing hard on the younger
kids and instead of treating them as he used to he taught the to write
how to open their hearts and to release the caged birds in the soul, he
showed them that love was real and that if you tried hard enough you
really could hear the wind speak. That it told stories of other children
in far off places listening to their stories and wondering if such a
hero was real. He taught them and they taught him, they taught him how
laugh again how to play again, how to just enjoy being alive because
they knew just as well as he that it wouldn’t always last. So in sweet
newfound child hood innocence he trekked forth on his quest for love, he
fought dragons and dueled with knights he drank with robin hood and ate
with prince Caspian he slept in Joan of arcs camp and played cards with
da Vinci. And still he didn’t know if love had found it fit to gaze her
eyes upon his. He imagined himself as a proud man walking tall and
gallantly toward his bride and in one smooth motion or hero was small
and he stammered when he spoke and he looked down at his feet then away
past her to the distance and said under his breath that which plagued
him most. With a laugh and toss of her beautiful brown hair she turned
and walked away. The crying child looked up at the crying man, took his
hand in hers and smiled.

© 2010 Wesley V Harney

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Added on April 10, 2010
Last Updated on April 10, 2010


Wesley V Harney
Wesley V Harney

Hagerstown, MD

My name is Wesley, duh. I was born and raised in Senegal, spent a little time in the army and now I am living in Maryland working in a book store of all places. Write because I am drawn to it, I canno.. more..

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