The System

The System

A Poem by Diane

People who are homeless are often there because the system let them down not by choice..but still we look upon them with contempt.Maybe we should put ourselves in their places for one day..



Think for a minute of what you would do

If there was no one to love you and nowhere to go

If the bed you were sleeping on was made out of stone

No roof to keep the rain out and nowhere was home


What strength you would need to weathere lifes storms

Out in the rain and the scorching hot sun

Wandering the streets day after day

Hoping that someone would look your way


Feeling the sores on your feet start to throb

Hoping today you might be offered a job

The money in your pockets has gone bar a few coins

Just enough left for hot coffee or tea


The looks on the faces of people who pass by you

Beyond contempt you are and should not be out here

What do they know of your life before this

Do they even want to know just how you came to this....


The system let you down just as others like you

Little cogs in big wheels they destine our fate

Sitting in glass towers in their leather chairs

Pretending their decisions will help people like you


Give them a day to live as you are living

Let them try sleeping as you are sleeping

Hear them moan as they count out their money

The system has failed once again my friend....



© 2008 Diane

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LOVED THIS!!!!!!! I wrote something similar with THEY SMILE TOO... IT IS PATHETIC AND UNEXCUSABLE that there are people out there that think that any human being with CHOOSE that life. LOVED THIS!

Posted 12 Years Ago

Great poem. I agree with you all the way. As a AF vet I was shocked to find out the high percentage of the homeless that are former vets amongst a sea of others. Shocking how we can be the richest country ever and still have a homeless problem.

Posted 12 Years Ago

powerful and true. should be the motto for today's middle and lower class.

Posted 12 Years Ago

i like it... i just want people to know also that most of the world is one paycheck away from living on the street, don't think of it in terms of a paper but in the amount. I was working and i was getting a paycheck, and the total i got every 2 weeks was $259.00. I was $259.00 away from being homeless. Esp when the rent is $675.00. and it is the only income you get aside from child tax, that comes every month on the 20th. God is the only provider. Pray to God, there is shelter in him. Good poem Diane definately makes a person least i hope it does, rich or not. I find the world to be "judgy spice like" Just another spice girl my friend says. The world needs to stop being judgy. Thanks for the read it was good.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on March 11, 2008




I am doing something that i have always wanted to do since I was a girl..and that is write poetry and short stories..When you write you can put into words what you cannot say to anyone else..only you .. more..

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A Poem by Diane


A Poem by Diane

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