Willow Trees

Willow Trees

A Poem by *~Kristy~*

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Weeping willow trees,

Weeping in the wakening wild sunlight.
They are up to their willowy waist,
In wiry bushes.
They wade unwillingly in deep water.
Wander in the wars.
Are wary against walls.
Weeping willow trees,
Wail and wait,
For help that shall never come.

© 2010 *~Kristy~*

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That's a real wallop of alliteration, there. Loads of double-you words. Weeping, willow, wakening, wild, waist, wiry, wade, willing, water, wander, wary, walls, wars, wail. As you can tell from my list, there's also some internal rhyme and half-rhyme. There's some assonance too -- e.g. water wander wars, which come close together.
However, while words are chosen well for the 'w' sounds they make, at some points this stops meaning from coming through uninhibited. I'm not sure what "wander in the wars" means, for example.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on August 6, 2010
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