Dark Saga: The First Book Of Lon

Dark Saga: The First Book Of Lon

A Story by Wild Thunder

The story of a legendary demon hunter on a quest to save a young girl from the depths of darkness.


The Hunters And Lon's Accord

After the age of war the land of Veature was at rest.  From the ruins of the sinful kingdom of Yurrot rose another city in its shadow.  The dominion of this land became known as Rivendal.  No longer did they sacrifice to the olden gods but now worshiped the grand one as they called it.  They burned the black books of magic and purified the lands by burning the dead.

Lord Redrent trained a youthful army in the lands north of Rivendal.  These young warriors also studied in the holy arts of the priesthood and became soldiers of peace.  They were born out of not luxury but necessity for the creatures of darkness that once ruled over Veature were still at work in the land as they were in the past.  Lord Redrent became known as the Hunter in the land.  So did his students and the title became revered among all of Veature.

Among the Hunters rose a particularly skilled warrior known as Lon the Vindicator.  And so time passed and when Lon was still in his youth he was called by the king of Rivendal.  When Lon heard that the king seeked his aid he traveled the many days to the kingdom of Rivendal and answered his call.

The king begged him for his help.  He offered him anything he desired for his daughter was stolen in the night by the shadows.  Taken for ransom and he was plagued with nightmares and could not sleep.  Lon then asked "Why has this come to pass?"

The king replied "For my people will not worship Asgrath as the old do."

"How would you know of this?" Lon asked him.  "Have you not had dealings with such creatures yourself?  How would they know of your daughter if you had not?"

The king was struck by Lon's words and Lon had his answered.  Immediately he left and the king grabbed his cloak and kissed its threads.  He begged Lon again laying like a dog would to his master.  He then stood some and offered Lon women for his pleasure and gold for his fortune.

"You would insult me with such iniquitous things?  I will save your daughter but not for your sake you wicked thespian." and so Lon left the kingdom of Rivendal.  He knew the way to that old lich.  For that dead one was once a brave warrior who feel to darkness like the rest of Vatali did in that age of war.  Sacrificing flesh for eternal life.

The Undead City Of Orlhia

Lon traveled east to the ruins that still remained.  He arrived at a once great city and looked up the dead still laying as they were murdered and stolen of breath.  Among its ruins ghosts flew about freely in sorrow crying for there loved ones to be taken given back.  The walking about taking them to the underworld with them.

They paid no attention to Lon and Lon paid no attestation to them.  In these ruins he expected to find Asgrath for this was the city he came to dwell in after.  However all he in his dwelling was old books leathered of flesh and scripted in blood.  "Mortal what is it you seek?" asked the ghost of a young women.

"I seek Asgrath." Lon said to her.

She pointed in the direction of Yurrot.  "He lives below the tower.  For he has made kingdom of the place the devils came from.  He rests in slumber there."

"Do you know the way?" Lon asked her.

She then shook her head "No I do not know the way but I know of something that does.  It dwells in the darkness of those woods.  I warn you though, this is a powerful creature born by man and forgotten in the same breath."

The Woods And The Shadow Of The Beast

When Lon traveled into the woods he heard not beast nor animal wandering.  Even the birds were silently perched upon the branches.  It was unnaturally dark inside the woods and the sound of water could be heard in the distant.  Statues and trinkets laid about broken.  As if brought here by another being.  As Lon traveled deeper he found hoards of treasures of many metals.

Then before him in the distant he saw a tall black creature with many wings   It had an abnormally long beak and was neither avian or man but combination of the two.  It eyes were read and it stood staring at him.  A chill fell down Lon's body.  However his brazen bravery was not belittled as he walked into its presence.

It peered at him slowly cocking its head then it screeched in an raspy voice much like a crows "What concern do you have here?  Why has a morsel such as you delivered yourself into my lair."  The creature towered over Lon standing about three times his height if it stood up straight but was now kneeling in inspection of his person.

"I have come seeking the path to Asgrath's dwelling." Lon stood his body cloaked by the mantle he wore.

It inspected him moving smoothly and slowly.  "A lowly creature such as Asgrath should not concern you."

As it walks around Lon slowly he secretly places his hands on two blades that were upon his sides.  "Travel east to Yurrot below the tower there is a hidden path.  The hidden path will lead you into a burning land.  From the burning land you will find the palace of that evil one."

The Sunken Gates Of Htetan

After some days of travel Lon found himself before a huge body of water.  This was lake Urzathoth for it was created because of the destruction.  Among the waters was a fallen city there in the distance an Island stood.  Yurrot, born for the purpose of causing destruction and a sanctuary for the damned.  For once the people of this city practiced forbidden works and used evil crafts in order to cause devastation and dismay among the nations.

Many creatures crafted through the forbidden arts ravaged the lands surrounding this lake.  Even among the waters still some things dwell.  Lon was well aware of the creatures in the water and found a sturdy boat to cross the waters.  The water was black as ink while the white moon shined down.  Under the waters he could make out creatures moving about in strange ways.

However they attacked him not nor did they appear to him.  Towers of the old city were raised above the waters in places.  They littered the way and Lon was ever vigilant to avoid the falling stone from them.

The City Of Yurrot

When Lon landed on the shores of Yurrot he was greeted by two torches before the city walls.  To his amazement they still burned.  The opening to the city was before him.  No guard in sight or attendant.  However who would light a torch if no one was around to see the light.

Lon walked through the gates into the city.  He appeared to be alone but he could hear around him in the shadows things that still collected air moved with him.  As time progressed the number of sounds from darkness grew louder and more numerous.  Lon prepared himself grabbing his sword and keeping his other hand on the weapons to his side.

As he was in the court to the great tower that was erected in the center of the city he head them scream and wail war cries.  Then the hoards of the undead charged at him.  They were torn warn bleeding and maggots fell from there leathery flesh.  Lon bursts from his cloak and throws a bottle into the oncoming crowed to his left side.  It bursts on the ground and purple flames catch them on fire.  They screamed in torturous pain and agony as they were turned back to dust.

Then as the others charged him he grabbed his two blades and cut through them.  In a frenzy of slashes their limps flew into the air and heads rolled.  Bodies were shattered in a black bloody mess upon his clothing.  He screamed as their numbers seemed endless.  He danced in his bloody battle and then there were none.  All were slain before him.  He suffered minimal injuries and caught his breath.

There the bodies still twitched upon the earth.  He then prepared a ritual of passage so that these damned ones would be forced from their caged flesh and into the spectral realm to await judgment.  After all the souls of the undead were lifted he left.

Below Yurrot

Lon searched the tower until he found something in its lowest depths.  A sealed door.  However the seal had been broken and the power that once held what ever was under the ground trapped was now free to travel.

The walls were finely finished with depictions of strange creatures.  Carved into the walls of the caverns were idols of great size.  A warning no doubt of the things that live below the earth.  This way to the underworld was dark and so Lon drew from under his cloak his a stone and some liquid.  He mixed them together and a light blue light shined from the now glowing liquid.  This gave him enough light to see.  It also aloud him to see spirits that flew about.

Stranger In The Darkness

In the depths of the caverns Lon found himself not alone once again.  However this time the creature was strange.  It had been following him for some time when he decided to stop and rest.  From behind stones and below places it lurked among his footsteps.

He laid the light on the ground and cleaned his blades with pure water whipping the now soaked blood on his cloak.  Then the creature came into the light.  It was covered in fur like a beast and its head was like wolfs.  It had horns of a ram and this creature was known like a Kantorai.  However this one had torn his skin and fur off it.  A bloodied mess it looked at Lon with carnivorous eyes.  "Blood.  I smell the blood of dead men."

Lon looked at the creature as he cleaned his blade the blood dripping onto the ground pooling and glowing in the light.  "Drink of it if you wish dog." Lon said to it.

"You insult me?  This place is not kind to the living." it says to him.

It approached slowly gazing at him in viscous ways.  It starts to stutter and twitch as its tongue starts to exit his mouth.  It bends to the ground and drinks the blood.  "Filling and satisfying." the creature said to Lon.

"A once noble being such as yourself brought to this state.  What brought you to this state?" Lon asked him.

"Blasphemy, that is my curse.  I told that wicked man of the secret arts.  Those old black arts of creation the devils used for war.  He too fell to using them for war.  I had endless piles of flesh in return.  Never did I see my day ending so soon." the creature said to Lon.

"So you are responsible for the creation of Yurrot." Lon said to the creature.

He laughed.  "I am responsible for the creation of the rites of sacrifice.  I am hungry and do not wish to chatter with my food any longer."

He then stood up straight and revealed his size.  During the state of him being so hunched he was fat.  But now that he stretched to his real size he stood twice as tall as Lon.  This was the creature that was sealed behind the doorway.  The tares upon him was the chains that pieced his flesh.

As it threw its arm towards Lon he jumped up and blocked the attack with his sword.  However he was knocked and was sent flying into the wall.  Then ancient words came from Lon's mouth as he stood up and suddenly strength was restored to him.  "Ancient devil!  Cease your attack lest you be slain."

"What?  Land born you are not understanding the situation your in.  Surrender your soul to me.  I am Yurrot the great devil master." his eyes then flashed with white light.  From his mouth fire dripped onto the ground in pools of lava like drool.

Lon the threw a knife into the devil's throat.  The liquid in his mouth burst down upon him setting him on fire.  Then then threw a black ponder into the air and it exploded on contact with the flame sending bursting backwards.  Lon too was clouted heavily from the attack but gained control of his landing flipping himself to land on his feet in the blast.

He then kicked the blue light liquid onto the creature and it broke onto it.  His flesh immediately started sizzling and burning into a smoky fluid.  Lon dived onto its face and stab his knives into it's eyes and screamed in rage at it pushing hard then with hurried piercing he tore the creatures face apart.

As the spirit was lifting form the body Lon quickly spoke the prayers to open a spirit gate to seal the creature in oblivion.  The devil screamed as his soul was slowly sucked away into a place where it no longer could act freely.

Lon was tired and was forced to rest and recover from the attack.

The Black Shadow Gate

Lon reached the lowest depths of the secret place below Yurrot's city.  There before him was the gate of to another world.  Still open unsealed and drawing in energy from all around the room.  Red light shined all about in the room and it created an artificial wind that blew about the room.

This gate was a way into the underworld.  So Lon gathered himself and traveled through the gate unknowing of where he would be lead to on the other side.  For the underworld had many faces and few were similar to the others.

The Burning Path To Asgrath

Before Lon was a road made of stone and was beautifully adorned with gold and silver fillings and embroideries.  It was a magnificent sight to see.  In the distance he saw the massive palace of what he assumed was Asgrath's home.  The road burned to the touch and the sky was nothing but a pitch blackness.  It was surreal even for Lon to see.  Most likely the palace was belonging to Yurrot in old ages but he abandoned it when he was awoken from his slumber.

On occasion strange flying beings would move about among the flames.  Below the flames there was nothing but a blackness which made him to wonder if this world was finished in its creation?  For all things are born of such fires and that creation is a result of these flames.

The Gate Keepers

As Lon stood before the entrance to the Palace two massive reapers stood both with scythes in hand.  They gazed from there cloaked faces at Lon.  With out any words they slash at Lon.  He does a back flip and spins in the air a few times to land kneeling down with his blades drawn.  Knowing full well that reapers cannot be reasoned with.

One strikes at him and he rolls to the side just missing the blade of the scythe as it pieces into the ground.  The other one then slices at him horizontally but Lon jumps onto the weapon and runs down its shaft at the reaper.  He slashes at his cloak and cuts it open.  A sky blue misty haze illuminated out of him.  These reapers were created beings and had no flesh like living beings.  They were made of pure energy and spirit.

The reaper then reached for Lon as he lunged over the hand doing a back flip onto the ground cutting the hand off.  He threw a bottle onto the ground in front of him sending flames to burn there cloaks.  They screamed as they caught fire.  Lon then ran past them into the Palace leaving the creatures behind him.

The Palace Of Asgrath

The palace was not what Lon expected.  It was beautifully decorated.  The carpets were red and gold and the walls has silver and gold lining them.  Glowing stones lit the castle and torch fire was not found.  It was empty and Lon found himself walking through this massive palace unable to find his way.  He finally found the master hall and a very long stair case.  He climbed the stairs until he found himself before the queens quarters.

Asgrath's Throne Room

There in the room he found the princess at rest.  He walked over to her and then from the doorway he saw a massive reaper enter.  His cloaks were not black but dark purple and banded with gold and silver as well.  His shadow was white and he was far more spectral then most reapers.  He then blinded Lon with white light and took the princess away.  Lon chased after him until he found himself in a great hall and standing in the middle was that reaper of light.

"How dare you come into my home.  Who are you?" the specter said.

"You must be Asgrath.  I am Lon the Vindicator, a Hunter." he said to Asgrath.

Asgrath then drew a blade from his side.  "You are hear for Morgana I assume."  Lon nods then draws blades of his own.  "I will not let you take her from me.  She belongs to me now."

Lon then started walking towards him.  They both stand off for a moment.  "If you don't hand her over then I will have to slay you!" Lon says then lunges forward with both his blades aimed at his enemies stomach.  However Asgrath blocks it with his blade being knocked back a little.  He then charges forward whirling his blade in a rapid fashion, clearly magical as strange energy pored out forcing Lon to jump back.

Then Asgrath slashes straight down at Lon but does a flip backwards and the sword cuts into the ground.  Lon in a flash dives into the air and slashes both of his blades down at Asgrath whom evades the attack but falls backwards.  Lon quickly pulls his blades out of the ground and charges right up to Asgrath as he gets to his feet.  Lon spins around in a twirl and Asgrath blocks both attacks causing sparks to fly off their blades.

Asgrath then punches Lon in the stomach forcing him to hunch over.  Then Asgrath beats Lon in the head.  He slashes again at Lon but this time Lon almost too fast to see moves backwards and dives forwards into Asgrath stabbing both blades into his stomach.  Lon then pulls out and blood flows onto the floor.    Lon then slashes down with his right blade and then sideways with his left and then pulls up again with the right blade.  All blocked by Asgrath.  The sparks fly into their faces causing light burns on them.  Asgrath then slashes at Lon but Lon blocks the attack and is knocked back.

Lon gets two more slashes in and his Asgrath right in the neck.  Blood sprayed out of him and he is knocked to the ground.  "Your a great warrior." he says then Lon prepares to deal the final blow to him.

From the entry way a young girls voice screams "No wait!" as she runs and dives on top of Asgrath.  "Please, don't kill him.  I will go with you but do not kill my husband."

"Your husband?" Lon asked.

"My father sacrificed me to Yurrot.  Asgrath saved me however before I could be devoured.  He took me as his wife.  Why would you come here!" she screamed.

"Pardon my intrusion." Lon said and swiftly left to return to the clan.

The Fall Of Rivendal And Their Kings
And The Rise Of The Hunters Clan

Upon Lon's return he gathered all the able bodied Hunters with him.  They gathered outside the city and at night entered slaying everyone because of the kings treason against the Hunters and it was forever then known that blasphemy of the hunters services spelled death of even mighty kingdom.  In the ruins of Rivendal the hunters created a kingdom of their own.  There numbers grew and Redrent laid to rest.  Lon then became the Leader of the Hunters.  They crowned him Prince of the Hunters.  And all the nations knew the Hunters and the Hunters arms reached over all of Garsol.

© 2009 Wild Thunder

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