A Chapter by Wild Thunder

“Please stay!” a young girl yelled with tears in her eyes.  She had long black hair and blue eyes.  She was waring a red and white dress hugging a young teenage looking man in black leather pants and waring a black jacket with a cross on the back.  He took a step as the girl held tight onto his leg.

“Please don't go...” she said to the man.  The terrain around them was desert like.  The ruins of a battle field surrounded them.  A group of soldiers watched in the distant.  Body's laid upon the ground watering the ground with scarlet humor.  Pieces of them scattered about like trash in the suburbs of an old city. Misty haze filled the air, the fog of war sowed upon the land.

“Adrian, you can't go.  I love you!” she says to him clinging to him as tight as she could.  He stopped and put his hand on her head.  Her hair flows about as if touched by static electricity.  He then pushes her back some kneeling down to her level.

He pauses to wipe off her tears leaving gentle sparks from his touch.  His hair was red and dripping blood fell from his face.  His eyes were like a devil's, the furnaces burning inside among them.  “Loretta.” he takes off his necklace then puts it into Loretta's hand.  “I will come back for this.  Take care of it for me.”

“How do I know you will come back for this.” Loretta pouts.  He rubs her hair some and stands up.

“That is the key to figuring out who I am.” he tells her.  “I must go now Loretta.”  Adrian then walks down the road away from Loretta leaving her lonely in the dusty path.  Her cries can be heard from a distant like screaming birds.

She clung to that necklace and she held it close to her.  All her hopes and dreams clutched under her fingers. “You better come back for this Adrian.  You promised.” she says under her breath as  the Faits whisper.

An Empire larger then anything the world has seen is on the march.  Metal clanking is heard as they waltz from city to city without care of life.  They slay all those whom refuse to join there union of destruction without mercy or charge.  This nation is known as The Hagro.  A land where cash is king and all bow to the great immortal emperor; whom has outlived his life by hundreds of years.  His form is mangled for he is kept alive by machines.  What ever flesh he once had is now gone.  His blood replaced by the cold oil of the dead.  

During his rising he ordered the world to be searched for the secrets of the ancients.  Those foul men and devils who created war for pleasure.  The lost technology of the ancients resurfaced to the light of a dark empire whom had ambitions to use it.  The Emperor gathered the brightest minds of his nation to recreate these devices under fear of death.  His age was old but he would become the first lich of the new age.  Born into a powerful state of immortality through the blood of mortals and sacrifice of souls.

Instead of relying on the flesh of man to work for him he turned to the strength of metal.  His forces were of machine and scraped every amount of life from the men they once were.  They could work endlessly without fail; transmogrifications who never argued or had any concept of rights.  Converting everyone in his nation into cybernetic creatures spelled a new age for the souls of man.  An age of immortality for all.  An opportunity to become gods or at least delude themselves into believing such things.  If they refused then they would be killed and there bodies used as fuel for the furnaces that forged these horrors.  This was the beginnings of the great empire; an empire for the machine.

After dominating both all of Ishtar and Veture the emperor sought on the rest of Garsol.  However the Nacrossians offered assistance to those who lived in Marduk.  The Emperor was faced with overwhelming might and power.  desires breed a more powerful army of soldiers.  Ones that could walk among the nations and not be known as Hagro.

This desire brought the power to make gods of his own to fight under his control.  So several projects were created.  Project 9 would be a nightmare fleshed for the blood thirsty emperor.  His scientist managed to not only create the ultimate warrior but he was also completely obsession to slaying his enemy.

The psychology of their creation would be the downfall of the ideal of creating gods.  In the northern lands of Ishtar 9 lived for many years undergoing horrible tests.  Dieing over and over in an endless spree of rape and murder.  His body's regeneration would prove to be the creator of his own personal hell.  A sense of insanity grew in him.  Soon the flesh of the weak was not enough to hold him bound and satisfied.

Transmission from the base stopped.

The Emperor sent soldiers to investigate only to find the entire complex was slain and that Project 9 stood among the bodies claiming to be master over the nations of the world.  Many soldiers were slain that day but 9 was sealed inside the complex never to escape.  A minotaur in a maze of endless corridors.

By a strange twist of fate 9 would be freed into the world.  The ivory doors that bared him in shattered.  A group of freedom fighters searching for technology found him some years after he had been kept away.  This organization was called Soaring Wings.  9 adopted a human name Adrian. He allied himself and worked with them to soothe his blood lust.  As payment they would allow Adrian to be free and have his vengeance on anyone he wished.

Many years passed and Adrian adopted a human like life style.  However he was not like the others and was feared but at the same time he developed what some might call kindness, as cold and unfeeling as it was he remained friendly with a select group of people.

He became known in De' Lier as the village god and was known as a devil.  Many tales of his origins formed however none were true to what he really was.  Adrian took enjoyment out of the villagers fear.  A mere look of the eye could turn there blood cold.  His ambitions of knowledge grew as he got bored throughout the many days.  He spent most of the day studying as much he could.  Eventually be came to desire more information about the history.  Seeking the most ancient of books and became aware of a hidden war.  A greater purpose surged through him and a forgotten history came back to him in visions.  It was not enough for him to understand what it meant.

Many years into his life a girl was born.  Loretta, would become someone that Adrian cared about.  No one knew why but Adrian became her protector and if anyone upset her he would kill them without a second thought.

Through many battles Adrian started to break apart.  He started to take on a strange personality and during battle he had visions of a hell that was ruled by him.  So the blood lust turned to something more sinister.  Realizing that he must figure out what he is he left in search of his destiny and to figure out where he came from.

© 2009 Wild Thunder

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Added on November 24, 2009


Wild Thunder
Wild Thunder

Clovis, NM

Hi, my name is Jeremiah and I am a writer... a very bad writer in my opinion but a writer no less. more..

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A Chapter by Wild Thunder