The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Anime Review

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Anime Review

A Story by Carrie Ott

Review of the anime movie. I simply give a critique on the plot, characters, etc. A CHRISTIAN EVALUATION is included at the end, for some viewers.


The Girl Who Leapt Through Time


A spoiler-free evaluation of the popular anime movie


Title: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Alternate Title: Toki o Kakeru Shojo

Genre: School/Drama

Episodes: 1 (movie)

Run Time: Appox 99 minutes


Synopsis: Makoto is late for school! Climbing onto her bike, she speeds blindly down a steep hill, desperate to make it to class before the bell. Ahead, stop lights begin to blink as a train approaches. Makoto clutches her brakes, but they give out. She collides with the steel guard rails barring the track, and she hurtles over the handles of her bike. While she is falling in midair, the train strikes her. When she wakes up, she is at the top of the hill. The train that just killed her zooms past on the track hundreds of feet in front of her. Is it possible she went backwards in time, avoiding her own death?

            Using her newfound “time-travel” ability, she fixes everyone’s woes. Arranging dates for friends, earning money over and over again, even preventing someone’s death " anything is possible for her now! But maybe she’ll realize too late that some things just can’t be fixed " her selfishness may just lead to a mistake she’ll never be able to correct.


Plot: If you’re in it for the action, this movie’s not for you. If you’re looking for a deeper, more intellectual thriller, I invite you to check out The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. While the plot may seem slow enough at first, the last 30 minutes are a powerhouse of mind games climaxing in a stark realization that circumstances are not to be tampered with.

            As Makoto learns about her ability to relive the past and change the things that happened, she feels she can do no wrong. If she messes up, she can just go back and change it. But when she finally realizes the true nature of her time travel abilities, it’s too late. She’s changed lives beyond the point of correction and, as the price for her selfishness, she stands to lose everything she has.

            It’s very difficult to describe the plot with any kind of detail or clarity, as doing so would reveal a huge amount of the impact at the climax of the movie. Suffice it to say that your brain won’t be bored during this movie. When Makoto jumps through time and realizes the effects her actions will have on others, both she and the viewer generally realize the dangers she has caused at about the same time. The writers managed to almost make you into Makoto, so that you are problem-solving and coming up with solutions at the same rate she does. The plotline really connects viewers to Makoto.

            The plot also teaches a valuable lesson " be thankful for what you have. You cannot truly change the past, so do things the right way the first time. Despite the slow pacing of the story, I found myself satisfied with the depth of ethical thought found in the plot.


Characters: I, for one, really enjoyed the characters. They were quite realistic, behaving just as people of their age, status, and gender typically would. The friendship between Makoto and her companions was always refreshing because they are so lighthearted. Background characters do not really have much of an impact in this story, but they help to make a fleshed-out world where Makoto can clearly see the effects of her actions. Considering the fact that the entire movie hinges on the dynamics of its characters, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time succeeds in this area.


Animation: Like many anime movies, the animation is smooth and fluid. Basic interactions are fun to watch " unlike many animes, the characters do not simply pivot their heads to talk to each other. In this movie, their entire body moves and gestures in sync with their words. Small details like this make the animation a joy to watch. Colors are bright and reactionary, particularly in the scenes involving time travel. All in all, the animators did a great job.


Music: The music in The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is good. While it is by no means extraordinary, it suits the series well, and the closing theme is particularly pretty. In this movie, the music does what it is supposed to " connects the viewer to the world in which he must live for the duration of the film. Nothing more, nothing less.


Ending: The moment the credits began, I said out loud, “That’s really where it ends?” Considering the roller coaster that the last 30 minutes of screen time brought us through, the ending falls flat on its face. While I understand the need to end the movie the way the directors did, there certainly were more options that could provide a more satisfying ending. Some of the final lines are also ambiguous. I almost get a sense that the directors didn’t quite know how they wanted to end the story, so they left it up to the viewers’ imaginations. The opportunity to go out with a bang is wasted in an ending that is simply mediocre.


Recommendation: I would recommend that everyone watch this movie once, simply because the plotline makes a powerful point. Other than that, there’s not much to find in this movie.


Audience: I would not recommend this movie for viewers under 10. We don’t want kids getting the idea that jumping in front of trains is a good idea because it won't hurt you….


Final Grade: 6 out of 10, for an interesting and engaging plot cluttered with a little too much character time and an unsatisfying ending. While I recommend that everyone see the movie, I personally would not own it.


For the Christian Audience: The concept of time travel may be offensive to some, though that’s a stretch. Some may be uncomfortable with the scene depicting someone being hit by the train, even though the only thing shown is the shattering of her bike. There is no sex, swearing, or alcohol. Actually, it may be a good thing to watch the movie to be reminded of the limitations of human power and the importance of doing things right. Conclusion: Safe!



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Carrie Ott
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