Dream lover

Dream lover

A Story by Xander

May 2011, Winslow high school senior prom, Ocean City New Jersey....

I thought I had it all thought out, I was dressed up nice, had a hot date who just so happened to be my friends twin sister and I made sure everything was perfect. By the time I went to pick up Giana I began to realize that my first and only prom was gonna be less then enjoyable. I tried to brush that negitive feeling away when I saw my date in her turquoise dress that stopped just below her knee with her Bedazzled bust and matching makeup, she looked beautiful that night especially and my heart felt like it was beating at a million miles and hour.

It wasn’t untill after our parents stopped taking our pictures and we drove to her friends to take the limo to the prom that I felt that feeling again. I felt it as soon as we pulled while they were doing group photos with about 6 couples they called Giana over but not me, Giana didn’t even call me over then just with the girls and again with the guys only I wasn’t in any of those photos. I only agreed on taking the limo with her friends because she didn’t know any of my friends, but I knew hers and they didn’t like me and that’s what made that feeling come back. The whole ride to the Prom location in Ocean City took about an hour, and the whole time Giana was focused on her friends and never even sat with me come to think of it she didn’t say two words to me the whole ride there... and it made for a very uncomfortable ride.

Finally reaching the prom my mom called me and told me she dropped my car off at the parking lot around the corner So we could drive to wild wood after the prom. After going inside we finally ditched her friends and I thought maybe the rest of the night will go good, boy was I wrong I asked her about pictures since I already paid for them and she expressed how she wasn’t interested in getting more pictures done. Once again that feeling came back, we found our table and thank god some of my friends were there we sat there and waited for the dancing to start and for the food to be brought out killing time by talking and joking and making last minute plans for after prom, finally it was time for the food. We got up to get our food but when we got back to our table all of Giana’s friends had taken my friends seats. I shoulda guessed the whole time I was talking to my friends she was texting hers so I ate my food and excused myself from the table to go outside.

I saw my favorite teacher there Mr polacio he was in his 60s had almost no hair on his head and a stubble beard that was all gray, he was smoking a cigarette so I went up to him and when he saw me pull out my own he knew I was having a rough night. “Big date ain’t all it was cracked up to be?” He asked I told him what was going on and how I wasn’t trying to let it ruin my night but it’s getting harder and harder to bite my tongue. “Well Alex I’ve been around a while and I can tell ya your too young to get all caught up in this love bull crap, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t date and you shouldn’t try to find love but if it doesn’t work out right now then don’t stress yourself out about it. You have your whole life ahead of you and your a good smart young man when it’s time, it’s time.”
I just about finished my cigarette when he took it out my mouth and said “stop smoking these things too, they’ll kill ya one day” we both let out a little laugh and I thanked him for the Peptalk and walked back in.

When I got back to my table Giana and her friends were gone, I look down to the dance floor and I see her dancing and then I looked at my phone to check the time and saw it was almost and hour left of prom I also noticed I had about 20 text messages. My friends were blowing up my phone saying how I had to ditch my date and that kellsie, who was a good friend of mine was looking for me cause she had heard what was going on. I told them imma try to get one dance in before the end of the night and left it at that. I saw Giana and the. The slow dance came on I tried to dance with her but she wouldn’t even dance with me... so I walked away and started my way up the stairs back to leave and drive to my room in wildwood, that’s when I ran into kellsie.

I always thought kellsie was beautiful and always had a crush on her but I waited to late to ask her to prom, but by dumb luck or coincidence her date was a drag too. She Looked breathtaking that night she had a dark purple dress on that wasn’t to fancy and had died her hair and highlights blonde.she asked where I was going and why I wasn’t slow dancing with my date, she saw the look on my face and grabbed me by the hand and yanked me down to the dance floor before I even knew what was going on my hand were around her waist and her arms around my neck... it was a moment in my life I would never forget, a moment when an angle saved me from an almost horrible night. I looked into her bright blue eyes and her into mine both smiling at each other and Just when I was about to lean in and kiss her the fire alarm went off and the sprinkler system set off and ruined the whole moment. We all walked out soaking wet and in all the commotion kellsie and I were separated after things calmed down and I searched for about 20 minutes and couldn’t find her I walked to my car and just drove off.

Finally arriving at Wildwood at the Hotel my family owned I opened my door and walked in, it was unfortunate my phone had to die otherwise I probably would’ve been able to find kellsie after a few minutes on the charger it turned on and I had a few texts and missed calls but none from kellsie. My buddy Jamie told me that she was staying on the other side of wildwood with her friend Renée and there dates, I figured since it was almost 3 am that I would just go to bed but before I did I made myself a strong cocktail Consisting of 85% tequila and 15% fruit punch In a 6 oz glass about halfway through that I passed out and woke up at 12 pm. Prom weekend is a blur mostly but I do remember that kellsie went home the day after prom cause her date tried to get to friendly with her. I didn’t find that out untill I tried to surprise her at her hotel room, after Renée told me what happened I tried calling and texting kellsie but she didn’t answer untill after prom weekend.

Graduation day would be the last time I see kellsie untill two years later we never did have that kiss and it left me thinking what if. Since then I enlisted in the marine corps and when I came home on leave she messaged me on Facebook and said she was having a party and I should stop by, I figured this could be my chance to pick up where we had left off. when I got to the party her ex boyfriend was already with her and I only stayed maybe a whole 30 minutes, I made it a point for her not to see me because me being me I don’t wanna spoil anyone’s good time even if it means I’ll suffer for it and she seemed to be having a good time with him. That was back in 2013 it’s now 2018 and even though I don’t think of her I still dream about her quite often, I dream about the kiss we never had and I dream of holding her in my arms. It may sound crazy but she in the one who my heart belongs to and the one who I truly am In love with....

© 2018 Xander

Author's Note

Hope you all enjoy this hopeless romance story witch is all true. Let me know what you think of it! :)

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Added on March 3, 2018
Last Updated on March 3, 2018