Chapter one

Chapter one

A Chapter by Xanthrax


                    Chapter 1
All was not well in the ancient kingdom of Wingull and Winstin knew it.
The aging manservant rushed to moE’s chambers; fear still clung to his spine.
Knock, knock, knock!! The old wooden sliding door creaked under his intense pounding.
 “Winston is that you?” said the prince as Winston opened the door.
“Yes my prince, and I bring gra-“
“Well hurry in, I am in the middle of an important, umm, meeting, with Xanthrax!” shouted the prince from across the room
 As Winston opened the door he could see books everywhere still; on the floor, on his bed, on his night stand. The prince’s passion for reading was well known in Wingull.
“For being the greatest warrior in all of Wingull you could be a little neater,” said Winston with a grin
“Oh, do not start again, besides,” he paused point to the 4-foot tall lemur in front of him. “It’s his fault,” said the prince with a smirk
 As Winston walked pass the messy books, and an unmade bed, he reached the only corner of the room that was clean. With a slight sigh of annoyance he sat down on a nearby chair.
   In the arena the prince was panting hard and looked quite tired; his twin katanas were limp in his hands, and his breath came in sharp puffs. As for his opponent, there wasn’t even a hint of exhaustion, though any normal animal would feel the pains and sores of mock battle. Despite the fact that moE was beyond exhausted he urged the little lemur to fight. Though not with words but with the crazy twinkling in his bluish- green eyes.
 “What are you going to do? I have the advantage. You will never defeat me! Why you just have those silly daggers,” said the prince with a childish grin
“Ahh, you may be taller and have TWO katanas but I have TWO daggers as well, plus you are slow and exhausted as humans tend to be,” said Xanthrax with an equally silly grin.
moE raised his swords again in battle position and awaited an attack from Xanthrax. As a sign of agreement he raised his twelve-inch daggers up again. Both weapons gleamed silver in the sun’s setting rays of light. With out taking his eyes off of Xanthrax he said,” Winstin, will you please play a tune for us, my samisen is right behind you,”
Winstin seemed hesitant but he could not resist the chance to play. As his fingers flew up the spine of the samisen, he smiled slightly and each time he plucked the string it made a beautiful note. The melodic sound seemed to uplift the tension in the room. He abruptly stopped the music and moE lunged his first blade for X’s mid section. The lemur blocked the blade with a swish of his dagger, and at the same time his right hand slashed for the price’s thigh. Being to quick for a simple attack as that he merely jumped back to avoid the blade. Expecting that move Xanthrax too jumped back. Now both opponents were across the arena, panting hard.
“That old move, block and slash? Come on X you can do better that that!” taunted moE
“You scoff, but soon you will eat your words, for I am always full of surprises! Now are you ready to begin?” said the agitated Xanthrax
“Ha, I am always ready!” shouted the price
Just as he said that a dagger flew past his shoulder and stuck in the wooden beam in back of him.
“Now that was a warning, so again are you ready!” shouted Xanthrax
With out a reply moE ran forward, swords at the ready. As moE got half way across the arena Xanthrax ran toward the prince.
 As his first blade lunged forward X jumped atop the out stretched blade and jumped over his head, but at the same time he slashed at the prince’s head. A long patch of the prince’s long black and red hair fell to the floor. Winstin gasped and burst out laughing. moE’s face turned dark red as he felt the damage the lemur did with his dagger.
“Ha, now not only did I cut your beautiful hair, I wounded your pride,” said Xanthrax
“You’ll pay for this!” shouted the very angry moE
“I am? I am so scared of you, Mr. Bad haircut,” said X
Now with extra fury moE did what you would least expect, he sheathed his swords. This only sent Xanthrax in to a fit of laughter.
“What to scared to face me?” said X
The prince said only one word as he lifted up his hand and pointed his finger at Xanthrax,” Chardag”
A stream of ice spouted out of his hand and went straight toward the lemur. Xanthrax jumped out of the way in just in time to not be a pop sickle.
“So that’s how you want to play? Then fine, two can play that game…. Mabor,” shouted Xanthrax.   The prince barely had enough time to put up an energy shield as X’s flame engulfed him. When X’s attack was finished the prince’s shield vanished, along with his strength, for he collapsed on the floor. Seeing what his risky attack had done to his best friend Xanthrax walked up to his friend and helped him on his feet. Both said nothing as they sat down on the long benches next a open window. The prince spoke first.
“Sorry,” said moE
“Same here,’ said X
Both hugged breifly before getting up. The prince walked up to Winstin.
“Now, wasn’t there some important news you needed to tell us?” said the price
“Ahh yes, I almost forgot after all the excitement you two caused. “Said Winstin

© 2009 Xanthrax

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I have stopped writing this but I will try to pick it up later.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Interesting beginning. Love the big Lemur. It was funny and flowed well. You intruduced you characters well through the scene. You also left you reader still wanting to read more, wondering what messege he had brought.
Good Job.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Nice story but you must check your spelling
and check the way you write your sentences cause
some dont make sence, but good story keep it up...

Posted 12 Years Ago

add some thought into it, but comical. really funny at parts

Posted 12 Years Ago

It hard to read and follow, or it is for me at lest. I would try reading your work out loud before posting.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on January 23, 2009



bakersfeild, CA

I'm a frshmen in high school who loves to write. I have been working on this little jem for years. I love swords, espesily Katanas. more..

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