The Truth...

The Truth...

A Poem by Sarah

i wrote this..because i am tired of seeing scars on my loved ones arms.

You Cry. You Bleed. Your Broken. Your sleeves
can't cover up the fact that you have given up
and let the darkness take over. The sharp
metal pierces your skin and you feel proud.
The sadness will never fade. The scars will
never disappear. The memories will never die. The
pain is forever planted in your brain. You crave
the pride, you desire the blood; your weak.
You hide the truth and desire the lies. You
loose sight of what's in front of you. You live
for that sharp piece of hell that you believe
cuts through your pain and suffering. But
look around. How can see the blood, but
not her tears? How can you feel the pain, but
not the love? Open your eyes, sew the cuts,
enjoy your existence. Stop hiding behind your
lies, stop breaking your promise to become the
person you know doesn't exist. Dry your tears,
clean up the blood; Your Fixed.

© 2010 Sarah

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this poem has some hurt to express and the pain is revealed , but what i feel is it could be rephrased better with some stanzas and rhyming, could make it sound better... Its juts from my point of view

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on February 20, 2010
Last Updated on February 20, 2010



Im quiet, thoughtful, and i dont like expressing myself with an audience. thats why i do it through music, stories, and poetry. more..

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