Going Through Life as Time Passes Him By

Going Through Life as Time Passes Him By

A Poem by Alex Boyd

Something I am currently going through


Contemplating about his life right now
Wondering how it would be if he was no longer around
Just ask the people that no longer come around, him
Gave his life to them, gave his music, his soul, his word to them
Gave it his all and what does he get in return
A slap in the face and a couple of beats to burn
His mother always told him don't try to rebuild a bridge that needs to stay brunt, should have listen to her
Now wanting to break a couple of spinal cords
Going through life as time passes him by

What can you tell a man that's homeless
In his spirit, he seeking deliverance, from his mind state
Living in awkward place though it's safe still he doesn't feel safe
In his mother's arm, his body has been harmed, his soul has been torn
By his father's hands, welcome to his promise land of broken dreams and harsh realities
The many things he has seen, no longer does his nightingale sing, lovely poetry to ease his pain
Enjoying the summer's rain because he understand that even seasons cry
And he wondering why his eyes doesn't shed a tear, his biggest fear
Going through life as time passes him by

Hocus, pocus, everything is so magical 
Like a wish upon a star or praying to some idol gods
When there's only one God, yeah he was brought up in the church
Still he question the holy ghost, so much fire shut off in his bones
His inner man about to burst, one of the many reasons he walks up out the church the demons in him refuses to let him go
Going through life as time passes him by
Living off pure will and determination
He's a native to his nation, stating his location
Just looking for job application but there's none in sight where his station
School of hard knocks is where he was taught that life ain't easy
Now his guilt and shame is lingering inside of some girl 's innocence
Thinking that she was heaven sent but in actuality she's just going through life as time passes her by

© 2015 Alex Boyd

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You have described the situation so well and one can feel the silence breaking the person from within, after all, how much one can tolerate?

Posted 8 Years Ago

I like your wording!
Well done Alex!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on February 9, 2015
Last Updated on February 9, 2015
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Alex Boyd
Alex Boyd

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