(Her Side)

(Her Side)

A Poem by Dani

A response to a song.


Hey you we just me could you maybe be my new best friend?

We could walk for hours or swing in the park.

You're just the kind of guy that I'm attracted to

Won't you stay a while and just smile for me?

Just for a while?

You told me that you'd be right back

I said that "I'll be the judge of that

You see boys, they have a tendancy to run from me as fast as they can

I don't know why."

And you laughed at me with that beauitful voice

and I didn't mind

We walked to the diner down the street and you didn't notice,

but I stared at you the whole time.

I wonder, do you feel the same?

And I did something bold

and kissed you on the cheek because I'm afraid

you won't like me

even though I prefer the lips


Hey my newest friend

I'd love to catch a movie with you

although the chairs are uncomfortable

it makes it worth it just to lean on you.

During the giant battle scene

you finally work up the nerve to do something

I've been wishing you to do and

put your arms around me.

I'm so warm and comfy.

It's so cliche like an episode of Boy Meets World

A show I so dispise and yet

I don't mind that

Do you?

I admire your voice

and the way you hair sways when you sing to me

I love the way you try to impress me in any way you can

And how you're afraid of the dakr

Just like me, so yes, I'll take a walk with you

through a well-lit park

You'll brighten up my bad day

and chase the storms away

You'll brighten up my bad day

and I'll return the favour.


© 2009 Dani

Author's Note

This song is a long, overdue response to the song "Hey" by BackseatGoodbye

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Woot! I loves it!

Posted 14 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on March 14, 2009



On my way to Wonderland.

Okay, well, my name is Dani and I have terrible grammar (grammer?) and I can't spell to save my life, but I love to write. Its a passion. I'm actually going to go to college for writing (creative wr.. more..

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