Great Expectations

Great Expectations

A Poem by Dani

about a girl who is her own


I'm sorry I don't like fancy dresses

and going to parties and the like

I'm sorry I'd rather stay at home

play video games or watch movies all night


I'm sorry I keep apologizing for things

when I know they're not my fault

I'm sorry I let my grades slip sometimes

to work my a*s off


I'm sorry I don't fit your great expectations of me

whatever grand master plan you had

I'm sorry I'd rather live as far away from you

yes, you, mom and dad


I'm sorry to my friends and such

who thought they could control me

I'm sorry I seem depressed all the time

just don't try to f*****g console me


I hate the rhyme scheme of this poem

this shouldn't even be written

But hell it all if I'm going to stop

I'm not even going to try to rhyme with written.


I apologize for acting more like a boy

when I'm around all of my friends

I'm sorry that I'd rather eat oreos with spaghetti

than salads and fish and s**t like that.


I'm tired of feeling rejected by everyone

and like everything is my fault

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired

of myself for something I've done


If you don't like the way I act

well, tough

You're going to have to get over it



I'm NOT sorry for who I am

and I'm NOT sorry that I don't like dresses at all

It's a leap and a bound for me to wear a skirt

or spend so much damn time in the mall


I'm NOT sorry for the way I act

or the way I like the mud

I'm NOT sorry that I don't dress like a girl

or even act like it sometimes 'cause


I'm NOT sorry that I don't fill your great expectations of me

and I'll probably fail at life

But what the hell

Who gives a damn?


At least I'll be friggen happy.

© 2009 Dani

Author's Note

written out of pure rage.

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i'm going to be like natasha and talk about college and leaving and nothing about the poem and say, 'by the by, this poem's brilliant'.

by the by,
this poem's brilliant.

but really, no.
i love it (not in a happy, it makes my mood kind of way).
i just have props for you.

Posted 14 Years Ago

Well Danikins.
I am not sorry you are this way cause I love youuuu so much this way.
That's why I'm always telling you that I love you, haha.

You're pretty f*****g awesome and I respect you big time.
I'm going to miss you so freaking much when you leave.
I'm going to miss the genius to my gnome pet. =]

By the by, this poem is brilliant.
A favorite no doubt.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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