Flight to Hell

Flight to Hell

A Story by CherryBomb

A creative/horror write


Corrine glanced at her reflection at the ten by twelve mirror in Dee’s Breakfast diner. She thoroughly washed her bloody hands as she hummed “At Your Funeral” By Saves the Day.

Squeaky clean she thought as she dried her wet hands on her black camisole. She focused on her reflection. Her smile grew from her left cheek down a mile to her right.

She looked beautiful.

“Emilio Ralphs” she whispered to her reflection “Have fun” Her reflection giggled back, as she reapplied her black eyeliner

She mingled her 12” leather Jeffrey Campbell heels out of the restroom. When she approached the coffee bar, she saw him. Emilio Ralphs.

She took the stool left of him. “Black coffee. No sugar” she bluntly ordered to the waitress

“Rough morning?” Emilio questioned


“I drink black coffee only when I have a hangover” he smiled

Corrine looked over to his mug. Milked.

“Someone didn’t have a fun night” she teased “I didn’t have much sleep last night” she explained

“Why’s that?”

“Lately I haven’t been dreaming, so what’s the point in sleeping?”

He didn’t respond. He just studied her. He liked the way her rich straight black hair dangled passed her shoulders. He liked how she smelt like cotton candy, yet still radiated bitterness in her disposition.

“Dreaming isn’t everything” He finally said

“Yes it is. It’s my only time away from this world” she lied

She felt his eyes being glued to her as she sipped her sugarless coffee. She knew she was slowly captivating him, sip by sip.

“Emilio” he introduced himself

“Corrine” she smiled as she offered her left hand for him to shake

“Are you from around here?”

“I moved here from the states about a month ago”

“American girl” he warmly smiled

As she giggled in response, she felt his left hand warming hers

“You’re my next victim” her voice emerged deeply

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he laughed, now holding her hand tightly

She held his hand back, and didn’t let go.

“Care to walk me to my car?” she flirted, as she escorted herself and his hand to the entrance of the diner

He followed as they got to the parking lot of Dee’s Morning

“Which is your car?” he asked as Corrine continued to lead him to his death

Corrine grabbed Emilio and pushed him to a red car

“Wow” he hooted

“This is just a game” she snickered back as her eye sockets rolled back her face. She grasped his body against hers and applied pressure to his wrists.

“W-what are you doing?” he feared

Her nails were now stabbing his wrist. Emilio was unable to move, as he now felt immortal. The cold wind eroded pass them as the body of Corrine collapsed

“Goodbye beauty” Emilio whispered as he sneered at the soulless body lying on the pavement 

Emilio lugged the cold body to a dark alley, which was located on the same block as Dee’s Morning. Emilio stabbed the body several times in the heartless chest with a scalpel, till the blood drenched his cold, dry hands.

He left the body there to feed to the pigeons and made his way towards the pawn shop, Jewels.

The door chirped from bells as Emilio entered the shop “Restroom?” he asked the salesman

“Last door on the right” the salesman advised

Emilio smiled, as he made his way towards the bathroom. When he entered he locked the door behind him.

He washed his bloody hands thoroughly as he stared at his reflection in the mirror

“Austin Chen” he whispered to his reflection as he dried his hands with a napkin

“Have fun” his reflection laughed broadly in response

Emilio’s large framed figure exited the restroom, as he approached the counter, he showed interest in the vintage Luna watches.

“I think my wife would love that one” Emilio told the salesman as he pointed at the glassed counter that caged the antique watches

“Would you like to see it closely?” the salesman offered

“Yes please, Austin” Emilio smiled as he read the salesman’s nametag

Emilio appreciated the white gold band that wristed the watch

“How much?”

“8,900 ringgits” Austin responded

“It’s beautiful”

Austin nodded in response

“My wife doesn’t deserve it”

“Pardon?” Austin questioned

Emilio reached into his pocket and publicized the scalpel

Austin’s jaw dropped in fear “It’s free for you, today” Austin chocked on his words

“Ha-ha” Emilio laughed “Silly Austin. I don’t want the watch”

Austin reached to the cash register and unlocked it. “Take it all” he offered    

“I don’t want your money either”

“What do you want then?” Austin cried, afraid of where Emilio was going with this

“You” Emilio whispered just inches away from Emilio’s ear

Austin didn’t even have a moment to digest this frightening news, as Emilio grabbed the wrists of Austin and paused, until the soulless body of Emilio collapsed onto the rugged floor of the pawn shop.

Austin dragged the body into the restroom, and pierced the body with the sharp, warm scalpel. The blood oozed from the throat of Emilio, and squirted as a beautiful waterfall. The white walls of the restroom was now splattered in bright red. 

Austin glanced in the mirror, and stared into his slanted eyes as he thoroughly washed his bloody hands

“Lee Chen” Austin whispered to his reflection

“Have fun” his reflection laughed in response

Austin heard the door bells chirp as he rushed out of the restroom

“Daddy!” a little boy ran towards him

“Lee!” Austin said as he wrapped his arms around his five year old son

“I missed you daddy” Lee said not letting go of his father’s neck

“I missed you too, sweetheart”

“Me and mommy are going to see grandpa today!” Lee said in a childish voice as he screeched in excitement

“That’s so much fun! So you’re not coming over for supper tonight?”

Austin and Sue have been separated for seven months, and Lee stays with his dad on alternate weekends

“Momma said I can be with you next weekend instead”

“Come give daddy another hug” Austin said grabbing Lee’s head into his chest

Austin grabbed Lee by the wrists and possessed his young and weak body even before Lee can protest. As Lee caught his father’s soulless body, his small body had a difficult time dragging him to the restroom.

When he finally got to the restroom, he splattered the sweet blood, coating the already reddened walls

Lee stood on his tippy toes as he recited the name “Fariq Abdul Hamid” while washing his puny hands beneath the faucet. The clear water transitioned into gray fluid.  Lee’s voice broke into hysterics. He was now comfortable with the body he was in. He walked out the pawn shop, and into his mother’s black minivan.

“Was daddy okay over the fact that you won’t be joining him tonight?” Mama Sue asked

“I’ll be joining him tonight, alright” Lee sleepily whispered

“No, Lee! Don’t be silly! We’re visiting Grandpa Kin in Beijing!”

“I know. What I meant, mommy, is that I will be FaceTiming poppy tonight” Lee covered up

They drove in silence for a while.

Damion, who was the wandering demon, just sat in the five year old boy’s body, contemplating his next event. Damion knew his mission was almost complete, and soon enough, he’ll be able to celebrate the death of 239 innocent beings.

When they arrived to the terminal, they checked in their luggage, and passed though security. Everything went as well as his passed forty nine murders have.

They boarded flight MH370, with Lee and Mama Sue sitting thirteenth row.

As everyone had taken their seats, the flight attendants went about instructing the passengers of their nearest emergency exits, and the safety of seatbelts. Which of course, no one ever listens to. The plane had taken off a quarter to one in the morning, and the first forty minutes of the flight were quite serene.

Lee glanced at his mother, and noticed that she had fallen asleep. Lee then rose from his seat and walked towards the front of the plane.

“Where do you think you’re going, little one?” a tall Malaysian flight attendant questioned as she stopped Lee right by the cockpit

Lee faked a cry and the flight attendant reached down to take hold of the child toward her bosom. Lee pulsed the flight attendant by her throat, causing her to pass out.

Lee was able to unlock the cockpit, using his magical sensory vision, and was now exposed to both, the pilot and copilot.

“How’d you get into here?” questioned Fariq, the copilot, as he gripped the child by his waist, so he can return him to his seat

Lee grabbed the wrist of this young man, and applied enough compression to possess his body. Lee’s body collapsed onto the ground of carpeted cockpit

“What happened to the young boy?” the pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah asked confused

“He might have fell asleep. I will carry him to his seat” Fariq said

Fariq had left the cockpit and returned Lee to the seat where his mother was still sleeping

Fariq returned to the cockpit and locked the bars behind him

“How could he have even opened the bars of the cockpit?” Zaharie asked “Security examined the entire plane before takeoff”

“I might have forgotten to lock it when I went to get a soda” Fariq confessed

Fariq took his seat and started to look around the controllers in the cockpit

“You are now entering Vietnamese air traffic” recited an air marine traffic controller from the intercom

“Goodnight Malaysian three seven zero” Fariq responded as he destroyed the yellow tracker, which traces the plane’s location by air traffickers

“What are you doing?!” Zaharie questioned wide-eyed in fear

Fariq grabbed him by the neck and pressured him enough for him to fall unconscious.

Fariq then made a complete 170 degree turn around, heading back toward the Malaysia. When he did a 15,000 feet drop, he heard the passengers squeal in fright.

71 passengers died instantly from the impact of the 15,000 drop, and four of them were just three month olds.

“Ladies and gentlemen, have no fear, this is copilot Fariq Abdul Hamid speaking, and I am going to kill you all” he narrated over the intercom in a cheerful expression

He flew the plane for an hour till a group of men started to break down the cockpit door, and who failed to do so.

After flying for seven hours, looping around the air, the plane was low on fuel.

“I must now conclude my journey, folks. Thank you for flying Malaysian Air. I will see you all in hell” Fariq proudly stated through the speakers as flight MH370 crashed into the Indian Ocean.

Damion made the plane invisible with his black magic.

The soul of Damion surely completed his mission and went to hell.

Flight MH370 has been missing from radar since March 8th, 2014 at 1:23 am. It has still not been found… and never will be. ;)

© 2014 CherryBomb

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Author's Note

Can be sensitive to those who are blood-dreaders

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Nice. My skills aren't polished enough to comment on your writing other than to say that I enjoyed the story!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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