My Girlfriend, My Succubus

My Girlfriend, My Succubus

A Poem by Abhishekizy

Love, carelessness, lust and a tragedy. One which keeps re-visiting.


Waking from the nightmare, sweat glitters in the light of the moon,
I realize the cold sneaking in, from the rusted old open windows.
Snaking through the legs, wrapping my naked skin like a living.
Like its icing my veins, slowly diluting the warmth of the blood.
The blankets don’t warm me anymore. I’m so frozen from inside out.

Just like any other night, the darkness around condenses so thick.
Distant light of the moon greys out, reflection on window shies away.
Blankness deliberately fills me in with a rotten scent of a decay.
Slowly the deep unsettling fear shows up in me, just like the last night.
The ice cold skin shivers and trembles, yet the sweat breaks in again.

And it starts happening all over again, resembling the night before.
Emptiness of the darkness slowly materializes into The Darker.
I could see darkness forms her, every inch of those familiar curves.
Decay grows louder, skin feels the faint tingles of the cold touch.
Pulse vibrates in unusual sensation, its evil anxiety runs all over.

The eyes shuts tights, trembling hand gripping the bed sheets hard.
She slowly takes over, slithering over the naked body like a cold wind.
Chest tightens under the grip of nails, the hair feels so ruffled.
Millions of sensations burst in the head, and the hormones inside surge.
Torso stretch at the bulk of the nothingness, riding in the rhythm.

Though the mind still tries a revolt, the body surrenders to the maul.
The hardness grows inside like an animal, toes tightens in bends.
Somewhere I realize I control myself no more. My body is on prowl.
Feeding on the lust, swiping wet at the evil darkness riding on it.
Laboring in hard breaths, thrusting and assaulting in loud moans.

A part of me, detaches and watches me in strong unfamiliar emotions.
Involved in the nightly ritual, as every other night since years.
Realization makes me sad and terrified. It all started with her death.
I remember my strong grip on her neck, choking little tears off her eyes.
Riding inside her, uncontrolled I rose to the uncharted wild climax.

Asphyxia killed her that day. Those days I was way too popular to regret.
Filthy rich, famous and addicted. Soon I lost my way in the arrogance.
Sudden twist pushed me to the dark of debts and rehabilitation houses.
And when I knew I lost everything, she returned back to me that night.
And every night. Vowed never to separate,
She is MY Girlfriend, MY Succubus!

© 2016 Abhishekizy

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Added on October 19, 2016
Last Updated on October 19, 2016
Tags: love, murder, death, succubus, haunting, night, lust, erotic, sensual, weird, Gothic, girlfriend, crime, revenge



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