Chennai, Hot Baked Land, India
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About Me

Hello & Namaste,
I'm Abhishek, I boring, geeky-clad, I.T Guy from India. Currently trying to stitch life through the maze of servers ( I told ya, my job is incredibly boring)....
Well true to my roots, I'm an amateur writer ( sometimes I pretend to be poet too), and apart from the tiny unread-able scriptures of mine, I indulge in lil bit of everything. I'm a cartoonist, calligrapher, Chalk - sculptor ( self proclaimed on that one), an explorer ( at least used to be), an atheist, humorous, witty, classified - insane, among lot of other things.

Reading inspires a writer in me... I guess reading is one of the wisest & most positive things I ever did in my life. Nah I ain't talking Shakespeare and Dickens etc ( no disrespect), my Bible is written by the likes of Micheal Crichton, Conan Doyle and all.
I love movies, music and god damn FOOD!! Who doesn't!! I've this split personality kinda of thing going in me. I've a small utopain world in my head...its soft, serene and majectic. Just besides the cerebrum, somwhere closer to cerebellum, there exists another would, dark, gothic, insane, cruel, lusty and voyeurist. It works on a simple 'Don't stare, or I'll jam the fork in you' theory.
Hahh...Self Illustration is pretty scary at times. However, the cruel world is rather passive ( volcanic at times) so lets not worry bout it... I ain't Jack Ripper.

I have some serious Unapologitic, terrible, moron-ic, sarcastic, and horrified views towards the human-ecastacy-drug called Love.( Why don't they ban it anyways). So now I'm this happy go lucky guy, waiting for some big break in his life.... glad and cozy with a mal-functioning brain and beer bottles at fridge.

Note: Have you ever seen someone so desperately trying to un-do his own self.... Watch me!!!