A Chapter by A.C. Lei


Saiorse McDowell had once been a normal kid but that all changed when she started hearing voices not to mention the feeling of being watched. As an unknown tragedy struck that involved an innocent with her barely having a mind on what happened, she was packed up and shipped to a correctional facility for the dangerous and twisted juveniles. However, that facility was burned down and no remains were found. That was, until Reine showed up.




It had been a decade after his kingdom had been under siege and a new ruler had taken over, with the feared general who had a dark past named Reine. He hated what the militia and its leader presented with every fiber of his being. But then a classified mission of his expertise led him to an abandoned building and into a beautiful dead girl - or supposed to be dead.




Now, Saoirse awakens and was suddenly thrust into a world she barely knew and a new group of people who plans to use her 'curse'. But this time, she won't let them. If it's any clearer now, she despises humans. Yet, she can't stop the feeling that these humans around her might not be not human at all - perhaps otherworldly - especially that tall, dark and handsome of a guard who's been watching over her like a hawk while having that dangerous aura around him. With Reine, she can't help but be infuriated yet at the same time be secured than she could ever have been. Nonetheless, it doesn't help his controlling nature, his unnatural possessiveness towards her and his constant addressing of 'mate'.




The only question was, would she follow her fate? Or escape it?


If only Saoirse can convince him of letting her go or even letting her leave his side for a  bathroom break. One thing's for sure, the arising of Saoirse McDowell would surely lead to a whole lot of love, pain, adventure, disaster, sinister plans and plot and maybe the rediscovery of herself as soon as when the prophecy does come true and feelings - Arise.






A story of fate, fantasy, courage and love set in a world beyond the mortal realm; where exists the lore and magic.








© 2015 A.C. Lei

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Added on April 8, 2015
Last Updated on October 23, 2015
Tags: arise, death, stalkers, witches, werewolves, magic, realms, romance


A.C. Lei
A.C. Lei


"I'm a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, hidden by a riddle and guarded by a sphinx." I find inspiration in the darkness, in the hallowed pits of grey and the abysmal smoke of nothingness. Basically, .. more..

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A Chapter by A.C. Lei