When You Need A Friend

When You Need A Friend

A Poem by Adam Jordan Turner

Just to show some love to my friends


When you need a friend I will be there

to soothe your pains, and give you care

Just call on me day or night

and to your aid I will take flight

When you need someone to hold your hand

I'll hold it tight at your command

When you need someone to hold you close

I'll hold you as dear as heart sung note

No wave of fear or threatening tide

could make me, once, leave your side


When you need a friend I'll take a stand

and cherish our bond that is so grand

I'll think of you as I always do

a gift of a being as if from a dream

Ask of me my loyalty

and you shall have it strong and complete

Confide in me as good friends do

with every trouble I'll help you through

Come to me when life seems strange

and I'll do my best to provide you change

Change of pace, change of flow,

whatever it is, let me know


When you need a friend I am yours

to you I have not one closed door

If you do me wrong and leave me sores

I may just tend to love you more

For the things that hurt us all the most

are some things friends say that others won't

The things we most need to hear

The things we most tend to fear

From you my friend there is no wrong

For you my friend all doubt is gone

I count on you to count on me

When you feel a friend is what you need


When you need a friend, and can't find me

in your heart is where I will be

It's where I stay, it's where I live

It's where I have most love to give

I'm there for you through crime or sin

For it is a crime to deny you in

My heart of which you shall stay

from now on through my final days

When you need a friend, that friend I am

If you're lost at sea, I'm your dry land

When you need a friend do not search far

Take a look to the heavens, I'm your shining star

When you need a friend to make it through

remember your friend needs you too


© 2008 Adam Jordan Turner

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The world needs more friends like you. Thanks for sharing! Keep this spirit with you always.


Posted 16 Years Ago

Beautiful piece.
I think you have a great rhyme in you and a good sense of sentance form. You're very experienced, I can tell. I like all your stuff.

Posted 16 Years Ago

A beautiful poem about what friendship should be. My favorite lines are:

If you're lost at sea, I'm your dry land.
Take a look to the heaven's, I'm your shining star.

Thank you for sharing. Debileah

Posted 16 Years Ago

awwww this is so sweet! it really touching and a wonderful statement of what friendship is ment to be! an excelent write... I love you Main!


Posted 16 Years Ago

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Added on April 14, 2008


Adam Jordan Turner
Adam Jordan Turner

Houston, TX

I am a 20 year old artist. Writing is something I have always found interesting, and fun, however I did not take on the challenge until recently. I mostly write song lyrics, my mother is a lyricist, .. more..


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