Southern Melle

Southern Melle

A Poem by Adam Jordan Turner

A piece for the fairest lady of all


You'd think it's a crime,

a girl of her time,

being so eloquent and fair


You'd think it's a race,

a girl of grace,

being so quick to care


You'd think it's a sin,

how she makes you begin

to experince such joys


You'd think you're a fool,

somehow schooled,

as she makes you feel but a boy.


You think you're a man,

in total command,

but it's not the case, you see


You follow in her stride,

a truth you can't hide,

but also can not see.


How do you tell,

a true Southern Melle

from any other dame?


It's that feeling inside

that brings you alive

at the simple drop of her name


How do you know

it isn't for show,

she's not simply playing games


Acts so lame,

and acts of shame,

are ways of the Southern Belle


A Southern Belle may play with you heart,

approach you soul,

and ease your mind


She may push you away,

and beg you to stay,

all at the very same time


She may cost you sleep,

or cause you to weep,

or simply wish you could win


Where these flaws subside,

and you feel alive,

is where a Southern Melle begins.


A Southern Melle,

if you can not tell,

is figure of a dream


She'll make your day,

in many ways,

worth more than what it seems


She'll pick a fight,

day or night,

just to give in and let you win.


She casts a spell,

make your heart swell,

from the moment you begin


Courting her,

adoring her,

wishing she were yours


Then she is

and life begins

to open up it's doors


You show her love

she'll show you why

you feel the way you do


For she is a being

from a dream,

it is simply truth


Her spirit glows,

and beauty shows,

in every way, so well


This fearless dame,

bares the name,

Quintessential Southern Melle.

© 2008 Adam Jordan Turner

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Excellent Flow
the entire idea is well written and speaks passion,
the concept of the southern bell,
you've got it with all of her finess,
i really enjoyed the entire flow
and wording, very nice job, Thanks

Posted 16 Years Ago

Nice, though in my opinion the strength of this poem is in the last few stanzas. I like how you kept the structure throughout, but then again, don't be afraid to branch off, even in the middle of a poem.

Posted 16 Years Ago

I love the simple rhyme scheme and message....veru interesting poem.....i find you style very....similar I guess you could I enjoyed it very much!

Posted 16 Years Ago

Ok so you were right.... This is so much more amazing than the first version its absolutely perfect and worth a 110% rating because it is just freaking fantastic!


Posted 16 Years Ago

This is absolutely perfect and she will absolutely adore it when she reads it.... this IS finished and your fears of how you structured it were just you over analysing and being nervous... this wonderfully written wonderfully stuctured and absolutely beautiful in what it is saying... Great awesome Wonderful Job!

I love you main!


Posted 16 Years Ago

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5 Reviews
Added on April 18, 2008
Last Updated on April 18, 2008


Adam Jordan Turner
Adam Jordan Turner

Houston, TX

I am a 20 year old artist. Writing is something I have always found interesting, and fun, however I did not take on the challenge until recently. I mostly write song lyrics, my mother is a lyricist, .. more..


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