Nothing More Than Death

Nothing More Than Death

A Poem by Adam Jordan Turner

Nothing more than death seems better to me

No more hope, no more fear, no more dreams

Nothing more than gone, would I like to be now

No more fight, no more struggle, no more stress


Nothing like feeling like you're stuck in a place

Where no one has been before, therefore no one can help

Nothing like feeling you're so f*****g special, you're not special at all

Just as special as every other martyr, dying for what is to be destroyed

Nothing like feeling at 20 you've lived it all

The hurt, the pain, the bullshit
Nothing like feeling "if this isn't 'it all' then I'm done"

No more fight left in you, no more will

I guess what it really is, is that there's nothing like feeling nothing
No care, no concern, no love
The truth is, the only time we feel nothing, is when we feel we're receiving nothing
No care, no concern, no love

So right now, nothing more than death seems better to me
No you, no them, no expectations
Nothing more than not being here anymore, and people crying for the fact
Nothing like quitting to prove I am loved

There is absolutely nothing like being so alive you feel dead
So driven you feel stuck

So stuck you feel gone

So gone you feel dead

So dead you feel alive....

Nothing like being so young it's just begun
Nothing like facing hardship when you have seen nothing yet
Nothing like feeling sorry when you've never been
Nothing like being loved when you've never been
Nothing like writing when you never have
Nothing like living when you want to die
Nothing like dying when you just want to live


Abso-f*****g-lutely nothing

Nothing at all.
But this place.

Full of sin, stress, and sex
Which are arguably all the same
...If you ask me

Nothing like having such severe ADD you can't even stay on one f*****g topic
Nothing like being on the topic because no topic is on you
Nothing like wishing it were over....


So it can finally


Nothing more than death seems better to me
Which, with my luck, means it's finally








Until there's nothing more....




Which seems better to me.



© 2008 Adam Jordan Turner

Author's Note

Adam Jordan Turner
Hahahhaha, yaaay! This isn't a very good poem but it's interesting! I like it! I was VERY drunk when I wrote it, I just recently discovered that I wrote it which is why I'm now writing this little warning, *Drunk Poem* Gotta love it! Interesting what my inhibitions are hiding there. Hmm. I'm not going to close rating, but feel free to not rate it, haha.

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I actually like it.

"The truth is, the only time we feel nothing, is when we feel we're receiving nothing"
-- This really is the truth, a nice line. But I'd suggest taking out "The truth is" because the reader assumes you are telling the truth (in most cases!). That's probably the alcohol kicking in. When I write drunk (though I never do anymore because I never am drunk) I usually put in phrases not needed, like that one.

But I really do like how you progress in some places, like...
"So driven you feel stuck
So stuck you feel gone"
and etc.

And I like the repetition of "nothing", it can be used in so many different ways. My advice would be, if you don't think it's that good, is to EDIT the poem yourself. Free writes can be great, but many times I love to revise them and am almost always end more satisfied with the revised versions.

Good luck if you choose to look this over again!


Posted 15 Years Ago

lol deffinatly not one of my favorites but deffinatly not bad at all for how drunk you were.... believe me you were DRUNK drunk... Anyway I just wanted to say while its not your best it is very interesting and rather catchy...


Posted 15 Years Ago

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Added on May 2, 2008
Last Updated on May 3, 2008


Adam Jordan Turner
Adam Jordan Turner

Houston, TX

I am a 20 year old artist. Writing is something I have always found interesting, and fun, however I did not take on the challenge until recently. I mostly write song lyrics, my mother is a lyricist, .. more..