Summer and her NADS (who sleeps in her JOC)

Summer and her NADS (who sleeps in her JOC)

A Story by adam

Follow summer and her NADS in a tale of wonderous adventure through time, space, and, most of all, love.


Summer was a girl. She was a girl who loved her NADS. NADS slept in her JOC. One day, Summer and her NADS went out for a stroll in the swmap.

While they were walking, a squirrel stopped them and said, "hiyas, strangas! What might bring ya'll here to muh swmap?"

Summer looked down at her NADS and her NADS looked up to Summer, unable to answer as they had never heard a squirrel speak to them before. NADS eventually broke the silence and said, "Umm, im hungry.....sooooo......ummmm....can I eat you?"

The squirrel fliched as though he had been kicked in the eye and replied, "Why, of COURSE you can't eat me, but i can leave right now." As said, the squirrel turned and flew off into the distant sunset on wings set aflame.

Summer was distraught; would she use her jew powers and pursue the squirrel? Or would she go to the store? She contemplated this decision for a time, and eventually decided to go to the park and play with her  NADS where everyone could see. When she and her NADS finally arrived at the park, they saw that JOC, too, was there swinging on NADS' favorite teeter-totter. Summer wondered why JOC was swinging on the teeter-totter by herself, but then thought JOC does things that no one can even begin to start. NADS was becoming increasingly symmetrical, so Summer, in fear of facing the Puerto Rican wrath of her NADS, went over to JOC to tell her to get off or go with her to eat french fries.

Summer,  too, wanting a turn to twing on the teeter totter, glided over to JOC and said, "Get off."

Joc abrubtly stopped while still hafway in midair and cast  look of pain towards Summer. "Owww," JOC whined," why you so tall???"

Summer and NADS, again, were confounded as had never before heard such an absurd thing. Summer, after another respite, replied in a low baritone," you, sir, are the one of which is the tallest here."

JOC was taken aback (and slightly turned on). " all makes sence now....YOU CAN SWING ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TEETER TOTTER!!!

Summer was quick to comply and began to climb on the other side of the swinging teeter totter, but her NADS was mor wary and quickly pulled the rest of her back. "Wait, i dont trust this ding-dong hoeface. I think she be lyin' to our faces."

JOC, increasingly becoming more agitated at the bee buzzing around her head, glowered at NADS and yelled in a British accent, " DO YOU WANT TO GET ON WITH ME, OR OFF?!?"

Alas, NADS and Summer promptly decided that JOC was not all that bad, so they then climbed on the swinging teeter totter and blew up.



Das Fin 

© 2009 adam

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hahaha uh wow. summer and joc said it all
i have no idea what/who NADS is but isn't it another name for balls?

Posted 15 Years Ago

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BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!! anyone who does not like this is a zombie!! i repeat...BRAVO!!!

Posted 15 Years Ago

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You have a way with words, my dear sir. And a way of painting images in your readers' brains that's truly fantastical. I worship your prose.

But seriously, this is strange. And, of course, hilarious as always. XDD
I see a future in this for you. (lmfao!) XP

Posted 15 Years Ago

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Woah Adam
This is truly a masterpiece to behold.
No matter how poorly the storyline, or how atrocious the grammar, you still manage to entertain.
I guess that is a perk of being an idiot.
But seriously, good story.
No, scratch that.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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