Timeless Love

Timeless Love

A Poem by Aekmy

  Timeless love stories touch the young hearts of women in all of their ages. To fall in love and be happy with the man you love, to have no worries, to sit in his arms and look in his eyes and know that he is the one, to know what love really is. Do any of us know what love really is? It’s passion maybe an obsession, but do any of us care? No. An obsession that takes you flying, daydreaming all over town. Sadly, though, we all don’t get this infatuation that the luckiest of us enjoy, most of us aren’t bold enough to spread our wings and fly. Where would we fly? To the beautifully rich rivers tucked away in the bends of mother natures wondrous mountains with sparkling water that even a diamond couldn’t dream of competing against. Treacherous beauty that sends even the most reserved person breathless and off their feet.

Dream a little, dream of me. For him to dream of you as you dream of him – wondrous. No other words can balance with the silent signals of love. The way he holds you in his arms, the way he looks in your eyes instantly making you smile, the way he talks to you and all of the other special things he does for you or you wish he did for you.


I listen to the slow drops and falls of a pianist’s heart on keys, slow and soft, high and low with emotion. It puts me into a spell, weaving me into its wishes, making me dream up my wildest hallucinations about people, accomplishments, and the unthinkable. How I sometimes wish they would come true.

A double-crossing love that pulls you one way and then the next, making you question his love for you, whether or not it is truly real.

A passionate friendship that has signs of turning into something more.


Racing mind, wondering what to write. Or do I write at all? If I show my feeling does that show too much? Will he still be interested in a book worm with more opinions on politics than him and his friends combined? Heart pounding, palms sweaty, hands clenching into fists. My mind is clogged with – teenager – crap. How am I supposed to make good of all this mess? Why does it have to be so dang hard to show people who I really am? Why do guys have to look at the books cover and put it down! Why do they not even look at the cover! It wouldn’t hurt them a bit, just us – me. Everyone. Tapping the keyboard furiously. What to write what to write. I’m not even sure if I want to write anymore. If I change, will he love me? Will he hold me, open doors for me; make me smile like he does to that one girl?

Silly he will never love you. – My heart scoffs.

How could you be so – foul? Don’t you have any sense about you?

I have more sense than you can imagine. I know that he will never love you. He might crush on you, but honestly he will never love you.

How could you say that? You’re my heart!

And I am protecting you by putting you down, making you stronger, building you like a brick wall in progress, slowly getting stronger and stronger. Soon you can take the hits guys give and then I will be able to let you fall and hope that he will catch you.

Well heart,

Yes – it answers honestly, fury simmering.

I’ve kind of fallen for this guy … so be careful.


© 2009 Aekmy

Author's Note

Tell me your thoughts. I had just finished watching 'The Notebook' and I felt different. You know how sometimes love stories make you mushy and goopy on the inside? Well yeah I felt like I needed to just spill, so I did. It's a fantastic movie by the way, heard there's a book haven't ever read it, but it's probably better than the movie. Take my advice and watch it!

Toodles and thank you for reading! :]

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wow, this is a great poem! it expresses all the feelings of a teenager in love beautifully. :]

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is a beautiful poem, I too watched the Note book and was touched by it and your poem, very nice work always a pleasure to read your poetry.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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What a great exploration of the nature of love. I so enjoy reading other's perspectives on this subject. You have made some great insights. Thanks for sharing them.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on February 8, 2009



There is beauty is uniqueness. Embrace the strange or perish in the ordinary.

"Leaving the page of the book carelessly open, something unsaid, the phone off the hook and the love, whatever it was, an infection. - Anne Sexton" more..

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A Story by Aekmy