The Man and the Christians

The Man and the Christians

A Story by A.j. Joiner

A story I once heard about a Satanist and Christians. If you are a Christian and do not like to have your ideas and notions of your faith challenged, then I encourage you to read this and not question the validity of your faith.


I want to tell you a story I heard not to long ago. It is rumored to be true. Even if it is not, I know that it is an example of what Christians do.



There once was a man who lived in small, quite community. He kept to himself, volunteered during times of strife, and never broke any laws.  He lived in a small, modest home and drove a modest, economic car. He was a religious man, but not of the Christian faith. He was a bishop in the Satanic Church. 


Every time he and followers of the same religion would gather to worship in the way they chose, Christians from the local church would gather in front of their place of worship. They would protest, yell, disrupt their services, and tell them that they would burn in Hell for all eternity. Those Christians refused to witness or try to understand these men. Without fail, everytime they gathered for worship, Christians would be there to express their anger.


Finally, this man approached the local church on their worship day. He approached quietly, without a crowd. As soon as these Christian heard of the man's approach, they rushed out of the church to jeer at the man and tell him that he was not welcome here.


He quietly raised his hands, appealing to them for a moment to speak. With great reluctance, they allowed him to do so.


And he said, "I come here today, without a crowd of protesters. I come not to ridicule or tell you that you are wrong. Every time we chose to worship, you were there, not witnessing nor converting but protesting and jeering. I did not ask you to leave. I did not yell or jeer at you in return. I did not call the police to remove you. I let you be. Yet, when I approach the house of your God, I am not welcomed with open arms. You, the followers of the self-proclaimed 'Religion of Tolerance and Love', wish to run me from this place. I have but one thing to say before I submit and leave: How can you tell me to leave without knowing my purpose for coming? Perhaps I came seeking religious salvation from your God. Whatever it may be that I came for, I will not recieve it, as I am not welcome."


And with those words, he left the church.

© 2008 A.j. Joiner

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Added on August 12, 2008


A.j. Joiner
A.j. Joiner

Millen, GA

So, after not being on here regularly for about 2 [or has it been 3] years, I've returned to my literary roots. It's been a long 2 [or 3] years and much has changed. I'm married, no longer in high.. more..

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