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The introduction to my story


            When you survive the apocalypse, you harden yourself. You learn how to adapt, survive, and most importantly �" you learn how to kill. Surprisingly, killing comes easily. It is not hard to pull a trigger or push a button. The leaders of the last world certainly knew that much. With technology steadily advancing in the previous era, killing became easy and it lost the personal feelings that once went with it.

            Many people still do not know what really happened when the world died. Most believed the reports that the governments of the world were still pushing out in their death throws. Those governments were as reluctant to give up their power as most people are reluctant to simply die. They spewed their talks of terrorism and foreign enemies trying to drown every other nation on this planet in a pool of their own blood. It was all lies.

            What people in power fear most is losing that power, so they do anything to keep it. They kill their own compatriots and lie to the rest of them. They make backroom deals that increase their own personal power. Democracy died long ago. It just took forever for the body to decay.

            That is enough about the former governments; they do not matter anymore. What matters is the here and now. What matters is the next meal, the next safe place to catch a few hours of sleep. More importantly, what matters now is simply surviving. There is no hope of rebuilding a civilization. There is no hope of anything positive coming out of this wasteland. There is no hope left.

            Well, that is not true. There is hope of survival. There is hope that something, who knows what is out there, will not kill you in your sleep. There is hope that you can learn to kill before you are killed. There was hope for peace, but humans can’t live peacefully. Humans are genetically hardwired to kill. However, civilization taught us to ignore our instincts. The key to survival is learning to listen to your instincts.

            So, here is to the new world, free of idealists, corruption, and decay. When the world was swept by fire and brimstone, hope was restored. We are the last humans alive on this planet. The human race is almost extinct, nearly incapable of saving ourselves. Our selfish need for power over others has proven to be our undoing. What’s better than this, you ask? After the human race nearly wipes itself out, we find out that we are not alone.

© 2010 A.j. Joiner

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Added on February 1, 2010
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A.j. Joiner
A.j. Joiner

Millen, GA

So, after not being on here regularly for about 2 [or has it been 3] years, I've returned to my literary roots. It's been a long 2 [or 3] years and much has changed. I'm married, no longer in high.. more..

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A Chapter by A.j. Joiner

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A Chapter by A.j. Joiner